Sagittarius Man and Taurus Woman Long-Term Compatibility

A Sagittarius man and a Taurus woman may not be the most romantic couple in the world but when they have a real connection, this is very hard to break.

Sagittarius Man Taurus Woman

The relationship between the Sagittarius man and Taurus woman can be a difficult one because he only wants to be free and go on new adventures, and she needs security and a solid routine in order to live her days happily. Not to mention she can be very stubborn and he’s blunt.

But neither the Sagittarius man or Taurus woman give up easily. If they’re both so eager to not give up their life together, he will offer her one of the most interesting love experiences in her life.

CriteriaSagittarius Man Taurus Woman Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesBelow average❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

The Positives

Because he’s enthusiastic and she likes to anticipate what the future holds, they will be happy as a couple that isn’t mundane. He will probably want out as soon as things become even more serious than he’s used to.

This man needs his freedom more than anything else. He likes to explore and gather new ideas no matter where he is.

When the Sagittarius man and Taurus woman get in bed, the magic between them will happen just because they are opposite, and they have so many differences. She will like the way he pursues her. And he’ll appreciate that she’s ready to explore any new sexual experience.

They aren’t the most romantic couple in the zodiac. But they will be just fine without all the romance other couples are used to. He likes to be best friends with his lover. Romantic gestures are not something he’s good at.

It’s strange for this man to be involved in all kinds of emotional situations. She’s more romantic, but she’ll change this side of her for him. And she won’t be very affected by the situation.

The Negatives

The combination between the Taurus woman and Sagittarius man is a little bit farfetched. These two signs are so different, it’s difficult to understand how they even ended up together.

They will obviously be fascinated by the fact that they can’t find anything they have in common. And this fascination will happen especially in the beginning, when they’re dating.

Neither of them wants romantic fantasies. He’s more like a colleague and friend. When he witnesses romantic gestures, this guy becomes embarrassed and prefers to leave.

She’s very materialistic. This woman wants to eat good and to have money for the future. So, it isn’t about flowers with her. It’s about credit cards.

It’s very likely for the Sagittarius man and Taurus woman couple to fight. They are so different, it’s impossible for them not to have arguments.

Family is one of the most important things for her. She wants her dear ones close.

They are philosophical and prefer to see how others think when they are many and interact with each other. Therefore, the man in this sign likes large groups.

While the Taurus woman has a quick temper, she won’t display it. On the outside, this lady is calm and composed.

She will be very annoyed by the fact that her Sagittarius partner is so extravagant. While they are both good money makers, he likes to spend and have fun, she wants to put some aside for a comfortable financial future. However, if they are both ready to give each other some time, they will discover that a relationship between them isn’t so ridiculous.

A domineering character, the Sagittarius man is also quick-tempered. It’s important to let him be the one that rules at home. He likes others to see that he’s the master. This guy wants to demonstrate he can be in charge.

People in this sign often express themselves loudly in the public. So, the Taurus woman will soon grow tired of all his orders and suggestions. On the other hand, he’ll find her boring and monotonous. And all of this will only lead to arguments in which none will want to give in.

He’s eccentric, she’s conservative. And they won’t want to compromise. The more they struggle to be victorious in debates, the more arguments they’ll attract.

Long-Term Relationship and Marriage Prospects

A marriage between a Sagittarius man and a Taurus woman doesn’t have too many chances of succeeding.

Maybe if she’s the unusual Taurus who’s not so subjected to her senses and he’s the rare type of Sagittarius who wants a family life. In other words, if these two are in a relationship, it would be better if they don’t think of going to the altar.

Commitment is different for them. He will never agree to have a routine, she loves doing the same things every day. If they do however marry, he will find she’s very modest and humble.

They will probably last if they accept they are so different and learn to work on themselves so that what one lacks, the other comes and fills in. He could be her best friend.

The role of a wife suits her perfectly. She likes to support her husband more than anything.

She can understand everything about his hopes and dreams. He can learn how to be more caring and responsible. Their loyalty depends a lot on how proud they are of one another. Only time can help the marriage between these two be stronger.

Final Advice for the Sagittarius Man and the Taurus Woman

The way the relationship between the Sagittarius man and Taurus woman progresses will always puzzle the latter.

He has a logic that is too strange for her, so she’ll need to be patient and wait for him to take her suggestions into consideration. However, nothing can be sure with this man. He hates thinking things through and following a plan. This guy lives in the moment and that’s enough for him.

The Taurus woman is a fixed Earth sign, the Sagittarius man a mutable Fire one. This means they have different points of view.

In the beginning, these two will be very attracted to each other because they have so many differences. But with time, she will start to grow tired of his way of life and she’ll begin to like him less and less.

She’s stubborn and plans, he lets things happen and lives rather relaxed. As soon as the romance is over, these two will begin to fight more and more. Every little thing happening between them will make her too aggressive for him to be able to put up with the situation.

The fact that they are opposites will only cause further frustrations and heated arguments. These two need to understand each other very well if they want to last as a couple.

If the Sagittarius man wants to get the Taurus woman’s attention, he needs to be more settled and leave his adventurous behaviour behind. It’s not like he needs to change completely, he just must keep some things about him to himself. She will probably go with him on his adventures after she’s hooked.

If she asks him for his view on something, he should avoid being as blunt as he usually is. Some fluff can never hurt anyone.

If it’s her who wants his attention, she should be more fun and even interested in outdoor activities. Being so serious won’t help her at all in this situation. He’s attracted to positive people. For him not to get bored of her, she needs to be more passionate and fiery.

The Sagittarius man Taurus woman compatibility involves a lot of adaptability. Being themselves with no restrictions will not help this relationship at all. He’s the outgoing personality who can’t stand staying in when all the fun things are happening outside, she likes to be at home more than anywhere else.

He can be unfaithful if he doesn’t have fun with his partner anymore. His nature is to be loyal, but this guy simply can’t put up with boredom.

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