Sagittarius Rat: The Dreamy Traveller Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality characteristics of Sagittarius born in Rat year

Sagittarius Rat
  • Sagittarius people are born between November 22 and December 21.
  • The Rat years are: 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020, 2032.
  • With an unbeatable work ethic, the Sagittarius Rat can be very judgmental of one’s achievements.
  • Generous and kind, karma is always on the Sagittarius Rat woman’s side.
  • An eloquent and manipulative dreamer, the Sagittarius Rat man will convince you that the skies are orange when they are a clear blue.

A person born under the Chinese Western combination of the Sagittarius Rat will borrow the best and the worst out of both signs, starting from the curious nature of the Rat and the amazing work ethic of the Sagittarius.

This is someone who will always aim high and who will remain optimistic through better or worse. Taking advantage of the wisdom of Sagittarius and the opportunism of the Rat, you should be afraid of this character, when they are determined to achieve their goal.

Top Characteristics: Impressive, Wise, Elegant and Opportunistic.

The High-Aiming Sagittarius Rat Personality

Intuitive and optimistic, you may think that these people are somewhat of dreamers, when in fact, they put a great price on being objective and on realistically assessing everything they do.

With their easy going personality, they quickly impress everyone new they meet and remain cheerful through the hardest of times.

They could potentially trust themselves more as it seems that, especially during the young years, they are sometimes reluctant to throw themselves head first in challenges that they are clearly apt for.

The Sagittarius Rat will want to discover the world they live in, first thing so will likely travel extensively. During their travels they will likely feel free from any constraints, whilst the change of scenery could also have relaxation purposes.

Whilst the Rat is in general, very focused on their appearance, these people care more about their achievements and will value others based on what they have done in life, rather than based on who they are, what they wear and what they set out to do.

Sometimes, this means that they can be very critical and a little judgmental. They sort of like to play the martyrs in their circle of friends, they are always the busiest and the most dependable.

For someone who prefers to escape through travel. They are incredibly close to the domestic space as well. They don’t complain as much about chores and tend to keep cool in case something breaks around the house.

They also keep their cool at work, even in the tensest of situation so this may give them the reputation of someone who doesn’t seem to care much, although this is not the case. They will gladly help their peers, especially when they notice they genuinely need help.

The Sagittarius Rat will also have their moments of dodging responsibilities, especially during their young years. This is not necessarily the worst of the traits because they are also very blunt about what they accept to do and what they don’t want to even hear about. So they will not leave you waiting or disappoint you by promising something they know they are not going to respect.

When an achievement of theirs is revealed they tend to enjoy basking in the spotlight very much. This is when you can actually see just how big their ego is. In case things go out of control, they may even start belittling others on such occasions.

Perfect careers for Sagittarius Rat: Education, Sports training, Management, Sales, Animal health

Love – Uncovered

These people take a lot of time to understand their feelings so those who are not expressive enough and whom don’t have enough patience, should exclude themselves from a relationship with them.

Their expectations of a potential significant other are very high and they tend to, sometimes unconsciously, test their partners. They may challenge you about chores in the house or hold you responsible for a less fortunate travel choice.

On the other hand, the Sagittarius Rat can also be very spontaneous so, pretty sure, in the heat of the moment, all of their shortfalls are forgotten.

If you don’t share their love of travel you will likely have a hard time keeping them rooted. Show ambition and you may add a new dimension to your love relationship as these people enjoy working with their family and friends. You could potentially open a new business together, so then you are also free to go on a holiday whenever you please.

Most compatible with: Aries and Leo Dragon, Libra or Aquarius Monkey, Leo or Libra Ox.

Sagittarius Rat Woman Characteristics

A lover of the unconventional, this woman will naturally surround herself by creative figures and will borrow their talents. Jealous and possessive, even outside of the love territory, she invests a lot in the people she meets and her expectations can be rather naive sometimes.

She is very methodical and has an eye for detail so nothing can escape her. You wrong her and you will pay the consequences.

The Sagittarius Rat woman can also be smooth and adaptable, when she has caught the confidence that the change she is undergoing is for the best. Supportive of her friends, she takes a lot of her time to help others when faced with life obstacles so she does benefit from a good karma.

Celebrities under the sign of Sagittarius Rat: Julianne Moore, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Vanessa Paradis, Alyssa Milano.

Sagittarius Rat Man Characteristics

This is an attractive and elegant man, who knows when to take charge of an action and when to be gentle. Amongst his circle of friends he is often in the spotlight. He will read people and act in consequence, always convincing others to follow his lead.

Witty and naturally eloquent, this man is not afraid to take initiative and is the first to say when something has gone wrong and the first to learn the lesson. He is highly perceptive of the surrounding world and his observations are generally well regarded.

The Sagittarius Rat man will not directly chase material prosperity in life, but this will rather come as a consequence of his well thought actions. During his young years, he will be rather reluctant to tie himself in a serious relationship and will be one of those, always trying to break the mould and reinvent himself.

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