Sagittarius Ascendant Man: The Needy Adventurer

He wishes to be left alone to do as he pleases and not be questioned but can be very reliable in support of those he cares about.

Sagittarius Rising Man

The man with the Ascendant in Sagittarius is very independent and friendly. He never judges but acts on impulse and expresses his opinions very bluntly, saying what goes through his mind without hesitation.

Progressive in his way of thinking, he wishes to achieve success in business and his career. Because he has a highly developed sense of morality, he would make a great lawyer or judge.

Sagittarius Ascendant man in summary:

  • Strengths: Perfectionistic, benevolent and uncomplaining;
  • Weaknesses: Sneaky, unpredictable and vengeful;
  • Perfect Partner: Someone who doesn’t judge him for his choices;
  • Life Lesson: Leave grudges aside and make peace with people.

This man speaks from his heart and usually achieves what he has set his mind to do. He’s usually skinny and tall, but you can easily recognize him because he’s enthusiastic but clumsy.

Fun and always dreaming of a new challenge

The Sagittarius Ascendant man will have a greater need for freedom than others as Jupiter makes him an optimist who’s in love with life.

This person needs change and to always be involved in a new adventure or in projects that require him to focus.

Many will think of him as lacking patience because he takes action as soon as he finds an idea appealing. It’s good that he’s lucky as this way, he escapes difficult situations without struggling too much.

Having high ideals, this male native will fight for his dreams and to have his independence intact. That’s why he can understand others who want to be as free as they can be.

Every man with Ascendant in Sagittarius will ardently search for the meaning of life. He will be seen as someone who wants to be social and to engage in new adventures.

While willing to give a hand whenever needed, he still has an arrogance that can’t be quite pinned down. Strongly believing in his own principles and values, he’s courteous and mature if the situation requires him to get serious.

He will want to travel all of his life, exotic destinations being in his dreams and his roads. It’s possible for him to work as a guide or something else that requires him to go to faraway places.

The Sagittarius Ascendant man wants to know as many things as possible, so in his journeys will often meet with spiritual gurus or other knowledgeable people who can teach him something.

He travels light and seems to always be prepared to go somewhere. He is very surprising, optimistic and energetic.

You won’t notice his passion immediately, but if you have a broader experience with people, you’ll immediately notice how powerful he can be.

Fun and always dreaming of a new challenge, it seems that he easily makes his dreams come true. His sense of humor will help him have many friends and conquer many women’s hearts.

But he needs to be left alone to do what he wants and not to be questioned. He prefers friendly and easygoing people who have the courage to engage in new projects with him.

He usually makes friends for a lifetime, so anyone can trust him to be a reliable companion.

The Sagittarius Rising lover

When it comes to romance, the Sagittarius Ascendant man is still very keen about his freedom. If he doesn’t have it, he simply can’t feel comfortable.

He will probably have a good marriage, but he may not be very faithful in his previous relationships. Not that he wants to cheat, he simply desires to live in the heat of the moment and many of his admirers may take advantage of this.

He doesn’t have too much patience and is as energetic in love as he is in life. His desire to always get involved in something new will dominate when it comes to romance as well.

Obviously, he won’t want to spend his life next to someone who doesn’t like adventure and is pretty boring. Someone passionate and always active is definitely the person that should come towards him and offer him love.

Don’t expect him to stay with a partner for too long because he wants new adventures and thus, to get involved in relationships he doesn’t have any idea of yet.

But as soon as married, you can trust him to be faithful if his wife is as energetic as him. He’s a domineering character, so expect this trait of his to be felt in his romantic relationships too.

Even with his family in one place, he will still want to go all over the world and search for the Absolute Truth. That’s why many women may not want to build a life with him. He’s not quite the ideal partner, after all.

This Sagittarius rising is often confused about what he feels inside and doesn’t seem to express what really may be going on deep in his soul. For example, he may seem happy and positive, while in the back of his mind, he would think about the fact that he no longer has a job and needs more money for his travels.

He thinks highly of himself and really knows how to seduce the ladies. Very clever and friendly, he’s ready to let himself go when truly in love. But the girl of his dreams needs to be as interested in adventure as him.

His curiosity and passion have to be equaled by the woman who’s next to him or he can’t be happy next to that person. He will always have an image of his perfect partner in his mind, so he will know what he’s looking for.

It’s impossible to have him respecting obligations because he runs away from responsibility like no one else. You can meet with him, have sex or dance, but don’t expect this man to get married after a few months of relationship.

He may imagine that he’s responsible, but he actually isn’t. A woman who’s knowledgeable, successful and intelligent will always attract him.

She should be admired by other men because he doesn’t mind competition and really likes to know that he’s chasing after someone who’s really wanted.

This man simply adores the ladies who don’t want to have him tied down to themselves or who don’t ask questions about where he has been.

He prefers the educated, fun and sensitive type who wishes to climb the Mount Everest and do bungee-jumping at the weekend.

He wants his spirit to be engaged, not to have a routine because this can have him depressed. The woman who won’t try to change him or to tell him what to do is sure to be next to him for a lifetime.

What to remember about the Sagittarius Ascendant man

As the most adventurous person in the zodiac, the man with the Ascendant in Sagittarius will always try to find something new to do and gets very enthusiastic about the future.

His spirit is free, so he likes being independent no matter how serious his relationship with a woman may be. He will travel as much as possible, and to faraway places, not to the next town.

At his destination, he will ask for what’s new to learn and for what’s exciting to do. His interests are many and need to be satisfied with knowledge or intriguing activities.

This and the fact that he wants to learn make him enjoy reading and studying. He wants to meet people, learn new languages and discover the rituals of as many cultures or religions as possible.

The Sagittarius Ascendant man thinks progressively and very fast, so expect him to get things done in a moment and in an ingenious way. Not thinking about the consequences of his actions, he takes risks and doesn’t think of the results that often.

This can’t be in any way beneficial because he may end up dealing with impossible situations that usually don’t have a positive outcome.

At the same time, this spontaneity he has makes him unique and special. Not to mention no one is as ready as him to just leave for a different corner of the world or to move to a new country.

Nothing seems to tie him down as he moves around without thinking whom he may be hurting. He sees life as a big adventure and thinks everything should be learned by experiencing it. When it comes to sociability, he’s the life and soul of the party because he’s always happy and has a desire to live in the moment. When meeting strangers, he doesn’t hesitate to share with them his entire life story.

This man can’t stand it when an injustice is being done. He needs to stand for the less fortunate people whose rights have been stolen. One of his drawbacks is that he expects too much from others and situations, so he can end up disappointed from time to time.

No matter what, his main concern in life will be his freedom in all its forms and for every part of life. He doesn’t want luxuries and keeps himself away from responsibility.

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