Sagittarius Kissing Style: The Guide to How They Kiss

Sagittarius kisses are like nothing else because these natives put all their physicality and sensuality to work and throw away all inhibitions.

Sagittarius kissing

Sagittarians can be very attractive with their funny ways and at the same time how they kiss with style. They know where people are tickling and can lustfully kiss them there, putting their tricky tongue to work in order to obtain some sort of reaction.

More than this, they’re becoming too passionate and thirsty for love, just to become sarcastic again, one second later. These natives are known as fun and giving with their other half.

Sagittarius kissing in a nutshell:

  • Sagittarius people are kissing like no others because they’re putting all their passion in;
  • Archers are adventurous even when it comes to their kisses and the timing;
  • The Sagittarius man needs to be kept wanting.
  • The Sagittarius woman may be the type who’s making jokes whilst making out.

They’re the ones who truly love offering pleasure. For this reason, they’re offering their praising and many kisses to those who ask for it, not to mention they’re the type who are wrestling their partner and covering him or her in playful kisses.

Sagittarius kissing style

It can be said Sagittarius people are kissing like no others because they’re putting all of their physicality to work, together with their mind and heart.

This way, they’re locking lips with their love and throw away inhibitions, in order for the perfect satisfaction to be obtained.

When smooching, these exciting personalities are putting fingers through hair and hugging their other half with a lot of love, just to get to foreplay.

These natives are definitely the ones who are teasing others with their eccentricity and meditative state of mind.

More than this, they’re too spontaneous and don’t actually have a rhythm. They like to keep their partner waiting, so he or she is always left wanting more.

When kissing, they can astonish with the adrenaline that runs through their body and therefore, their heartbeat.

It can be said Sagittarians are kissing happily, as well that they’re sensual when trying to reach their partner’s desires.

The most optimistic out of all Fire signs, they can go wild if stuck in an elevator with a person they like.

Their kisses have a taste of adventure because they’re tickling with their tongue and are always going for a deeper connection.

Before joining lips, they’re making jokes and trying to make the person they like see how funny they are. After the flirting has ended, they can start to kiss in the most explosive manner.

Adventurous, Sagittarians are also pretentious when it comes to love. More than this, they’re never making their emotions available and need to kiss someone who’s helping them be more sensual.

The signs that can have a way to their heart are Aries and Aquarius because these people are daring and a little bit rude, meaning the Sagittarius is opening to their kisses.

Archers are adventurous and love acting blindly, which can be seen in the way they’re kissing. More than this, they have many different styles of joining lips, from profound and slow to short and sweet.

The good news is that they’re fine with anything, which is making them even more attractive. Regardless of the way they’re kissing, they still need to relate through emotions.

They’re fine with all sort of kisses

Sagittarius people are all about pleasure and making their partner happy. They don’t care too much about themselves and are sometimes giving kisses on the cheeks.

When it comes to the way they’re moving, these natives are very charming and can enthrall anyone.

They want to cover their partner in kisses and to compliment him or her before starting to play around because they simply love teasing and entertaining their lover.

When starting, they’re first sweet and giving short kisses, just to become passionate afterwards. When this is happening, they’re using a lot the down lip and pushing their lover to the bed.

As a matter of fact, Sagittarians are famous for some dirty ways they’re having, also for always wanting more from their partner, but never forgetting about spontaneity.

They love massages in their legs’ areas because this is making them go crazy, as well more sexual.

As well, they’re independent and radiating optimism, meaning they’re always kissing happily. When feeling their best, they just want to jump on top of their partner and to make him or her feel their positive force.

This means they’re aggressive kissers, yet not like the domineering Scorpios. They’re like this because they can’t simply help themselves from “invading” their partner.

When in love, they necessarily want to kiss before anything else, and they’re most of the time getting what they want.

Kiss a Sagittarius man

When it comes to romanticism, Sagittarius men can close themselves up. They want the unexpected and to live dangerously, so their partner shouldn’t look them in the eyes until ready for something.

The Sagittarius man needs to be kept wanting. He can charm with his love, but he’s not the best choice when it comes to commitment.

After all, his symbol is the Archer, meaning he’s always looking to hunt. Exploring is what he wants the most, as well to be free.

This man can look everywhere for the perfect woman, so he can have many lovers to make him happy with every day that passes.

His sense of humor is enthralling, but he hates superficiality and hypocrisy. The lady of his dreams needs to smell incredibly because he’s very sensitive when it comes to smells, not to mention he likes citrus flavors.

From their experience, they can be the prefect lovers because women love him for being honest and for making love in an intelligent way.

In the bedroom, the Sagittarius man is enthusiastic, enjoyable and joyful. Seeing he’s always active, he’s the most compatible with other Fire signs, as well with the intellectual Air ones.

He doesn’t go well with domineering Water and Earth ones because these may end up having no more energy around him.

Those who are looking to be with a Sagittarius should look at what’s making them strong and their social life. As well, they should never try to annihilate their partner’s dreams.

Kissing a Sagittarius woman

Since Sagittarius people aren’t taking kissing seriously, why would the woman in this sign. She doesn’t want to ruin the fun she’s having with something as profound as a kiss because she’s as well too fun and positive.

For this reason, she may be the type who’s making jokes when making out, but also the one who’s never overwhelmed by first kisses.

This girl wants relaxed romances, also to have a lot of fun. However, she doesn’t like superficial and fake people. The more adventurous a person is, the more she needs to hold on tightly to them, in a loving manner.

If in love, the Sagittarius woman is highly energetic and more fun, radiating energy and being happier.

More than this, she’s becoming passionate, a thrilling attitude and a more adventurous approach. She likes smart men, so when finding someone worthy of her talents, she’s looking to share all of her pleasure in order to get him into her bed.

She simply doesn’t want to stay for too long in only one place because she needs to explore and to have more intimate connections than any other zodiacal signs. She thinks new romances can teach her many things, no matter if she gets hurt or not. Plus, she won’t kiss and tell.

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