Sagittarius Horse: The Sunny Personality Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Essential guide to the personality of Sagittarius born in Horse year

Sagittarius Horse
  • The Sagittarius dates are between November 22 and December 21.
  • The Horse years are: 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026.
  • Lovers of peace and tranquility, these people will avoid arguments.
  • The innovative Sagittarius Horse woman has incredibly foresight.
  • Charming and passionate, the Sagittarius Horse man is a serial romancer.

Courageous and enthusiastic, those born in Sagittarius the year of the Horse are smart and sensitive. They like to think fast, and they sometimes act by impulse as they enjoy living in the heat of the moment.

You will rarely see a Sagittarius Horse tired. They have an energy that can’t be contained. These people usually don’t stop working until they finish the job.

The Capable Sagittarius Horse Personality

Optimistic and practical, Sagittarius Horses are able to achieve anything they set their mind to. They are able to perform both simple and complex tasks, it doesn’t really matter for them what they’re being asked to do.

These people approach any kind of work with ease. They don’t stress too much and they manage to get things done.

Sagittarius Horse believe it’s their duty to help others. They care a lot about how things are going for people around them. More than this, they are dependable and like working in teams.

The Sagittarius’s openness is present in all the people born in these signs. Their sense of humor can hardly be matched and every monotonous situation becomes fun and interesting with them.

Top Characteristics: Charming, Individualistic, Dependable and Outgoing.

You would really want a Sagittarius Horse in your life if you don’t already have one. It’s difficult for them to be in one place for too long and their energy sometimes tires others who simply can’t seem to keep up.

Everything about these individuals is new ideas and activities no one has ever done before. This is what happens in a Sagittarius Horse’s life every day.

Because they are so sociable and in need of admirers, they will have many friends with whom they will talk about their adventures and places they’ve been to.

Sagittarius Horses know how to organize their time and prioritize their activities. That’s why they are so good at any job.

At home, they have an order for everything, and don’t like it when someone bothers their balance. So, you’ll have to do your house cleaning if you live with a person in these signs. They’re never authoritative.

On contrary, they’re motivating and capable of convincing others to do what they want. Because they like peace and tranquility, they would never argue with someone. But this doesn’t mean they’re incapable of sustaining their own ideas and opinions in a fight, because they know how to.

Privacy is very important to them. You won’t get invited into their home if they don’t know and trust you completely. Because they are a little bit unsettled and rushed, Sagittarius Horses can be temperamental.

They are able to make people feel somehow inferior with their energy and desire to live intensely. Being free and so alive, they arouse admiration in some, and jealousy in others.

These individuals focus only when they need to help others or they have something to gain. They don’t want to be admired and adored, they’re only looking to be respected and treated well.

Because they have such a good heart, jobs in charity or humanitarian organizations would suit them best. When it comes to their work, Sagittarius Horses are very ambitious. If they are doing something on a project, they will rarely take a break.

Adaptable, these people are able to deal with all kind of complicated situations, investing their time and energy in solving the issues at hand.

Perfect careers for Sagittarius Horse: Sales, Business, Politics, Psychology, Diplomacy and Writing.

If you give them repetitive tasks that involve a daily routine, you are simply killing them and their spirit. They are men and women of variety. While seeming confident and sure of themselves, Sagittarius Horses are in fact insecure and vulnerable.

But they know how to hide this very well. Spontaneous, they will focus on a single goal when they have something to do, and they will usually succeed in life. Their weakness is that they have a tendency to overestimate themselves.

But as they grow older, they gain wisdom and learn they can’t take too many responsibilities at once. Another weakness would be that they buy things impulsively, to feel more confident. But they don’t do this that often.

Love – Exposed

Straightforward and communicative, Sagittarius Horses will always express what they’re feeling to their partner.

When they are young, they flirt around a lot. Their passionate side doesn’t let them be too stable. However, after they grow up, they learn how to control themselves and be faithful to only one lover.

These people often lose themselves to illusions, being fooled with a love that may not even exist. In these moments, they start to doubt themselves. All this happens because they search for an ideal relationship, something flawless and immaculate.

Falling in and out of love very easily, it will take the Sagittarius Horses a while till they settle down with someone. Their partners need to be understanding and ready to be involved with a person that lives a chaotic life.

Most compatible with: Aries Ram, Leo Ram, Libra Dog, Libra Tiger, Aries Tiger, Aquarius Tiger.

After they get married, these people will focus on work in order to be good providers. That’s why they need a husband or a wife to support them no matter the circumstances. While they are at work, their life partner needs to take care of everything at home.

Sagittarius Horses may be too busy with their own lives to even look for someone to love them. It is unusual for them to tie the knot considering they’re adventure seekers.

It is love that finds them, and not the other way around. It’s more likely they will be interested in someone if he or she is introduced to them by friends. They believe in destiny and luck, so chances are they will look for a person they have just met if they like him or her.

Sagittarius Horse Woman Characteristics

The Sagittarius Horse woman will achieve many things in life being helped by her intuition and charm.

She is diligent and ambitious too, and her analytical mind helps her win. A good communicator, this lady will have many people on her side. Talented and intelligent, the Sagittarius Horse woman uses the previously mentioned intuition to gain success.

Being able to determine what will happen next is something she implements to realize her ideas.

Her main weakness is the fact that she can’t control her emotions. She often has break downs, especially in the presence of the other half. She can’t do much about this, but she could rest a little bit more and avoid emotional bursts.

More than this, she should use her analytical skills more. If she would work a system around how she views life, she would be much more successful.

Besides, if she would have more confident in herself, and rely less on others, she would be able to deal with situations in a more efficient way.

Celebrities under the sign of Sagittarius Horse: Jean-Luc Godard, Jimi Hendrix, Katherine Heigl, Katie Holmes, Ian Somerhalder, Nelly Furtado, Rita Ora.

Sagittarius Horse Man Characteristics

It’s impossible to talk the Sagittarius Horse man out of what he has set his mind to do. He will pursue his dreams and succeed at it.

He is always on the move, driven by new emotions and new enthusiasm, looking to put his intelligence and originality to work. This is a guy who has many friends and who faces problems with a smile on his face.

He is charming and passionate, and he rarely learns from the lessons life gives him. While the Sagittarius Horse man may seem superficial on the outside, he is not like that at all. He wants a reliable partner and a stable relationship, and he has the image of the perfect woman in his head.

Emotional but rational, this man is also intuitive and he likes to help others. Impatient, he rarely takes others’ opinions into consideration.

It’s advised he looks to self-improve and takes advantage of the opportunities that greet him. If he wants good relations with others, he should consider their opinions more often.

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