Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Moon: An Observant Personality

Searching for deeper meanings, the Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Moon personality is always keen to understand the needs and desires of others.

Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Moon

People with their Sun in Sagittarius and their Moon in Aquarius have high ideals, are independent, open and caring. After all, it’s the wit, positivity and enthusiasm of the Sagittarius combined with the creativity and the love of freedom all the Aquarians have.

These natives know when to act and can be very convincing. This means they will inspire people no matter if it’s about everyday issues or something deeper. They can be very dramatic when they want to prove a point.

Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Interesting, charming and amiable;
  • Negatives: Manipulative, deceiving and ignorant;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who allows them all the freedom they need.
  • Advice: Don’t depart from your open mind as you grow older.

Their goals are high and they usually stick to them because they are devoted and honest. But they need to be offered their freedom if they are to be kind, loving and mannered. It’s because they think being free is the most important thing.

Personality traits

Big humanitarians and opinionated characters, Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Moon people will join any cause, no matter how big or lost. They like to talk philosophy and to give a meaning to any mood or reaction they may have.

People find them reliable because they take their responsibilities very seriously. As they can manage their feelings without being too emotional, they will get what they want in life with no struggle.

These natives have a talent for drama and the arts. They know what to say and when to say it. That’s why they would be great as leaders.

Even if they wouldn’t rule people, they would still be aware of their social skills and will continue to make others feel good around them.

Their intuition and interest in people makes them very understanding and flexible. It would be easy for people with this Sun Moon combination to work as politicians, public speakers or government agents.

They would do a great job if they would get involved in different kind of organizations and movements too. Aquarius Moon people will use the adventure feeling provided by the Sagittarius and develop personalities that don’t obey social rules or don’t care about cultural barriers.

Unpredictable, the Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Moon natives will always surprise others and on top of that, they are interesting, charming and amiable. When there will be nothing for them to count on, they will only trust themselves.

And they will take on any challenge because they like change and activities meant to innovate. These Sagittarians have the amazing gift of guessing what’s about to happen.

Because they don’t respect traditions and tend to do things differently, they will shock everywhere they will go. It’s normal for them to be one step ahead of others.

When people can’t keep up with their lifestyle and ideas, they get confused and lose their patience. While tolerant and broadminded, they still remain impatient in relation to those who are slower than them.

Their easygoing, unemotional nature makes them difficult when it comes to relationships. It can be really strange to have the Moon in Aquarius because the Moon is all about being moody, instinctive and emotional.

Always alert, they will pay attention to people, their intentions and reasons for doing what they are doing. And these natives are not only curious about others, they are also interested in what makes things work.

It’s possible they will be great engineers who will invent the most useful things for humans to use. These natives give friendship a lot of importance. They will know people from all over the world.

Positive and charming, it’s easy for them to convince anyone of anything. But they should a little bit more perceptive of what others are feeling. Their enthusiasm and friendliness will take them far in life.

When it comes to their career, they need to decide on what they like to do the most and stick with it. Because they are intellectuals, they would be better at jobs that would require them to use their mental abilities rather than the physical ones.

That’s why they would be great as architects, social workers and even politicians. Not to mention people will always look up to them because they’re so independent.

As leaders, they would have to sometimes stop in order for their followers to catch up with them. It doesn’t matter what liberal opinions they will express; their authority will never be undermined.

They will not betray their beliefs because they are stubborn creatures. It’s important they keep an open mind when they are older.

Keen for new experiences

Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Moon lovers need to be free. These natives are always looking on the horizon, from both a figurative and literal point of view.

No matter what they will be doing, their partner needs to know they are the happiest when things in their life are exciting. Their adventurous side will always have them pushing buttons and being humorous.

While they like challenges, they aren’t necessarily interested to win at anything. These natives are keener to experience things and to make people laugh.

They are not suited for those who want an organized and down-to-earth partner. And if they are to commit, they need to be as free as possible.

Aquarius Moon people need a partner who plays by their own rules. They want space and to be understood. They can commit, but only in a detached way.

However, they are good observers who understand what their partner wants and how they feel. They need a partner who doesn’t take it personally when they don’t want to be cuddly and demonstrative with their affection.

The Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Moon man

This man is amongst the most changeable in the entire zodiac. He can have different opinions, business interests and even homes from one day to another.

Magnetic and inspiring, this guy is a good leader who can help people become better. He’s unconventional too, but this doesn’t mean that he’s irresponsible. On the contrary, he’s never confused when the power is in his hands.

People can trust him with everything. A good scientist and politician, he also has the talent to be an artist or an actor.

This Sagittarius is a man of vision. That’s why he likes science fiction and to know everything about the latest news in technology. Intelligent and honest, he needs to express his individuality more than anything else.

The Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Moon man can be moody, but this is only beneficial for him because his moods usually activate his progressive and intuitive thinking.

People may not understand him when he’s fired up by all sort of new concepts and ideas. When he’s not focusing on something, he is most likely observing people. But he won’t get attached to anyone. Those he loves are intelligent, also visionaries, good companions and independent individuals.

The Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Moon woman

This woman has her Moon in an advantageous position for her Sun. This is a rational lady who analyzes things carefully and is never boring. No to mention how funny she can be without offending.

Not at all emotional, the Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Moon woman is also adventurous and changeable and men will be attracted to her because of this. Anything challenging and risky is definitely going to attract her.

This is the type of lady who will join sky diving clubs. A little bit strange, this woman will still have many friends that will like her a lot.

But she won’t grow to be attached to anyone because her emotions are beyond the plan of the Earth. She will never suffer for a man.

Communicative and open, this girl would be great as a manager or a leader. She loves her family, but don’t expect her to be their homemaker.

When attracted to someone, she won’t be aware of her love until her partner will get her into the bedroom. Because she’s independent and makes good money, many men may feel overshadowed by her.

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