Sagittarius Rooster: The Impressionable Enthusiast Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality traits of Sagittarius born in Rooster year

Sagittarius Rooster
  • Sagittarius people are born between November 22 and December 21.
  • The Rooster years are: 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029.
  • Dreaming big and high hopes are essentials in the life of these people.
  • The Sagittarius Rooster woman never lives without having a precise goal.
  • With a hidden duality, the Sagittarius Rooster man can be conflicted between his options.

Straightforward, enthusiastic and honest, Sagittarius Roosters make a good impression wherever they may be going. They are fearless and they are ready to face any difficulty with a big smile on their faces.

Many of them dream big, even if their dreams sometimes have nothing to do with reality. They just want important things to happen in their lives. The Chinese zodiac describes the Rooster as an open person.

The Approachable Sagittarius Rooster Personality

The Sagittarius Rooster people are friendly and they also like making friends. But these people can sometimes be too arrogant. On the other hand, the Western astrology portrays the Sagittarius as someone who is direct, intelligent and optimistic.

Therefore, the combination between the two will be people who are confident, outgoing and rather simple.

Decisiveness is also something that characterizes both signs. These people have strong emotions that they keep in perfect balance. They are not afraid of expressing their emotions and they look to be around new people all the time.

Passionate and courageous, Sagittarius Roosters are also creative. They have a rich imagination and they come up with original ideas.

They are always curious about the world around them and they are looking to explore new destinations or meet new people. While they appreciate calmness and serenity, they don’t miss a chance to have a little bit of fun and be loud.

Festive occasions are always something they will be present at. As soon as they realize they can’t achieve some of their dreams, they will immediately change and look for another objective.

They view life as a continuous search of personal goals and dreams. They invest a lot of hard work in what they are pursuing and making efforts is not something new to them. But because they are persisting doesn’t mean they are also stubborn.

Top Characteristics: Bold, Easygoing, Attentive, Idealistic, Stubborn.

These guys are in fact easygoing and relaxed. They give family and friends a whole lot of importance.

Because they are honest, Sagittarius Roosters can never lie. They will express their judgments and opinions loudly and proud.

This can help them keep friendships with people who think the same way as they do. Easy to read, you can tell what Sagittarius Roosters are feeling just by looking at their face. They are also too honest to hide their emotions.

They will be honest even if the situation doesn’t require them to do so. When they give advice, these people are blunt.

Some may get hurt when they are saying what goes through their mind, but there’s nothing anyone can do. Sagittarius Roosters are great friends and loyal partners.

They will be 100% open with the people around them, and they will never lie to make others feel better. They are generous with both their time and their money. These guys will never hesitate to help those in need.

They live in an imaginary world, an ideal realm they have created in their minds. When they are facing difficulties, people in Sagittarius the year of the Rooster tend to increase the problem, making it either more positive or more negative. If you provoke them, they won’t hesitate to use their sharp mind and tongue to disassemble your arguments.

Combining assertiveness with positive emotions, Sagittarius Roosters are capable of making decisions very fast. They will rarely change their minds after they have formed an opinion. It’s true that this makes them seem stubborn, but they aren’t.

It’s more a matter of consistency with them. When these guys commit to a relationship, they are doing it for good. They make up their mind fast and if their partner has a problem, they will react out of instinct.

When they are with someone, Sagittarius Roosters just go with the flow and let the emotions move them. Professionally, these people are good negotiators. Because they prefer to talk rather than play, they will often not make plans.

As they have high aspirations and because they’re ambitious, these guys will succeed in their endeavors and will manage to accomplish their dreams most of the time.

Having a strong self-esteem and a good opinion about themselves, Sagittarius Roosters will rarely see their own faults.

They will believe they are right even when this is not completely true. They like to feel useful, so their jobs will often involve them being active and doing something for anyone to be well, like care taking.

Perfect careers for Sagittarius Rooster: Writing, Politics, Geology, Travel.

Not that good with manual work, they are more inclined to do office jobs. Considerate and nice to others, Sagittariuses in the year of the Rooster are very serious and responsible. They like to be elegant and smartly dressed, so their taste is always something others can count on.

However, they are not that keen on shopping and they will never overspend. At special occasions they are open to give their money away, but in a normal day of the week they prefer not to. With incredible memory, they will remember any birthday and special occasion.

Sometimes passive, Sagittarius Roosters are also scared of failure. This will hinder them from getting what they want in life.

They are aware of what’s going on with them and they will try as much as possible to finish what they have started. But they will not always succeed.

Fortunately, they have creative minds which will allow them to come up with original ideas to save the situation. They are good with words and they have oratorical abilities, so if you put them to hold a discourse, they will do great.

One of their main weaknesses is that they can be selfish at times. This trait varies in intensity in each Sagittarius Rooster, but invariably, it will be there. They want to be in the center of attention, so they will seek others’ approval and interest.

That’s why they worry so much about how they look like. Another weakness is that they tend to boast with their achievements.

They are also very confident in their own forces. However, these weaknesses don’t surface too often, but they can make them seem superficial, which they aren’t.

Love – Revealed

With their lovers, Sagittarius Roosters are often demanding and pretentious. They usually don’t fall in love easily as they have a way of seeing a person’s flaws and defects from the first time they lay eyes on him or her.

Sentimentally, it can’t be said these guys have a tendency towards romantic gestures. On contrary, they can be somehow grumpy if they have reached a certain age and they have managed to achieve some of their dreams already.

They often meet their one and only love in the second part of their life. It’s because when they are young they have a communication issue with their lovers.

Most compatible with: Aries Snake, Leo Ox, Leo Dragon, Libra Dragon, Aquarius Snake, Aquarius Ox.

While they like to go out and be active, it can’t be sure they will meet someone who can be loyal and truthful to them.

And they also make the mistake of confounding adoration with sympathy. Because of this, their partners will always be confused and wondering about what their Sagittarius Rooster wants to do.

They have an idea about what the perfect relationship should look like and they dream about having it. Only after they go through something difficult they are able to get out of this imaginary world they are living in.

Sagittarius Rooster Woman Characteristics

Energetic and ambitious, the Sagittarius Rooster woman will usually obtain great results in whatever she may be doing.

She wants to be famous and get recognition, but she will only want to achieve this through honest work. She knows how to persuade people to do what she wants. She has a strong will and she evaluates her own abilities very well.

This girl never lives without having a precise goal. She will have positive results in her career, and she doesn’t mind to risk.

As a matter of fact, the Sagittarius Rooster woman loves adrenaline. It’s advised that she learns how to correctly distribute her energy if she wants better results.

She should put personal objectives above anything. More than this, she should learn that everything doesn’t need to be in perfect order.

Celebrities under the sign of Sagittarius Rooster: Bette Midler, Diane Sawyer, Steve Buscemi, Ray Romano, Jay-Z, Krysten Ritter, Britney Spears, AnnaSophia Robb.

Sagittarius Rooster Man Characteristics

The Sagittarius Rooster man likes to catch everyone’s eye and he will try all kinds of different methods to achieve this. He likes having arguments and defending his opinions. It is a way through which he can show how knowledgeable he is.

He is honest, friendly and independent, and he expects people around him to be the same. He will always find his way out of difficult situations. When he has something to do, he dedicates completely.

He can be dual, meaning he sometimes is ambitious and determined, and sometimes unsure and fearful. It is advised that he analyzes his actions and their consequences more attentively.

The Sagittarius Rooster man also needs to learn patience. If he would also try and be softer with words, he would have more balanced relationships with others.

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