Sagittarius Goat: The Creative Entertainer Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality traits of Sagittarius born in Goat year

Sagittarius Goat
  • Sagittarius people celebrate their birthdays between November 22 and December 21.
  • The Goat years are: 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027.
  • These people make for complex and emotional artists.
  • The Sagittarius Goat woman keeps her cool in almost any situation.
  • His financial condition is very important for the Sagittarius Goat man.

People born in Sagittarius the year of the Goat may seem a little bit reserved on the surface, they are actually very adaptable and emotionally flexible deep inside.

They are generous and understanding with others and they can be very resourceful too. Once you’ve known them better, you start to understand how many sides there are to their personality.

The Flexible Sagittarius Goat Personality

Intelligent and energetic, Sagittarius Goats are creative people who like to explore new situations and places.

It is important that they are comfortable, happy and financially stable all of their lives as they cannot recover if they go through an economic crisis or a serious family problem. They are people with ideals, who like having money and living a fair life.

Their main attractions are traveling and entertainment. These guys have principles after which they rule their lives, and they don’t easily agree with other people.

At first, they may seem flexible and tolerant with others’ opinions, but they actually aren’t.

For them, nothing beats going places and seeing new things or meeting new people. Their shy and soft exteriors hide a strong, balanced personality.

Top Characteristics: Selfish, Adventurous, Independent, Polite.

They make decisions fast, so dealing with all sort of situations is not a problem for them. Sagittarius Goats know how to learn from past experiences. When life hits them with more than one problem in the same time, they prefer to calm down and analyze each and every one of them separately.

They can keep their cool as long as the problem isn’t financially destabilizing or a serious family matter. When Sagittarius Goats care about someone or something, they turn into these polite and punctual robots.

Their incredible attention to details make them good at any kind of jobs. Interestingly and funnily enough, these guys are better at making plans for others and not for themselves. Their spirit of adventure will always send them to do crazy things.

They will be the ones who visit haunted houses, dine at 400 feet under the sea, or learn an old dialect of a language no one has ever heard about. Not standing to be sick, they are dynamic and they have an unmatched love for life.

They are composed and methodical when they have to deal with any issues in their life. Assessing people and situations, they sometimes rush to make choices and plans, but it’s only their adventurous side that makes them this way.

They will adapt to the new circumstances anyway. Variety and change makes them tick. Not that they don’t like a little bit of routine and stability. It’s just that they are bothered when things don’ t change for too long. This also makes them good at any kind of job, in any domain of activity.

Sagittarius Goats will be able to adapt to any work environment. Less superstitious than other Goats, this Goat won’t hesitate to contact all sorts of practitioners of witchcraft and alternative medicine too, just for the experience.

They are charming people who hate everything that is vulgar and easy to obtain. When they aren’t working, they like spending time with friends and family.

They are not the sportiest people, reading a book or watching a movie being among their favorite relaxing activities. Not the most sociable people, they still enjoy a night out with friends.

When they show affection, they expect to get the same thing back. These Sagittarius people are optimistic and they have ideals that they sometimes cannot reach. They are unpredictable too.

Only with age they become more mature and objective. Their unique way of self-mocking makes them realize their own mistakes. They will always have a humorous way to deal with their own problems.

Perfect careers for Sagittarius Goat: Finance, Law, Education, Religion, Design.

One of their main weaknesses is that they are too trusting and therefore, they can easily get scammed by people who don’t have the best intentions.

They can deal with changes and things not going their way, but only when they are not about their romantic relationships.

This is an area of life in which Sagittarius Goats are very vulnerable. They can be really hurt if someone who they thought it was their other half deceives them.

While they are aware relationships can be bad too, they keep trusting their partner and expect loyalty even when it’s no longer the case. They are willing to do the maximum they can in order to keep their relationship alive.

Love – Uncovered

Affectionate and open with their partner, Sagittarius Goats are keen on displaying how they feel and on talking about their emotions.

They like people who are like them, so relationships in which those born in these signs are involved can be very intense. These guys are always cautious in matters of love.

They don’t want to get hurt and they don’t take responsibility for another unless they have enough to support someone else.

They put the same price on freedom as they put on love. Respect is also important for them. You must respect them completely if you want something long-term with them.

Most compatible with: Leo Pig, Aries Rabbit, Aries Horse, Libra Rabbit, Aquarius Pig.

If you are a good cook and you know how to clean, they won’t need much more to fall in love.

They will remember all the anniversaries of the relationship, and they will spoil the partner with romantic gestures.

Compliments are also a part of how they like to make their loved one feel special. They aren’t superficial when they’re in love.

Supportive, the lover of the Sagittarius Goat will have deep meaningful conversations all the time, and he or she will never get bored.

The more people in Sagittarius the year of the Goat believe in their relationships, the more they will trust the partner and engage in different activities meant to calm their adventurous side.

Sagittarius Goat Woman Characteristics

Romantic and adventurous, the Sagittarius Goat woman will want stories and legends to be real in her life. She needs to do something unusual all the time as she can’t stand the routine.

The changes she makes don’t always necessarily bring improvements to her life, but she does them anyway. Blessed with so many talents, it is difficult for the Sagittarius Goat woman to choose a career.

She knows how to communicate with people and she has a great speech, meaning she would do great as a leader. It is advised that she lets her feelings roam free, that she lives a more powerful and meaningful inner life.

She needs to take action regarding her dreams and she will be sure to achieve more. If she will find someone to support her inner world, she will do great in her personal life too.

Celebrities under the sign of Sagittarius Goat: Jim Morrison, Keith Richards, Bill Nye, Jamie Foxx, Robert Wahlberg, Sara Bareilles, Adam Brody, Kelly Brook.

Sagittarius Goat Man Characteristics

Freedom is essential for the Sagittarius Goat man. He is looking to live a full life and he has many ideas meant to make him feel joyful and happy.

Because he has many hobbies, it may be difficult for this guy to get involved romantically. He can rise and fall many times in his life and he wouldn’t care.

This guy will only enjoy the ride. He is too active and too focused on the future to think about disappointments. Determined, difficulties are never a problem for him. He likes his independence and he’s very good with business.

This is a calm man who cares about his financial condition a lot. He will make good money and he will share the success with others.

It is advised that he doesn’t compromise too often, and that he listens to his inner voice. If he wants a more balanced life, he should be circumspect and resolute.

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