Sagittarius Rising: The Influence of Sagittarius Ascendant on Personality

Full of adventure spirit, these people respond positively to any kind of challenge.

Sagittarius Rising

Sagittarius ascendant natives love being in the company of others, but they also have a strong need to be free and independent. They simply love to travel and are all the time looking to take part in a new adventure.

Making friends relatively easily, they are always happy and cheerful. But expect them to never have patience, to act on impulse and to change from one minute to another. Another thing that can be noticed about them is their sincerity.

Sagittarius Rising in a nutshell:

  • Strengths: Stoic, passionate and courteous;
  • Weaknesses: Quick-tempered, judgmental and indiscreet;
  • Perfect Partner: Someone who is independent and self-confident;
  • Life Lesson for Sagittarius Ascendant: Forgive and let go of any grudges.

The ascendant is nothing else than what people display when with others, the way they respond to the environment and individuals interacting with them. It shows how natives defend themselves and how they interact with others.

Sagittarius Rising personality

Sagittarius rising people are considered “space travelers” who never cease being active and fun. They always smile and like to show their optimism.

Wise and intelligent, these natives are very attracted to philosophy and religion. There’s no one to stop them from being all over the place because they get extremely bored staying for too long in only one place.

Expect them to travel and to always be on the move, just like horses who run free in the wild. Because they wouldn’t mind taking on any challenge, they’re exciting and make everyday life interesting.

The fact that they need intellectual and physical stimulation is undeniable, resembling a lot the natives of the Sun Sagittarius.

In their need to all the time move forward great potential can be discovered because their high energy levels can be used in very constructive ways. When feeling like they can’t accomplish what they want, Sagittarius rising take their time to analyze where they have gone wrong.

Determined and capable of working with their own emotions and vitality in the most effective manner, they can make many of their dreams come true.

With their partner, they are rather active and at the same time relaxed. They will never get married because their family and friends want them to.

The mothers in this rising sign should be careful not to get disconnected from their own children because they can be very careless.

Having a noble soul, being just and honest, Sagittarius rising people express themselves and never have an ill intention. They think everyone’s the same, so this can get them into trouble and taken advantage of.

Jupiter, the planet ruling Sagittarius, rules also over luck and abundance. It’s because of this celestial body that these natives are curious to learn new things and wanting to teach others. It furthermore makes them philosophical and likable.

People will automatically respect them because they naturally demand respect. Charismatic and wise, knowledgeable on any subject and independent, they have high ideals and honorable goals that will be achieved because they’re anchored in reality through their instincts.

It’s like they’re constantly looking for something they don’t even how it looks or feel likes. But this happens because they’re chasing something one minute, and as soon as done with that, they go after another thing.

It’s normal for them to be passionate and to use all of their strength, no matter who and what they may be dealing with. Others will always be inspired by their enthusiasm.

Their Descendant is Gemini, so they need a partner who isn’t afraid to provoke and to contradict them because they like being intellectually stimulated and forced to think more intensely.

They don’t mind having their confidence interfered with either. It’s essential they’re grateful to those who help them achieve their dreams as they can forget people who have given them a hand.

Also for them to not treat their partner like they’re superior to him or her. Sagittarius rising gain the respect of others by presenting the way they see life, with their ethic, fairness and the way they’re doing their job.

These natives will always fight for freedom because it’s what they believe in the most. As Jupiter rules them, they’ll know their luck can have them conducting business very well, so it’s possible they’ll want to be entrepreneurs who set high financial goals for themselves.

They’ll pursue money with confidence, you can be sure of that. Sagittarius rising treat love like a game almost all the time, wanting to win like they would do at a competition.

But their passion and love of life will have them being enjoyable and lovable, so their partner will understand any of their faults. When they have no direction in life, they feel disillusioned and desperately search for new objectives.

Their hobbies are very important to them, so don’t expect for these people to give up their weekend habits for someone or to watch a movie instead.

Because they love traveling, they will change homes as often and easy as other change their clothes. It’s just that they simply prefer to leave when life becomes boring.

It’s their pleasure to learn new languages and to interact with different cultures. These are the type of people who don’t mind sleeping in airports and living in hotels.

The physique of Sagittarius Rising

Sagittarius rising have a round face and a wide smile. They aren’t the most graceful people because they’re in fact very clumsy.

They like making grand gestures and being mannered. You’ll easily recognize them because they drag their feet. While energetic, they still don’t like to exercise and prefer to drink and eat instead.

When it comes to their body, they have long limbs and similar torsos. It’s possible for them to have some problems with their weight.

Because their behavior is extreme sometimes, they will probably experience fast changes in weight, getting either too skinny or too fat in short amounts of time.

All the Fire ascendant male signs have a problem with baldness, so the Sagittarius rising man will most likely lose his hair in his fifties.

No matter if women or men, these natives are always smiling, even if life seems difficult. That’s why it’s easy to identify them in a crowd. Or perhaps you’ll notice them because they’re the ones who are always telling jokes and acting silly.

You can see that each and every one of them has a nice nose, great legs and beautiful hands. Many will like these natives for being funny and amiable, so it will be easy for them to make new friends.

Sagittarius Ascendant man

The Sagittarius rising man can’t rest and wants his independence more than anything else. Looking to be different and to escape the mundane, he will always do something interesting and fun.

He falls in and out of love very easily, so he will rarely know how many women are actually passing through his life.

Being the type who immediately gets bored, he wants to be free and can’t be tied down by anyone. Adventure attracts him more than anything else, so there will be no relationship to keep him at home or acting domestic.

He likes ladies who know what they want and don’t have inhibitions when it comes to sex and their feelings. However, he’s not known to have a high libido when compared to other men.

Sagittarius Ascendant Man: The Needy Adventurer

Sagittarius Ascendant woman

The Sagittarius rising woman like to change and wants an exciting life. She joins all kind of adventures, making friends and learning new things all the time.

Open, helpful and kind, she doesn’t mind changing partners and looks for someone who’s just like her.

Many will want her as a wife, but she won’t give in until the man who likes her will reveal how he views life.

She’s not at all the type to play the role of the traditional mother and housewife because she’s not in any way domestic. When it comes to lovemaking, this lady prefers the most unusual places and strange timings.

Sagittarius Ascendant Woman: The Sophisticated Lady


Sagittarius ascendant natives are big dreamers, determined, energetic, spiritual or nihilists, full of enthusiasm, wanting to travel and to study new cultures, physical, courageous, open and happy, amongst others.

Their high ideals will have them always running and doing something. Anyone can be fascinated by the way they tell a story and talk about their dreams. Loving to be outdoor, you can often find them playing Frisbee with their dog, hiking or going to a cascade they’ve heard about and that happens to be in the middle of nowhere.

They tend to have superficial relationships and to not get attached to people. Not to mention they’re always on the move and don’t have the time for deeper connections.

Because they’re continuously looking for a destination where the grass is greener, they may not see the beauty surrounding them.

Honest, expressive and straight to the point, Sagittarius rising are not at all diplomatic or tactful.

They’d rather discuss ideas than people and prefer to focus on the big picture because details tire them. It’s possible for them to promise things they’ll never deliver.

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