Sagittarius Snake: The Concerned Intellectual Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

What you need to know about Sagittarius born in Snake year

Sagittarius Snake
  • The Sagittarius dates are between November 22 and December 21.
  • The Snake years are: 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025.
  • These people can also be very complaining prone and picky.
  • The Sagittarius Snake woman is used to taking risks.
  • Pragmatic and cerebral, you won’t find the Sagittarius Snake man act on a whim.

Through the combination of the Snake and the Sagittarius, the resulting native holds all the cards for a successful life.

Born to be initiators and creators just like the Sagittarius, these individuals are always on the prowl for opportunities and projects, just like the resourceful Snake of the Chinese zodiac, just waiting to put all their skills to the test, proving that they are as efficient as determinate.

The Wise Sagittarius Snake Personality

Due to being a very intellectual and cerebral individual, the Sagittarius Snake will be in a constant state of questioning and inquiring about the world and its mysteries.

Curiosity stands tall as one of their greatest assets, and that’s observable in their interest towards seeking knowledge at all costs, as well as searching for interesting people to have a discussion with.

For this reason alone, it can be said that they are very sociable individuals, albeit out of personal reasons.

Moreover, all the accumulated information gives them a certain charm and allure that usually appear as very seductive and intriguing to most people.

With a systematic and step-by-step approach, everything is slowly but steadily falling into place when a Sagittarius Snake acts.

Top Characteristics: Attractive, Intriguing, Practical, Ambitious.

Of course, there’s not only endless working power and a constant state of tinkering tot him, as they also know how to find the time to relax and enjoy the little things.

A man with principles and highly devoted to their morals, they stand firm in the path of change and protects their way of living with an iron will.

In their career, every chance and every opportunity are to be seized at all costs. With great ambition and with great perseverance, this native is unlikely to fail in their endeavours.

And even if that happens, it’s an experience to learn from, after all. What truly gets on their nerves and indisposes them though is the fact that the world is sunken in inequality and many things are unfair. This is perhaps something that they deeply seeks to change in the future.

In their social relationships, the Sagittarius Snakes encounters a few problems, in that they worry too much and put everything to heart.

Moreover, being a highly empathetic and understanding individual, they tend to share in the misfortunes and grief of their friends and family. Communication comes as easy as breathing to them, but everyone has secrets after all, and so does this native.

Endowed with a terrifying intuition, Sagittarius Snakes are able to easily find lucrative opportunities that can get them a great potential gain, if properly used.

And most of the time, that’s not a problem at all, since they are very talented and gifted individuals.

What’s even more surprising is that, for all the inventiveness and great instincts, these natives aren’t obsessed with gaining more capital out of all the opportunities they’ve found.

It’s easy enough already to make money, why turn that into a full-time occupation? After all, they don’t want a luxurious and royal treatment, only a comfortable and satisfying one.

Perfect careers for Sagittarius Snake: Medicine, Science, Accounting, Catering, Psychology, Air Travel.

The serpentine influence that they Chinese zodiac sign brings easily becomes evident when we see that the Sagittarius Snake prefers a more steady and patient approach, rather than a riskier and more dangerous one.

It’s probably because of this trait that they don’t pry into another people’s business, only willing to do if asked or under a critical situation.

After all, they are mainly concerned with their own wellbeing and situation, and will put in all the efforts that they is capable of towards the attaining of that goal.

If it seemed like the Sagittarius Snake was all but perfect, we’re here to tell you about the flaws and shortcomings that they have, unfortunately.

It’s not the lack of social prowess or the tendency to become overly focused on work, no, those can still be tolerated more or less.

What is really annoying about this native is they complains, a lot, about anything and everything. Sometimes, you could even come to the conclusion that they do it just for the sake of complaining, having no clear purpose in mind. If you can learn to let this pass, then you will have a life-long partner.

Love – Revealed

As far as intimate relationships and love matters go, the Sagittarian Snake is a non-conformist through and through, in the sense that he isn’t likely to get married, ever. And if he does, it’ll be later on, when he’s already past his youth.

But, that doesn’t mean that this individual doesn’t get in relationships at all. On the contrary, he is pretty much like any other person, except his disinterest in the legal bindings of marriage.

Believing that the fated meeting will eventually happen by its own, this native doesn’t really go out of his way to seek for partners, because when it happens, it’ll be pretty evident.

They are usually pretty intense and determinate when living with someone, never allowing for loose ends to ruin the whole thing.

And if those loose ends have to do with the partner, then it’s all the same, they have to be rectified and corrected. Those who are most compatible with such individuals are the calm and the doers. Bragging and being all talk and no action is something that irritates and indisposes them greatly.

With his deep insight into the characters of other people, the Sagittarian Snake can perfectly deduce what exactly he wants from someone, and how to get it.

That way, he can find someone truly special and perfectly compatible with him. Letting go of all inhibitions and limitations, he turns into a very loyal and appreciative partner.

Most compatible with: Leo Ox, Aquarius Ox, Aries Rooster, Aquarius Rooster, Libra Ox.

Sagittarius Snake Woman Characteristics

These women have a great potential that could take them to great accomplishments, if not for a great inconvenient that threatens to destroy everything.

Granted, they are extremely ambitious and don’t take anything for granted, instead doing everything they can to reach success.

The danger consists in the fact that they tend to become depressive and have gloomy moods from time to time. This reduces their potential and working power considerably, and it’s thus a very big problem that needs to be solved.

Otherwise, the sheer innovative and creative power of this native would rock the world and reach incredible heights in no time.

Romantically, they split between two opposite emotional states. On one hand, family matters a lot to them, and they are very affectionate and kind.

However, they also like to take their sweet time and concentrate on what is best for them, usually in solitude when no one can disturb them. It’s quite a profound disparity of character, that’s obvious.

But as time passes and the Sagittarius Snake becomes more mature and experienced, he learns to make do with what he’s got and combine his two mindsets.

Celebrities under the sign of Sagittarius Snake: Taylor Swift, Ben Stiller, Kim Basinger, John Malkovich, John Cassavetes.

Sagittarius Snake Man Characteristics

There is a slight misunderstanding when talking about Sagittarius Snake men. Appearing as very sociable and open individuals who are nothing if not approachable and flirty even, they are in fact very pragmatic and cerebral guys.

If they don’t see any advantages or potential rewards from doing something, they won’t do it. And that obviously applies to relationships as well. After a long time of analysis and observations, they’ll decide if you’re worth it or not, but not before.

In their professional life, they have a great ability to coordinate and focus separate efforts towards the completion of a goal, efficiently with great efficacy.

These natives are capable of immense acts of willpower and effort in order to achieve their goals, and they’re no slighted in the least by all the colossal undertaking on their hands.

And this method comes as a result of the proclivity towards self-development and continuous self-perfection that animate their whole life.

There is literally nothing more important, as a mechanism in their existential apparatus, than this ability to adapt and harness the insight gathered into the bits of experience obtained along the way.

Romantically, he is a very picky individual who settles for no less than the best, the one who suits him perfectly. And he can quickly relinquish any bonds if something’s not good enough.

In general, though, once someone interesting comes across his way, there are no second chances, and even if he sometimes becomes irritating and authoritative, he does it with a good purpose in mind.

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