Sagittarius Dog: The Relaxed Figure Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

What you need to know about Sagittarius born in Dog year

Sagittarius Dog
  • Anyone born between November 22 and December 21 is a Sagittarius.
  • The Dog years are: 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030.
  • These people appear to be approachable but are very picky about their entourage.
  • The narcissism of the Sagittarius Dog woman appears suddenly.
  • When he is comfortable in an audience, the Sagittarius Dog man is capable of big surprises.

Chinese astrology describes the Dog as the most relaxed, caring and friendly character of the zodiac. Those who are born in the year of the Dog are all like this, and they also get other traits from the Western astrological sign in which they are born.

And Dogs born in Sagittarius have all these characteristics, including an adventurous spirit and great ambitions.

These people will always be honest and true, they don’t usually do anything without thinking it through but they also tend to do crazy things, but this is only because they are adventurers.

The Practical Sagittarius Dog Personality

When it comes to expressing what they are thinking in public, Sagittarius Dogs are not shying away. They are not afraid of questioning authority either.

At work, they would be great as leaders. They can contribute with practical and innovative ideas, and they are always open to other people’s opinions.

They think that the more minds get together to think of something, the better for everyone. In the Western astrology, the Sagittarius is believed to be optimistic, honest and versatile. All these traits will be present in a Sagittarius Dog as well.

Nice to others, understanding and with a great sense of humor, it’s facile to get to know people in these signs. They are friendly with anyone and they enjoy making new friends.

Not too formal, they will be open to discussing philosophy and maybe politics with anyone who knows something on these subjects.

Top Characteristics: Adventurous, Witty, Humorous, Positive, Temperamental and Generous.

They are quite the intelligent and eloquent people, seeming calm on the outside but being restless on the inside.

Meticulous and honest, they have ideals and they are not afraid to express what they are feeling. For them, the world is a place that could be transformed in something better. You will never see a Sagittarius Dog disrespectful.

They appreciate what everyone is doing, and they will always value merit. This is not something you see very often in people.

Along with their informality, they have a superior charm that will make anyone fall in love with them in a minute. It is easy to approach them, and they will talk with anyone about anything. Everyone will get along with them perfectly.

They bring change in people with their openness, and they make it easy for people to engage in a conversation with them. They don’t mind being told the truth and they are open to others’ opinions and way of life.

There is nothing to be hidden when with the Sagittarius Dog. Everything is out in the open, including feelings and the deepest thoughts. Nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to hide from them. Because they are so open, it’s easy to guess their mood.

Sagittarius Dogs will always protect the ones who are unfortunate and they will search for justice no matter where they may be going. These are among their main characteristics.

However, in their search for justice, they sometimes get disappointed and they end up realizing the world is sometimes a bitter place.

Dishonesty, passivity and cowardice, they resent all these things and they are struggling to be around people who feel the same way. They manage to teach others honest life principles and they are altruistic.

Some may profit from their helpful nature, but as they gain more experience in life, they learn how to stay away from people who would harm or hurt them in any way.

Flexible and thus adaptable, Sagittarius Dogs could do any kind of job, from the simplest to the most complex. They like being around people and working in teams, so you won’t see them doing something on their own.

Sometimes pessimistic, other times confident and optimistic, they juggle these feelings and they usually see a situation as it actually is. They are discreet. This means you can trust them to keep your darkest secrets. There are few other signs who can be as discrete as they are.

When they are working, they are very serious. These guys will always do their share and won’t expect others to do something for them.

They usually like to relax home after a long day at work, but it’s not excluded they will spend a night out either.

Sagittarius Dogs value family and love being in the company of people they love. When they settle, they prefer to do it very close to where they have been raised and where their parents are.

Perfect careers for Sagittarius Dog: PR, Writing, Publishing, Education.

You will never have a Sagittarius Dog doing a sloppy job. They appreciate the job well done and they are fully committed to doing things properly themselves.

They are spontaneous and aware of what they are doing, giving special attention to details. This is why you will often find them occupying senior management positions or being the team leaders at their office.

They have all the qualities and mindset to succeed, no matter if it’s their own business or they are working in a large company.

Being relaxed and not so stressed about what it is happening with their life has its advantages and its disadvantages for the Sagittarius Dog.

As a weakness, it means they cannot achieve that many great things in life. They can just go with the flow and leave life to do its number on them.

This is why these people sometimes need someone to encourage and push them. If not, only with age they will become more ambitious and confident.

Love – Uncovered

Sagittarius Dogs will be able to deal with any kind of conflict when they will be involved in a romantic relationship.

They respect privacy and they will keep the other half’s secrets safely guarded. Because they are so careful with their lovers and they are not too clingy, these guys will have long-lasting relationships that will be harmonious and ruled by respect for one another.

Being easy to read, their partners won’t have any problem understanding them.

Most compatible with: Leo Tiger, Libra Horse, Aquarius Tiger, Aquarius Horse, Leo Rabbit.

They would never disrespect the one they love, and they would be open to compromise if they determine the situation would be fair and not demoralizing.

It’s true that all Sagittarians love adventure and experimenting new things, which makes them a little bit unstable.

But the Sagittarius Dog is a little bit different. Once people born in these signs find someone with whom they can settle, they become 100% faithful and attentive. They are very careful with their partner’s feelings and they wouldn’t dare to intrude in his or her life.

They are supportive companions who will always give rational advices. When they commit, they commit for a lifetime.

The perfect relationship for them is quiet and deep. They like to feel romantic engagements very thoroughly. Not extreme with jealousy and possessiveness, they can however, have these feelings from time to time.

It’s because they are faithful and 100% involved, so they expect the same things from the one they love. Rebellious and unstable when young, Sagittarius Dogs become more peaceful and settled with age.

Sagittarius Dog Woman Characteristics

Seductive, the Sagittarius Dog woman will obtain everything in life with this trait. There are situations when this quality of hers won’t work, but she will manage to make do with it, in general.

She is practically addicted to herself. Also, persistent and focused on realistic goals, she will succeed in her endeavors.

This girl will be rebellious in her youth, and much calmer and calculated at maturity. It is advised that she uses her seductive side less often. She needs to be kind and more attentive with others.

If she will invest real feelings in the relationships with others, she will receive the same thing back. Being gentler will bring her many new opportunities.

Celebrities under the sign of Sagittarius Dog: Steven Spielberg, Gianni Versace, Eugene Levy, Jennifer Connelly, Sarah Silverman, Nicki Minaj.

Sagittarius Dog Man Characteristics

The Sagittarius Dog man will not be able to survive without friends. He needs the company and he is very communicative.

Trustworthy and always on the move, he gets excited at every new thing, forgetting about other people’s interests along the way.

Lucky, this guy will often be disturbed by the fact that he is rebellious. If he wouldn’t be able to get along with people around him, he would be finished.

He seems dualistic in nature and he can confuse other people with his character.

It is advised that he decides with whom he feels comfortable and continues to have relations with that specific group of people.

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