Sagittarius Pig: The Approachable Thinker Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Essential guide to the personality of Sagittarius born in Pig year

Sagittarius Pig
  • Sagittarius people are born between November 22 and December 21.
  • The Pig years are: 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031.
  • These people are not ones to search for excuses.
  • Incredulous and witty, the Sagittarius Pig woman takes everything with a grain of salt.
  • The complex and contradictory character of the Sagittarius Pig man makes them rather difficult to interact with.

The naturally sociable and kind Pig makes a great combination with the carefree and temperate Western Sagittarian.

The result is an individual who walks through life with a constant smile on their face and with a very easy-going approach, taking things as they are, or systematically changing them to suit their taste.

Either way, they aren’t likely to ever exaggerate or impulsively deal with a problem, because it’s just not in their nature to act in such a way.

The Direct Sagittarius Pig Personality

Because of the calm and tranquil demeanor, the Sagittarius Pig likes to ask first and shoot later, which is to say that a plan is better than no plan, obviously. One plan or two plans, it depends on what sort of problem they’re dealing with, as well as the circumstances and risk level.

Therefore, the manner in which this native thinks and acts resembles that of a chess-master, on overlord who watches over the battlefield, plans all their moves and then proceeds to gain a masterful victory, seemingly without any effort and in a record time.

The Sagittarius Pig is a very affectionate and loving individual who will never cease to amaze you with feats of romanticism and tenderness the likes of which you have ever seen before.

Top Characteristics: Direct, Motivational, Impulsive, Practical.

It’s really something worth keeping in mind that, as long as you are good and caring towards them, they will, in turn, make sure that you lead the life of your dreams, and have someone who will always think and act on your behalf. What other person can offer you that with such certainty and intensity?

Not even conflicts and arguments, or things you might have said that hurt them, would not destroy their affection and love for you completely. It transcends mere bickering and the day-to-day taunts that happen to every couple.

They are able to see beyond them and still keep the same intimate bond with you, and so there is nothing to worry, except the true grave transgressions that would affect anyone, let alone them, who are so dedicate and loyal.

Professionally, the Sagittarius Pig is one of the most hard-working and dedicated people out there, able to take on a goal and work on it until they either succeed, fail or find it impossible to achieve it. There is no middle ground.

However, this only stands if they like doing their job, if it’s something which calls on to them, a passion or a true interest that they had previously found.

Otherwise, if they are forced to do something, either by circumstances or other aspects out of their control, their efficiency and work productivity rapidly goes down the drain and you get nothing out of them, or almost nothing.

It’s going to be quite obvious anyway that they don’t enjoy their work. It’s hard in general to have to do something unwillingly or out of necessity, let alone in this native’s case, whose ambition is not generally known to be their greatest asset.

One of their most dangerous weaknesses is the almost childish generosity and kindness shown to most people, without the need to get anything in return.

That’s just their welcoming card, the attitude with which they meet you head on from the get-go.

And it’s a very pleasing and admirable thing, but there is a problem. If they somehow meet an individual who expressly wants to make use of them and act in a deceitful way, it’s a very easy thing to do, because the Sagittarius Pig either doesn’t expect it or isn’t well-prepared for this.

Perfect careers for Sagittarius Pig: Music, Television, Sales, Design.

This harmful behavior is incompatible with their own, and with their mindset and general thinking, so they probably don’t actually acknowledge its existence, at an unconscious level at least.

In time, with experience and also having passed through some of these unfortunate encounters with deceitful people, they learn to be more careful and vigilant of whom to put their trust in.

These natives are rather systematic and consequential in their approach, mostly when speaking about the working place. As we’ve said before, if they enjoy what they’re doing, then no matter the requirements and needed effort, they will give their all into accomplishing the goal at hand, with no excuses and complaints.

Their great mental acuity and intelligence grant them the edge in almost any field, and this is a critical advantage that they have over others, something which will propel them at the top of the social ladder.

And they need stability and assurance, from a financial point of view, just like any one of us, obviously. Living with the constant worry about their most primary needs in day-to-day life is in no way a comfortable and desirable lifestyle, and it’s really straining on the psyche, especially in their case. This is why they must make a situation for themselves.

Love – Uncovered

For a Sagittarian Pig, intimate relationships are very important and they dedicate themselves totally when they meet someone who attracts their attention.

Because they feel like life would have no meaning if living it alone and without someone to share it with, this native strives to find true love and settle in with some, make a family and live happily ever after.

To wait for something to happen on its own would be to kick away countless opportunities because of the lack of initiative and confidence, and that’s not what they want, not at all.

So, they never hesitate and instead pick themselves up, finding the courage to speak and express their feelings, and then just everything plays out in a most natural way.

Most compatible with: Taurus Rabbit, Leo Rabbit, Libra Rabbit, Aquarius Ram, Leo Ram, Libra Rabbit.

Sentimentally, the Sagittarius Pig is both very affectionate and loving, as well as having pretty high criteria and condition, often exaggerated ones, but they learn to temper these views pretty early on.

Therefore, if they strike gold and manage to find someone who conforms to their idea of a good match, then they need nothing else than to get that person to see their true self as quickly as possible. That way, everything becomes clearer and they lift a boulder off their shoulders as well.

Above all, this individual looks for like-minded people who have the same dreams, aspirations and principles as them, this being one of the most important elements of a happy relationship, as a matter of fact.

To see what happens if their partner isn’t to their taste and they are already in a relationship, just think of the fact that they are a very candid and frank individual who can’t fake things very good.

It’s pretty obvious that their overall appearance would be a cold, disinterested and gloomy one. If one doesn’t feel good with someone, they either try to avoid them, or tell them that.

Sagittarius Pig Woman Characteristics

What makes the Sagittarius Pig women so special and efficient at what they do is the plethora of talents and aptitudes that they are naturally endowed with, and have accumulated over time.

Not all of them are at the same level of expertise, or even in the same domain, but none of them are useless and they have the most important role in how effective they are at work.

It is believed that a Sagittarius Pig is able to achieve almost any goals and complete any project because of this great potential that hides within them.

Considering that she is a very ambitious and resourceful individual who never does something without a good plan in mind, or without having at least analyzed and observed the situation beforehand, it’s only natural to believe that she isn’t very likely to fail.

Romantically, they take it all with a grain of salt and don’t make leaps of faith at the first sight of a possible partner. Instead, they go with the flow step-by-step and see where it leads.

If they find it to be worth it, then they can fully devote themselves to a relationship and start caring more. It’s worth noting how loyal and determined these women are, when they find a suitable partner.

Celebrities under the sign of Sagittarius Pig: Bob Barker, Maria Callas, Woody Allen, Christina Applegate, Jonah Hill, Lara Stone.

Sagittarius Pig Man Characteristics

This Sagittarian Pig man is of a very sociable and communicative nature, willing to make friends with someone at the first meeting and talk hours on end on any given subject without feeling the need to take a break or anything. This guy simply doesn’t do well with solitude and has to always be surrounded by close people and friends.

And what is perhaps his most extraordinary quality is that, no matter what happens in his life, he never loses his appetite and joyful demeanor.

He always sees the best in the world around him, and this optimism can only bring him happiness, comfort and the fulfilment of all his desires and wishes.

However, he is also a very complex and contradictory character who often finds himself being torn apart by multiple states of mind and feelings which appear spontaneously and disappear just as fast.

Sometimes, they may hold on for a while and bring him great sadness and sorrow, because he doesn’t know what’s happening to him. The sooner he learns to accept this and see it as something natural, the better it will be for him.

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