Sagittarius Anger: The Dark Side of The Archer Sign

Sagittarians are totally angered by being lied to, especially when the betrayal happens to come from someone they are close to.

Sagittarius anger

Sagittarius people are the most forgiving natives of the zodiac. Because they’re not holding on to negative feelings for too long, they’re not angry that often, not to mention these natives are all the time worrying about moving forward in life.

They refuse to deal with people who are criticizing them and don’t agree with being restricted. For this last-mentioned reason, boring people are annoying them.

Sagittarius anger in a nutshell:

  • Angered by: Being controlled and not given all the freedom in the world;
  • Can’t stand: Sarcastic and nasty people;
  • Style of revenge: Sneaky and harsh;
  • Make up by: Apologizing and proposing something fun.

It takes some time to calm down

People born under Sagittarius are trying to be positive all the time. They love to take risks, to be happy and to be friends with everyone, but this is making them agitated.

It shouldn’t be thought they don’t have a dark side. At least they believe in the future. Many see them as true philosophers because they seem to live in their world of originality and are most of the time, leaving reality behind.

Their agitation can have them less committed or stable, meaning they can’t keep promises and make schedules. These relaxed natives are never taking things personally.

They prefer to ignore what’s actually happening and to think more about what’s going to follow, not to mention they don’t give a damn about the past.

Being able to analyze a situation from both points of view, like Libras, they’re forgiving and nice. They belong to the Fire element, so they can express themselves very clearly when angry.

These people hate being betrayed and lied to, so when mad, they can act in strange ways. As a matter of fact, they need to be given space when angry because they’re a ticking bomb waiting to detonate.

They’re sarcastic when mad because they are, after all, a Fire sign and they can get really angry.

However, they can feel embarrassed by their own temper and hold their anger in, so that no one is noticing how upset they actually are.

It takes Sagittarius individuals some time to become calm again, so it’s easier for them to just skip the nasty situations as these are presenting themselves.

Besides, they’re not even realizing when they’ve generated drama for no reason because they’re all the time analyzing how problems can be solved.

It’s not unusual for these natives to cause problems just because they’re bored, meaning this behavior of theirs should be kept under supervision.

Angering a Sagittarius

Sagittarians can be confused by their own anger, yet it’s easy to induce this feeling in them. For instance, they could be called liars or manipulators.

If the person who’s trying to upset them doesn’t want to be involved, he or she can talk about the bad things happening in the world and they’re immediately starting to become emotional.

It shouldn’t be forgotten these people love being free. For this reason, they’re all the time ready to fight for their independence and to not be told what they have to do.

Therefore, if looking to annoy them, it would be enough to have these natives doing something boring.

They can surely become angry and upset. However, they’re not allowing too many things to upset them, meaning those who have managed to make them angry, must have done something stupid for sure.

In conclusion, those who have caused Sagittarians to be upset should stay away from them because they’re a dangerous force.

When feeling betrayed, they can have everyone turning against their opponents because they’re being loved by everybody.

Testing the Sagittarius patience

People who are wondering how they can make Sagittarius natives angry need to just be ignorant. As said before, they can become ignorant because Archers can’t stand it when people aren’t paying attention to their pain.

Besides, they should be listened to when they’re complaining, even if themselves can’t stand people who are nagging.

If visiting a place, they’re the ones to pack up lightly and to be angry when the other is only putting too many things in his or her luggage.

More than this, they don’t like it when people are staying too close to them. Sagittarians don’t want to be reminded of what caused them pain.

They obviously don’t like it when their basic native traits are being challenged. If someone is pushing them around and if the second chances they’re receiving are no longer being accepted, they can become very angry.

More than this, they don’t like having their privacy invaded and hypocrisy. Sagittarians are live wires who should be paid attention to when upset.

They’re most of the time caring and well-raised, but when agitated, they can explode into anger, moment in which they’re doing and saying the nastiest things.

They can become demons when angered, not to mention they can physically assault people who are doing them wrong.

These natives shouldn’t be rubbed the wrong way because as soon as their anger has passed, their most of the time apologizing for their mistakes.

They’re positive, ready to wait and always chasing new opportunities. More than this, they don’t mind being insulted or hurt.

Not so serious or ready to be personal, they’re getting angry in an optimistic manner. When hurt very badly, they no longer know what reaction to have and their anger gets out of control.

Sagittarius natives are only looking for honesty and can take people’s breath away with their bluntness, hurting the most sensitive people, also the ones who are not being too modest.

Their opponents shouldn’t expect any mercy from their side, also they shouldn’t wait for Sagittarius people to ever keep their mouth shut.

Luckily, they’re preaching fast and their rants can end as soon as they’ve started. After a round of “hip-hop”, they’re starting to act like victims and to no longer be aware of how much their words have hurt others.

The great thing about them is that they’re decisive and rarely complaining. These people aren’t thinking of the past that much, they’re only looking to advance.

Sagittarians are always doing what they want and moving forward in a way that’s never violent.

As said before, they’re not known to look for revenge because they’re too preoccupied with their own life and never interested in discovering what’s making people function, meaning they don’t know what their potential victims can do.

More than this, they’re never motivated when having to take revenge on a person. This sign is known to not like deceptive ways, its natives being all the time honest.

They hate sneaky people because this is making them look for revenge. More than this, their way is to forgive because they can see the other side of any story, no matter whom they may be contradicting with.

Those who are hurting these natives with no intention should prepare themselves for debates.

As well, they should apologize by using many arguments that are based on facts. More than this, they’re the ones to accept gifts with sentimental value.

When trying to make peace, they should ask their opponent to go on adventures, in order to forget about the past this way.

Making peace with them

It’s rare for Sagittarius natives to be in a bad mood for too long. When this is happening, they need to be treated in a special way.

These natives should be given enough freedom to do what they want and to perform. When the Sagittarius is out in the open, he or she knows what to do.

In case that can’t happen, they should be invited to a run or to hiking. As a matter of fact, they should do anything that involves moving their body.

What’s considered to be the best about angry Sagittarians is that no matter how angry they are, it’s easy for them to realize what mistakes they’ve done and to apologize in a profound manner.

Obviously, they shouldn’t apologize when behaving badly, so they need to be told when they’re acting badly. It’s always a good idea to make them feel good again, as soon as seeing they’re behaving badly.

People born under Sagittarius know there’s a consequence for each and every action they’re taking.

For this reason, they’re forgiving and can see the both sides of an issue or analyze things from more than one perspective.

In conclusion, when wanting to apologize to Sagittarians, thing should be done without debating.

Facts should be detailed and the apology should be followed by gifts with sentimental value. Adventuring should as well be suggested because forgiving is sure to follow.

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