Sagittarius Rabbit: The Comfort Seeker Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality traits of Sagittarius born in Rabbit year

Sagittarius Rabbit
  • Sagittarius people celebrate their birthdays between November 22 and December 21.
  • The Rabbit years are: 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023.
  • Cheerful and opportunistic, these people will strive for a calm existence.
  • The Sagittarius Rabbit woman possesses a great ability to coordinate others.
  • With a clear purpose in mind, the Sagittarius Rabbit man is filled with great determination.

The agreeable character of the Rabbit Chinese zodiac will tone down the rather cold and ambitious nature of the Sagittarius.

These people are less straightforward and more in tune with the emotions of those around. They strive to live an uncomplicated life and will try to do this be keeping a harmonious social life.

The Pleasant Sagittarius Rabbit Personality

Sagittarian Rabbits are very carefree individuals who always say and do what’s on their mind, never hesitating whether it’s a good or bad thing, most of the times at least.

And this is precisely why, more often than not, bad things tend to happen to them, out of all that brainless wandering around.

So, they’ve adapted to this hard-working and tried mindset, that only harsh environments and problematic situations will polish their skills.

Going about with a cheerful and breezy attitude is their strong suit, one which is rarely taken off.

When that happens, and it does happen at the most surprising of times, saying that even the most cold-blooded of us would feel their blood curdling would be an understatement.

Truly devilish and quite cruel if offended, these natives are able to unsheathe the sword at a moment’s notice, while keeping the same innocent smile on their lips. The calm before the storm often stupefies their enemies and puts them into a temporary stupor.

Being this energetic and accepting of other’s ideas and opinions makes the Sagittarius Rabbit quite the people person.

Sociable through and through, he will meet a lot of different individuals with diverse backgrounds and unique personalities, and that’s exactly what he lives for.

Top Characteristics: Hard-working, Opportunistic, Vulnerable and Loyal.

From the constant interactions with so many different people, this native learns to be more tolerant and more aware than ever before, his goals being very clear in scope and approach.

Experiences are ultimately opportunities to learn from, and with a slow but steady pace, the Sagittarius Rabbit advances further on towards his purpose.

What ultimately has a very big significance for such an individual is personal freedom and the freewill to act as he sees fit.

One can’ truly say that he enjoys life if his liberties and desires are inhibited, right? Spot on. That’s exactly what this pleasure-seeker thinks like. Even more, he likes being in the center of attention and praised for his qualities and accomplishments. Who doesn’t, right?

Financially and in household affairs, the Sagittarian Rabbit likes things to be clear and stable, organized and secure.

While they don’t obsessively raise up money just to keep them under lock and key, it’s still quite difficult to spend it on meagre and superficial stuff.

Comfort is another thing altogether, and they’re willing to do everything in their power to increase it. Private space is private space, and home is one such place, a safe haven isolated from the storms and anguishes of the outside world.

Perfect careers for Sagittarius Rabbit: Photography, Travel, Accountancy, Programming.

Egocentrism and even megalomania comes very easy to these individuals, although the latter in pretty critical situations.

It is though a fact that they’re totally not okay with following others and obeying regulations made to inhibit their freedom. It’s just not in their character.

In fact, Sagittarius Rabbits seek for a comfortable and carefree life so much and with so much ardour, that sometimes they might make the most stupefying sacrifices in order to achieve it.

Definitely one of their greatest vulnerability and weakness, what this essentially means is that, once an opportunity for peace and quiet shows up, they would even sell their mother to take it.

Whatever costs, whatever sacrifices, none of them matter as long as these individuals get what they want.

As time passes, they realize the problems this poses and quickly attempt to solve it as fast as possible. From then on, it’s nothing but a slow and steady walk through the park with these natives.

Love – Revealed

For a Sagittarian Rabbit, being in a relationship is a one-way journey with no strings attached, and with nothing left aside. It matters greatly for them knowing that the partner is committed and fully aware of what the bond truly represents.

If the case comes when their trust is betrayed, and the other deceives them or acts in a dubious manner, everything is basically over, as long as they can confirm and find out the truth.

Those who fall in love with these individuals should bear in mind that it’s not going to be a walk in the park, getting to know or truly seduce them. It’s going to take time and much effort for that to happen naturally.

Also, it’s pretty hard to convince them to look cheerfully at the prospect of marriage or a long-standing relationship.

One other thing is that people tend to swarm around them, especially those of the opposite sex, who are extremely attracted by their natural charms.

The reason why they dislike the idea of a long-term relationship is because of the restrictions it implies, just like being behind bars.

If it goes even further than that, with the partner being forceful and even oppressive in some regards, they won’t stand for it under no circumstances.

In general, though, these natives are exceptionally appreciative and affectionate, going to great lengths in order to make the partner happy and comfortable.

Most compatible with: Leo Pig, Libra Pig, Aries Ram, Leo Dog and Aquarius Ram.

Sagittarius Rabbit Woman Characteristics

Destiny smiles upon the Sagittarius Rabbit women, and while they might not be offered an absolute path to success, it still isn’t exaggerated to say that they have the best recipe there is.

Endowed with a great ability to coordinate and lead people, it would be truly foolish of them not to take advantage of this perk.

And the best thing of all, they’re not limited in scope, meaning that once a goal is achieved, that’s not the end of the road. No way, it’s exactly the opposite, an opportunity to move on and aim for even higher ideals and peaks.

In love, if they don’t accidentally stumble upon Prince Charming, or perfection personalized, relationships are most likely going to come and go, in a constant stream.

That’s because they have a lot of downsides which makes it hard for others to accept, like an incapacity to empathize and “feel” the other person.

Eventually leading to a break-up, these types of bonds really strike a nerve in Sagittarius Rabbit women, rendering them traumatized and even depressed sometimes.

Moreover, what this native has to do in order to become better is to work on that self-confidence and be more decisive, as well as start accepting that some things are just not meant to be.

Being a constant state of disbelief and having a dogged perseverance towards achieving something clearly impossible is bad in and of itself. And they should learn to resign when the times comes, only to realize that other opportunities are there for the taking.

Celebrities under the sign of Sagittarius Rabbit: Vance Joy, DJ Khaled, Milla Jovovich, Brad Pitt, Nicole Tuck.

Sagittarius Rabbit Man Characteristics

This individual is marked by a strong need to see everybody around him feel as happy as one can get, because being surrounded by joyful and enthusiastic people is naturally a great thing overall, especially knowing that it was of your own making.

Furthermore, with all that nature has given him, all the inherent potential and talent, it’s basically a given that any goal is easily at the tip of his fingers.

Work completed through one’s sweat and blood? There is no such thing for a Sagittarius Rabbit man. Everything is easy for him.

He is by no means someone who will succumb at the first sign of danger, or when a critical situation arises. Also, he doesn’t do things for the sake of it, nor does he leave any business unfinished.

Filled with great determination and with a clear purpose in mind, as well as a razor-sharp focus, this individual can have everything in the world, if only he wills it.

He does tend to be left alone to his own devices most of the times, thanks to the inherent egocentrism and independence of thought, but that only incentivizes him to try even harder and with more grit than ever before.

Continuing on, the pure willpower and ambition of these individuals, along with the great attention to details, make for one hell of a combination when talking about career.

Even in the lack of a good or solid plan, it still isn’t enough to put down this native, not in the least bit.

Granted, it might be a little harder to succeed like this, but not impossible, and that’s the essential thing. As long as there’s a path to greatness, to fame and fortune, he will never stop trying. Never.

Just like it wasn’t enough, this native is also a highly intuitive and perceptive one, being able to quickly judge a person’s true character and intentions with just one look.

When picking a partner, these instincts come into play and help him make the best choice. But beyond that, the things that he is looking for are similarities in thinking and common ideas, plans and prospects. Money is less important.

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