Sagittarius Dragon: The Ingenious Moralist Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

What you need to know about Sagittarius born in Dragon year

Sagittarius Dragon
  • Sagittarius people are born between November 22 and December 21.
  • The Dragon years are: 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024.
  • Sometimes, their intentions are misinterpreted.
  • The attractive Sagittarius Dragon woman will be courted by many.
  • The Sagittarius Dragon man is not fazed by any life problems.

People born in Sagittarius the year of the Dragon are always optimistic. They inspire this in others too, and they like to live an active, alert life.

You can never take a Sagittarius Dragon’s love for life and ambition as these are strong within the Sagittarian personality.

These people make the most out of anything and they adapt to new people and new situations very easily, just like any other self-respecting Dragon. Open and interested in what others may have to say, these people don’t show their extrovert side all the time.

The Empathic Sagittarius Dragon Personality

The Sagittarius Dragons are tolerant and they don’t mind compromising if the situation requires them to. However, and this is a characteristic all Dragons have, they don’t like it when they are being contradicted.

These are individuals who would do anything to help you, and in the same time they would destroy you if you’d do anything to cross them.

They hate it when people disrespect them. The fact that they express what they’re thinking with straightforwardness can gain them a few enemies.

It’s not that they have bad intentions, they’re just honest and they can’t live without speaking their minds. The Sagittarius Dragons will be able to do any type of job and get along with most of the people.

They are devoted, reliable friends and they really value people around them. If you are with a Sagittarius Dragon, leave him or her alone to have a moment from time to time.

They need their solitude and people who love them need to understand this. It’s essential the Sagittarius Dragons feel useful and get involved. They like it when others need them around.

Top Characteristics: Involved, Creative, Observant and Moral.

Action people, the Sagittarius Dragons are idealists too. They will hurry to reach their goals, though as they are the least patient of all the Sagittarians.

Knowledgeable themselves, they are curious to discuss any subject, either actual or not. They will have many hobbies, this sometimes leading to them forgetting about their priorities.

They are full of energy and they will never run away from hard work. These individuals like doing things that have a purpose and are inspiring.

Their impatience may cause them to become a little bit authoritarian at times, but they will overcome this situation, and they will apply the powerful moral values that they have.

They are bold to the point of unconsciousness. But this thing never makes them selfish or egoistic, for the Sagittarius Dragons are always going to be interested in others’ problems and things that aren’t necessarily related to their wellbeing.

For this, they will often be employed as assistants that give people advice, or they will volunteer to different non-profit organizations that are helping the less fortunate. When they want to relax, there’s nothing better for them than to read a book or watch a good movie.

They like some peace and quiet at times. When they want to have fun, these Sagittarius natives will participate in different sporting events. They like to be physically challenged and they often take part in outdoors activities.

Perfect careers for Sagittarius Dragon: Entrepreneurship, Publishing, Finance.

Loving to travel, you will always find the Sagittarius Dragons planning a new trip or a different project. They usually finish what they have started, but they can get a little bit lazy if they are not pressured to work on a task.

These Sagittarians never over-complicate things. Their friends will be honest as these are people who hate hypocrisy.

Since they are so generous with their time, it will be difficult for those born in Sagittarius the year of the Dragon to take care of themselves. This is a weakness of theirs, which can degenerate into stress.

They need to remember that they are human beings with needs too. They are very good with other people. Ambitious and when they really want something aggressive, there’s nothing these people can be stopped by.

They will accept any challenge, no matter how difficult and dangerous. They use their intelligence to be successful and they are aware of their weaknesses.

Understanding that they need to help themselves before helping others is the first thing they should do.

If you are an enthusiastic, joyful person, then you should get together with a Sagittarius Dragon. You will have a lot of fun, but remember these individuals are sometimes unrealistic. If they would learn how to dose these moments when they tend to become bit unrealistic, they would be more efficient and happier persons.

Love – Exposed

Not hurrying to get married, the Sagittarius Dragons believe in true love and they are ready to wait for when the time is right. They don’t lie to their partners and they are very passionate when they fall in love.

Because they are able to wait for the right person, they will often find him or her. Their unselfishness helps them to have ideal romantic relationships.

Most compatible with: Aries Ox, Aquarius Monkey, Leo Tiger, Libra Tiger.

They are always attentive with their partners’ needs and they don’t like to have fights or to contradict. Both givers and takers in a relationship, they will often be the ones who give more.

It’s known the Sagittarius Dragons can be a little bit possessive and jealous, but this is only because they love with passion and energy.

Loyal, these people may sometimes have a tendency to make decisions for their partners.

Sagittarius Dragon Woman Characteristics

The Sagittarius Dragon woman can’t be for too long in the same place. This is why she will often change jobs and homes.

She likes to travel and she can convince others to do things her way as she has charm and a special magnetism. The fact that she is very complex can’t help much. Capricious, this lady won’t be stubborn when it comes to business.

She can set goals for herself, plan for them, but she sometimes loses her patience to attain them. That’s why her life will have many ups and downs. Attractive, the Sagittarius Dragon woman will always be courted.

She falls in love quickly and because she’ll try to change the way her partners are, she will be often left. If you’re with her, remember she’s emotional and straightforward.

Don’t be offended of what she says as she will get back to her loving ways after the storm passes.

Celebrities under the sign of Sagittarius Dragon: Bruce Lee, Marisa Tomei, Anna Faris, Rashida Jones, Oliver Hudson, Zoe Kravitz.

Sagittarius Dragon Man Characteristics

Optimistic, idealistic, and never engaging in negative manifestations, the Sagittarius Dragon man likes unusual things. Happy and active, he will have many hobbies.

Because he’s so busy, he’ll not pay too much attention to relationships. He believes life is meant to throw opportunities at him, and he has excellent abilities to do whatever he might want.

The Sagittarius Dragon man deals with problems easily, and he has many friends. He likes showing off and he doesn’t enjoy routine. When around women, he will not take the initiative to ask out on a date.

He will be very good at his job as he has many skills and he is open to new things. His weak points are stubbornness and rigidity.

The fact that he’s childish may not be helpful in relations with others, but he can really focus when he has something to do.

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