Sagittarius Ox: The Unbiased Thinker Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality characteristics of Sagittarius born in Ox year

Sagittarius Ox
  • The dates of the Sagittarius zodiac sign are between November 22 and December 21.
  • The Ox years are: 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021.
  • These people may appear reserved but a great fire burns inside them.
  • The Sagittarius Ox man needs to be praised continuously for his achievements.
  • The strength of the Sagittarius Ox woman may sometimes come across as rigidness.

Conversations with a Sagittarius Ox will revolve around existential topics. The Ox in them brings generosity and stability, while the Sagittarius brings the need to be adventurous and to help others.

These people tend to be very traditional deep inside and will try to keep and follow family traditions and stick to their relatives in difficult times.

The Prejudice Free Sagittarius Ox Personality

The Sagittarius Ox is open, sincere and sometimes unconventional. These people don’t like to be very enthusiastic about things.

They are more reserved, but they enjoy a conversation about life with someone who’s knowledgeable. Energetic and eager to be successful, they use their imagination and eloquence to achieve anything they may want life.

They have a thirst for power and money and they see these things as means to make all their dreams come true. A Sagittarius Ox will never notice something bad in a person. These people see only the best in someone.

This doesn’t mean they can be easily fooled because they know how to also be impartial when judging characters.

Their instincts know how to make them rationally evaluate people and situations. It’s not difficult for a Sagittarius Ox to make new friends and fit in with new people.

These persons are sincerely helpful and optimistic, so everyone will adore them.

Always in search for justice and reliable, the Sagittarius Ox is better suited in a position as a leader. He doesn’t want to get rich, he’s more interested in balance and peace.

Top Characteristics: Reliable, Entertaining, Impartial and Optimistic

Hard-workers, the people born in Sagittarius love being productive and they don’t fear new challenges.

While they like being busy, it’s impossible to keep them doing something that involves routine. Having to do the same thing every day is destructive for them. They don’t like conflicts and they don’t ask too much from those around them.

They are direct people who don’t make use of metaphors to express what they may be feeling. However, they can sometimes develop strong anxieties as they keep their feelings to themselves and don’t share.

When they have something that bothers them on their mind, they become short tempered and worried.

Not being scared of dangers and preferring to take risks, the Sagittarius Ox people will always be in search of new adventures and thrills.

Perfect careers for Sagittarius Ox: Science, Medicine, Arts and Design, Investigation Work.

Most of the time, the Sagittarius Ox persons are happy and eager to live their life. They are not scared when changes need to be made, and they’re adaptable to new circumstances. They have an open mind and flexible characters.

You’ll never see a Sagittarius Ox rejecting the opinion of a person who’s more unconventional. They like helping people and they offer what they might have with generosity.

They give family importance and they make it their number one priority. The friends of Sagittarius Ox people are not many and they are usually centered around their family.

They are not the most sociable, preferring to have a few good friends, not an entire gang. These people will always be interested in learning new things and exploring new horizons. Honest and respectful, these people can be too straightforward sometimes, and they can hurt others without even noticing.

This can be considered as one of their weaknesses. They always retaliate when someone is being unfair to them and they have a tendency to get angry when they are being treated with disrespect.

The good news here is that a Sagittarius Ox rarely loses his or her cool. They will only get to be blunt or no longer have respect when annoyed. They are hurtful enough when they are using their words. Don’t always take what a Sagittarius Ox says when angered so seriously.

Love – Revealed

When they are involved with someone, the Sagittarius Ox people are loving, caring and playful. They usually open up when they think the person they are with is their soul mate.

They like what the married live has to offer, but they refuse to make the step if they aren’t 100% in love.

It may be difficult to understand the Sagittarius Ox when the relationship has just begun. Sometime needs to pass in order for them to open.

Most compatible with: Leo Rabbit, Libra Rabbit, Leo Snake, Aquarius Snake and Aquarius Rooster.

They are wonderful parents if the love they have for their family is being shared. They are not the type to praise the partner too much.

But they are devoted and faithful, this being what keeps them in long-term relationships. Not the jealous type, the Sagittarius Ox will be collaborative and open to new suggestions if the partner is deserving and respectful.

Sagittarius Ox Man Characteristics

The Sagittarius Ox man can be a little bit contradictory. He is adventurous and eager to explore, and in the same time he is the stay-at-home type. He likes many things, but he’ll struggle to attain perfection in only one.

He has an incredible force and a sea of feelings, but he tends to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. He knows how to be organizational and he looks for senior positions at work.

Financially, he spends more than he has and he sometimes ends up moving to a new place to solve his financial issues. It is advisable that this man doesn’t think negatively as he will attract dark forces.

He needs to be proud of his achievements and open himself to people. Logical, attentive and perspicacious, the Sagittarius Ox man is sometimes critical. He has a code of knowledge and morality after which he lives and that’s why he’s very good at finding solutions.

He’s a little bit shy but he doesn’t show it. And he prefers the person whom he likes to make the first step in love. Loyal and reliable, the Sagittarius Ox man is an excellent husband.

Celebrities under the sign of Sagittarius Ox: Walt Disney, Jane Fonda, Tyra Banks, Amanda Seyfried.

Sagittarius Ox Woman Characteristics

You’ll never see a Sagittarius Ox woman making a mistake. She is a perfectionist and that’s a rare quality in people.

She always analyzes a situation before making a decision, and she doesn’t just take things as they are. In general, the Sagittarius woman will succeed in whatever she may be doing in life.

She understands what she needs to do from a young age, and she always knows what she wants. This lady should be more open to criticism. She should learn how to be soft and tolerant.

She needs to also understand that she can’t plan every little step in life. A Sagittarius Ox woman has to learn who’s right for her as a partner ever since her adolescence. This is the only way through which she can have a harmonious personal life.

She is ambitious and strong, but she can sometimes be too rigid. She will only accept what is rational and she will be open to hear others’ opinions. The fact that she has good organizational skills makes her the best in senior positions at work.

She likes being rich and she aspires to have a lot of money. For this lady, tasks that are difficult seem simple. She attacks them with practicality and a clear mind.

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