Sagittarius Monkey: The Uninhibited Optimist Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

What you need to know about Sagittarius born in Monkey year

Sagittarius Monkey
  • If you are born between November 22 and December 21 then you are a Sagittarius.
  • The Monkey years are: 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028.
  • Sociable to the extreme, these people can have fun in any circumstance.
  • The Sagittarius Monkey woman is one to follow her goals to completion.
  • A hidden optimist, the Sagittarius Monkey man will never fall in despair.

The Sagittarius Monkey is an enthusiastic through and through, and with their willpower and high-paced optimism, they succeed in going around any pressing problems or difficult situations that may appear with a smile on their lips.

Day-to-day life goes on without a hitch as this native just keeps on doing their thing freely and without anyone interfering.

Freedom of speech and act is what really matters to them, and given their intellectual and curious nature, it’s only a given that they wouldn’t let themselves be inhibited and oppressed.

The Idealistic Sagittarius Monkey Personality

The Sagittarius Monkey native has very wild dreams and ambitions, and seeks to achieve them at all costs, either by the sheer power of will and effort, or by coming up with some new and innovative ideas to shorten up the process.

Either way, they are perfectly capable of forging a path through the cruel world and reach personal happiness. Even though distractions may sometimes appear and make them lose their focus, it will all eventually return to the normal pace.

Being a patient and calm individual who follows a strict code of conduct, and always organizes and plans ahead, they are a natural-born leader.

Top Characteristics: Adventurous, Quick, Innovative, Resilient.

A commander, someone who can quickly and resolutely make a decision in the most critical of moments, as well as direct and channel the efforts of everyone else towards the completion of a singular goal.

However, being cramped up too much in the field of battle, that routine which goes on and on without end, will clearly become tedious and dull, and so their energetic and pumped-up personality won’t be able to take it for too long.

Sociable to the extreme, and someone who knows and enjoys having fun wherever they go, the Sagittarius Monkey is a very adventurous individual who seeks nothing else but the thrill of discovering new things.

Exploring a new world filled all sorts of interesting and sometimes unique experiences is what make this native truly happy and accomplished.

Also, it doesn’t really matter to them if they walk around in big groups of people, or if they find what they’re looking for while alone. It’s all the same.

Professionally, these natives will keep on fighting and struggling to gain victory in almost any circumstances and against all odds.

There are risks and obstacles on the path to success, and everyone realizes that. Still, this doesn’t come even close to their potential and powerful skillset.

Experience, knowledge and perseverance are the three main ingredients to a perfect dish, especially the accumulated information and know-how.

With the help of sufficient planning and the material to work with, there is literally nothing that can stop them from achieving their goal, and that’s a fact.

Perfect careers for Sagittarius Monkey: Writing, Politics, Diplomacy, Accountancy.

Seeing them almost always reaching their goal in record times and wasting too little effort would make you think that they are either someone with incredible luck, or the laziest person ever.

In truth, they have the insight and instincts to know what path to choose in order to achieve the same result with double the efficiency and half the time.

The mix of pragmatism and creativity that stems from the Sagittarius and Monkey signs make for one hell of a combination. This individual is pretty balanced overall, and they can attain perfect results in almost any domain they choose.

For all the ambition, perseverance and imaginative personality, this native is plagued by a dangerous flaw that threatens to shake the very foundation of their life.

Emotional instability or the occasional fluctuation in moods may be of concern. From a happy and joyful demeanour to a gloomy and depressed one in just a matter of seconds, these shifts are evidently not something healthy or productive.

The causes range from sleep deprivation, insufficient foot intake, over-exhaustion and anything in-between. As you can see, it’s not in their nature to have these emotional spikes, but rather a result of a disorganized lifestyle.

Love – Uncovered

Sagittarius Monkeys are not the types to dominate and take control of a relationship, instead preferring to be taken care of.

The partner should be determined, confident and have the enthusiasm and drive necessary to make them feel comfortable and relaxed.

Otherwise, you’ll never be able to take them out of their shells. Furthermore, these natives are not the most punctual natives out there, a natural characteristic, unfortunately.

They are not one to rush in heads-forward in picking a partner or confessing their love for someone, because they are a pretty reserved and introverted individual.

If it’s meant to happen, it will happen without a doubt, and so there is no need to further interfere.

They do have their quirks and flaws, but just take the time to know them better and give them a chance, you’ll definitely find it to be the wisest decision in your life.

In fact, for all the ingenious and quick-witted approach in their professional and day-to-day life, where they usually take the shortcut, this native will quickly change their behaviour and attitude once they fall in love.

There is a great distinction between personal development and the wellbeing of their partner, one that they deeply acknowledge.

And although one may not realize the depth and intensity of their love and affection, upon a closer look, it all becomes very evident and clear. There is no sacrifice that they wouldn’t make in order to protect their loved ones, and that says a lot.

Most compatible with: Aries Rabbit, Libra Rabbit, Aquarius Rabbit, Libra Dragon, Aquarius Dragon.

Sagittarius Monkey Woman Characteristics

Sagittarius Monkey women are beings of limitless desire and dreams. Their insatiable lust for adventure and exploration seems to pervade through time, because this proclivity of theirs will never fade away.

Childhood, adolescence, maturity, old age, they will still feel that nagging need to go out into the world and live life at the edge of the abyss.

She is one for whom goals are mere marks on a notebook, something which is supposed to be easily achieved, either with talent and a good set of skills, or through hard-work and dedication.

Both ways work, but she’s got the brains and nature allure to gain victory in circumstances where others would straight-up cry wolf and resign.

Their love life is full of crazy stunts and passionate adventures that seem to never end. The sheer energy and dynamism that one needs to impress and conquer this woman is mind-numbing, but once that happens, prepare for the journey of your life.

You will never experience something quite like it, the perilous, yet highly addictive love of the Sagittarius Monkey.

Celebrities under the sign of Sagittarius Monkey: Randy Rhoads, Larry Bird, Santo Versace, Lucy Liu, Jake Gyllenhaal, Christina Aguilera, Anna Chlumsky.

Sagittarius Monkey Man Characteristics

Socially, he couldn’t be any more adept, in the sense that everyone who meets and talks with him feels transfixed and fascinated by his person and behaviour.

Creating relationships and close bonds was never one of his problems. Also, being a rational and steadfast individual, he can relatively easy deconstruct a situation into its barest components, assess and find a method to make it work.

Multifaceted and ingenious, the Sagittarius Monkey uses every method at his disposal to break open the chains that keep him locked up in a cage of his own making.

He seeks to transcend his past self and become someone better with every passing day, all the while putting in double and triple the efforts towards achieving this goal.

He doesn’t settle for mediocrity or just a good result, and instead seeks perfection in everything. If that’s not possible, then at least he should give it his very best.

He never seems to fall into despair, and sadness appears to hold nothing over him, even in the most grievous and critical situations.

Instead, with just a flick of his fingers, all the gloom and negative mood disappears, replaced by a hopeful and calm attitude.

This seems to be almost superhuman, considering some of the circumstances that would make a grown man cry, but he somehow manages to hold his ground against the onslaught.

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