Sagittarius Ascendant Woman: The Sophisticated Lady

She is distinguished from other women through her resilience and the ability to overcome all sort of obstacles in life with a smile on her face.

Sagittarius Rising Woman

The woman with the Ascendant in Sagittarius can’t rest, always wants a new adventure and doesn’t mind taking risks. She’s optimistic and larger than life, knows people from all over the world as she’s always traveling, and can be fascinated by any philosophical idea, no matter if it’s on religion or politics.

She would never accept to be tied down or to take on responsibilities that make her feel constrained.

Sagittarius Ascendant woman in summary:

  • Strengths: Sophisticated, punctual and contemplative;
  • Weaknesses: Envious, indiscreet and vague;
  • Perfect Partner: Someone who is joyful and always on the move;
  • Life Lesson: Stay away from grudges because they don’t bring any good.

Intelligent and enthusiastic, she seems to attract a lot of good luck with her happy personality. Having a lot of friends and being very independent, she often encounters good opportunities and makes the best out of them.

Radiating happiness and positivity

The Sagittarius Ascendant woman is capable of making people better with her wisdom and truth. But for this to happen, she needs to access the deep spiritual meanings that go beyond her mentality and values.

As Sagittarius is the sign of the philosophers, she loves to come up with new ideas and concepts on how life should be lived.

The most difficult thing for her is to go beyond all that she can interpret with her mind and discover what makes her existence have meaning.

She likes to have people to herself and is very optimistic, believing in herself even more than others believe in God. Men like her for the way she acts in society, so other women may see her as a threat.

She can please others without even trying because she’s not at all focused on giving but she still does it. This lady is always on the go, wants others’ attention and often goes over people just to get it.

She’s one of the most positive and happy females in the zodiac, loving to travel and to engage in all kind of new adventures. It’s easy for her to fall in love and she suffers for short periods of time after people or places she once visited.

Having a very good sense of humor, this lady will always draw others in. She’s honest and hates mind games or talking in riddles, so hypocrisy shouldn’t even be something that characterizes people around her.

If she was born in a poor or unhappy family, she will leave everything behind and achieve success at what she’s doing for a living.

What distinguishes her from other women is the fact that she always has control over the situation and can survive all kind of harsh conditions. Many men will see her as moody and changeable, when she’s in fact acting on impulse and recklessly.

She couldn’t be tied down to a person or a place because she has a need for freedom and to move around. If not free, she would start to act rebellious, which would not be in any way good for her or others.

She often relies on intuition and is aware of this fact, so using it is something normal in the way she’s living her life. If it were for this woman to only have a family and not a career, you can be sure she wouldn’t be in any way happy.

In spite of the fact that she can make a lot of money, she still can’t hold on for too long to her finances.

Radiating happiness and positivity, she moves from place to place and sees no obstacles in her way, no matter how impossible a situation. Enthusiasm is in her blood, no matter if it’s about business or romance.

She will be adored by men because she wants adventure and to talk about interesting subjects. The Sagittarius Ascendant woman can’t stand lying and attracts with her sincere laughter or the good jokes she makes.

She can’t be quiet and wants to comment about everything that’s happening, using her sense of humor each time she gets the chance. Others see her as innocent and smart, so her charms will work everywhere, no matter if it’s at work or in church.

It can be very difficult to have her feeling down because she simply can’t be unhappy. She forgives easily because it’s in her nature to accept people with their defects and faults.

There will be complaints about how she has been lied to and deceived, but she will definitely forgive and forget all about what happened.

Interested in the new and anything progressive, she can’t really focus because she jumps from one idea to another. She finds people interesting and enjoys talking with a person, even if she doesn’t particularly like him or her. It’s that she prefers to figure every individual out and to discover their intentions.

Because she’s very direct and speaks her mind openly, it’s possible for her to hurt some people with her harsh commentaries. Usually laid-back and playful, she can insist on having things her way and uses pretty strong arguments for this to happen.

This lady enjoys entertaining others because she has many stories from all the places she has traveled to.

The Sagittarius Ascendant woman in love

She’s confident and doesn’t mind taking risks, many people in her life being fascinated by her reckless ways.

She falls in love at first sight but can forget to go to a date because she was booking a flight for the weekend.

Always on the move and joyful, she would never plan for anything, so the man of her dreams would have to just enter her life, one day. He should have a good sense of humor, talk a lot and be good at what he does for a living.

For the Sagittarius Ascendant woman, the Descendant is in Gemini, which means she will be twice as independent and afraid of commitment.

If she finds her courage to be with a man, he has to be adventurous, multi-tasking and intelligent enough to always come up with interesting subjects of discussion.

Because she isn’t too romantic, her man shouldn’t expect her to make love declarations or to want to marry.

It wouldn’t matter if it’s about lovemaking or just dating, she wants everything to be an adventure. The more comfortable she’ll feel in the company of someone, the more fun they’ll have together.

Freedom is all that matters to her, so it’s very likely she’ll dream of meeting her soulmate on a boat, going to India.

After India, he will have to suggest going to Thailand and after heading to where he has been raised for a hike or a fishing trip.

She’s not the type to only want sex because she enjoys long talks in hotel rooms. Discussions with her are very interesting as she’s always happy and can bring philosophy into any talk.

She will most likely attract adventurous and intellectual men rather than the type who wants to go clubbing. This lady or woman doesn’t even think that she may be old, no matter her age, so it’s possible for her to date someone much younger.

She wants more a companion who likes to travel and to take on new challenges rather than someone on whom she can rely. She’s lucky, so the type she’ll attract will often be to her liking and also fortunate.

With her, it’s not about the destination, but more about what’s happening on the road. But she definitely needs to be allowed freedom and independence because she’s always coming home anyway.

What to remember about the Sagittarius Ascendant woman

An adventurer, a seeker of truth and a student of life, the Sagittarius Ascendant woman looks only for challenges and to be engaged in different activities.

She’s one of the most enthusiastic and optimistic females in the zodiac. This lady can’t sit down for a minute and is always in the go, so it’s like she’s continuously searching for something that she cannot fully grasp.

And she will probably look for it her entire life because she’s a seeker in nature. All this search will have her very knowledgeable and open to share what she has found out.

Opinionated, she never hesitates to verbalize her thoughts and feelings on the world, in the most direct and straightforward manner. Even if she’s one of the quiet types, she will still have a need to talk from time to time, being as honest as anyone could be.

Able to see the humor in the saddest situations, the woman with the Ascendant in Sagittarius hates routine and is fair play when competing.

She loves to enjoy all the pleasures of life, always living in the moment and adapting herself to any new situation. It’s possible for her to turn into this sarcastic person, especially when bothered.

She doesn’t mind giving a hand but would never be nice or generous with those who ask her to stay still or to attach herself to them.

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