Sagittarius Sun Aries Moon: A Demanding Personality

Enthusiastic, the Sagittarius Sun Aries Moon personality seems to be actively searching for crazy experiences to be a part of.

Sagittarius Sun Aries Moon

Sagittarius Sun Aries Moon people are the most honest and outspoken people of the zodiac. The moment you will get to know them you will see that they are energetic, uninhibited, hasty and free.

No one can stop them from saying what goes through their minds. Their mix of the Sun and Moon makes them eternal students of life.

Sagittarius Sun Aries Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Protective, knowledgeable and humorous;
  • Negatives: Forgetful, impulsive and shallow;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is more ambitious than they are;
  • Advice: Let your partner take the lead sometimes in your private life.

Hard workers, they are able to stick to a project if it fulfills their ambitions and helps them to be the best at what they are doing. Very confident in their own forces, these natives will defy anyone who stands in their way.

Personality traits

Because they are sure of themselves, natives with the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Aries don’t have any problem dealing with people. They don’t mind responsibilities and taking over when they are needed to.

Their Sun and Moon indicate they are sincere, direct, expressive and adaptable like the Sagittarius. Also ambitious and enthusiastic like the Aries.

Their adventurous spirit keeps them wanting more excitement and to be challenged all the time. But this aggressive attitude they’re having can sometimes be in their detriment.

Acting on impulse and not staying in one place for a minute is not the best way to be because it leads to rash decisions and too much excitement. These Sagittarians definitely need to stop hurrying because it makes them more careless.

Testing ideas before acting would be the best way to go for them. Especially since they usually come up with good things. Ruled by many principles and being strongly attached to their own beliefs, they are also flexible when presented a good argument.

It could take them only one minute to change their mind about something. Natural born leaders, they act fast when they are working with people. And they are never scared of making important decisions.

But being moderate would help them a lot. The thing is, these natives seem to not fear anyone and anything. Not to mention how they don’t give a damn about what others think about them.

Capable of being serious, they are great philosophers who would discuss intelligent things at any given time. It doesn’t matter how well they perceive other people, their emotions will always fall behind their intellect.

Attentive when being taught something, they will then become restless and always looking to put into practice what they have learned. When it comes to adventures and challenges, no one is more eager than them to do things.

It can be said there’s a contradiction in the way Sagittarius Sun Aries Moon individuals talk and the way they act. It’s because they are knowledgeable and profound when expressing themselves, hurried and reckless when acting.

And this can shock many people who won’t know what to understand of them. When it comes to their sense of humor, they can make anyone laugh without even struggling.

These natives know satire. But it’s possible they’ll make fun of people who are a little bit sensitive and who will not take lightly being laughed at. At least they tend to attack those who deserve it.

When it comes to their approach on life, they are always positive and realistic. Not standing hypocrisy and superficiality, they are like innocent children who have just discovered the world can be filled with bad people.

In spite of the fact that they are direct and have no manners, many will want to be in their company because they are courageous, always energetic, nice and charming. After all, they want an audience.

Considering their Sun and Moon positions, they would be great comedians or satirists. While kindhearted and supportive, these Sagittarians have a problem with their ego. It’s possible they’ll display an arrogance that will bother others.

And when it comes to drama and competitiveness, they are the first. As said before, a little bit of thinking before taking action would help them a lot, also respecting others more.

Because they want variety, it’s possible they will have several jobs during their lifetime. Politics, lecturing and competitive environments make them thrive.

An easy-going lover

When it comes to romance and relationships, Sagittarius Sun Aries Moon natives can be insensitive. They have passion and eagerness to love, but they simply don’t listen. And they expect to be paid a lot of attention by their partner.

It would be better if they would notice their other half’s interests because they can grow to be self-centered. Sagittarius Suns always want to explore. That’s why they need a lover who’s the same.

These natives will always have incredible plans that are sometimes unrealistic. They don’t have the intention to deceive their lover, but they are still doing it because they dream too much of things that often aren’t achievable.

Their easygoing attitude works perfectly with someone who’s more ambitious and supportive because they sometimes need a push. But no matter what, Sagittarius Suns have to be wild and free. They hate clingy people more than anything else.

These people are also bold. They are the Warrior’s sign, after all. When they won’t be challenged, they will start to provoke their partner and think it’s normal to act this way.

Fiery and hasty, they are also forgetful when it comes to their grudges. But they definitely have a temper. That’s why a partner who doesn’t like to argue suits them perfectly.

These Sun Moon combinations want a soulmate and a domestic life, in return, they will be the most protective partners you have ever encountered.

The Sagittarius Sun Aries Moon man

No doubt, this is the Alpha-male. Always active and in a hurry to make things happen, you’ll never see this outgoing character stepping back from a challenge.

The Sagittarius Sun Aries Moon man is the type who lives life to its fullest. Although not deliberately selfish, he will still leave those who can’t keep up with him behind. There is no time for him to stop and explain himself.

Many see him as this child in the body of an adult. He likes to have fun because he’s very playful. And success will come his way because he was born a leader.

Many women will suffer because they can’t have him or because he left them. His life is all a party. After a night out, he will shower and go to work. And he won’t be cranky that day. However, if crossed, expect him to be very angry.

Not that he stays mad for too long. The agitated life that he has can’t happen for too long, though. He will eventually wear out or get sick.

High blood pressure and headaches are normal for this guy. At least he’ll remain as young as he was at 18 in his heart.

Because he’s hurried, it’s possible he will marry at a very young age and he won’t even remember how it happened. Divorce will probably come as quick as the wedding, in some cases.

The Sagittarius Sun Aries Moon woman

The woman with this Sun Moon combination is surprising, fun and enjoyable. Not interested too much in the materialistic side of life, she will be more concerned about having a good time. But she will still be the best at everything she does.

Adventurous, this lady will probably get bitten by some poisonous snake while she will hike a rocky mountain in who-knows-what country. She will get better and will continue to do the same things.

When she will have to meet with someone important for work, she will probably make them wait because her motorcycle broke on the road. But she will never step on her colleagues or business partners in order to advance or get what she wants.

She’s too honest and dignified for such things. Luckily, her Sun and her Moon bring her a lot of good fortune. Energetic and fun as a wife and mother, she will be the one who plans the family vacations.

Don’t expect her to be the image of the traditional wife because she simply isn’t too domestic. But her family members will definitely be encouraged to live healthy and go on adventures all over the world.

Passionate in the bedroom, she will never say “No” to new techniques and positions. The Sagittarius Sun Aries Moon woman wants the man where he belongs, and that’s in her bed.

The guy who’ll suggest to have sex less often will be yelled at and even abandoned because she’s temperamental and doesn’t stand not to have her way. You can trust her to be a good woman and supportive even when the times are bad.

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