Sagittarius And Pisces Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Sagittarius and Pisces has a fiery potential but ultimately is a combination both need to work on.

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Sagittarius and Pisces can have together a great relationship. Extrovert and adventurous, the Sagittarius can be the Pisces’ center of Universe and refresh their life, which sometimes is a little bit off track. It doesn’t matter what they will do, these two will inspire one another.

CriteriaSagittarius Pisces Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionDoubtful
CommunicationVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexBelow average❤❤

Honest and straightforward, Sagittarians are going to say what goes through their mind. And this will be good for the Pisces, who need to be told to their face how things stand.

People in Pisces are an enigma for many. They can be one day introverted and the other extroverted. Sagittarians are sociable and confident and make friends easily. They will know everything about the latest cultural events and the best concerts.

The Pisces is mystical and spiritual so he or she can show the Sagittarius how to perceive the world. In return, the Archer will be impressed by the Neptune’s child deep way of seeing the world. Both of them are seekers in one way or the other.

When Sagittarius and Pisces fall in love …

It’s a clash between the Idealist and the Dreamer. The Sagittarius and the Pisces will probably live a fantasy together. They will do many fun things: go fishing, swim in the middle of the night, go on road trips and so on. They know what the other wants, and they could enjoy potentially anything they would do together.

But they may have problems with the real world and building something solid for their incredible attraction to resist in time. If one could try to be less dreamy or idealistic, and come with the feet on the ground, they have good chances at being together for a very long time.

The Pisces, being so creative and eccentric, has all the chances to become a muse for the adventurer Sagittarius, while the latter can teach them how to put their ideas to work.

The talents of the Pisces will much more appreciated and cultivated when the entrepreneurial Sagittarius will take care of them. Just like the Pisces, the Sagittarius is inclined to be emotional. While not showing it, the Archer can understand what the Pisces wants and needs.

Kind and generous, Sagittarians are enthusiastic lovers. The Pisces will have an important role in the couple, he or she will be submissive and their partner will appreciate it.

But it’s important not to restrain the Sag as this is one of the most free and independent signs in the zodiac. As soon as their partner becomes domineering, the Archer will most likely want to leave. Pisces lovers are too empathetic and open.

Both of these signs know how to show people appreciation. Sagittariuses admire the fact that Pisces are loyal in spite of their flirtatious ways. Also, they have a tremendous energy and they are very confident.

This attitude of theirs can help Pisces make their dreams a reality. Pisceses are not really known for their risk-taking attitude, nor are too aggressive when they have to grab what’s rightfully theirs. But the practical Sagittarius can definitely help them.

They will have direction and they’ll no longer jump from one side to another with the Sag’s help. Not to mention they will be more disciplined and focused.

The Sagittarius and Pisces relationship

It’s a risk to start a couple with the adventurous Sagittarius. You can’t be sure when he or she will leave to face a new challenge in a different town or perhaps overseas.

Sagittarians are philosophical creatures who are in search of God and the absolute truth. When they’ll get together with the spiritual Pisces, they will have many things to talk about with them.

The Pisces-Sagittarius relationship will be positive and nice to watch. While Sagittarians are mysterious and detached, and the Pisces may seem demanding and not having a care in the world, they will somehow meet halfway.

Everyone will think that what’s between them is beautiful and true. And they would be right. The Sag and the Fish admire every little thing the other does, and they love what makes them so different.

Of course they will sometimes fight because they are only human and they have separate personalities, but this doesn’t mean they won’t makeup soon enough by being snuggly in bed.

They need to adapt to one another and they will have a happier life together. Their chemistry is extremely interesting. The Pisces needs to give the Sagittarius space and freedom to explore the world and make new friends.

In return, the Sag needs to appreciate emotions more. Pisces needs sensitive partners, not someone who’s not in tune with his or her feelings. The Pisces is an introvert. When he or she will see how friendly and sociable the Sagittarius is, will think that something is wrong.

Because Pisces can sometimes throw tantrums, Sagittarians need to be patient and to treat them just like children. It may not be the perfect relationship in the zodiac, but with a few adjustments and compromise here and there, these two can have something that will last a lifetime.

Sagittarius and Pisces marriage compatibility

Mainly, the long-term relationship between the Pisces and the Sagittarius is a healthy one. They will each bring out what’s best in their partner, and this is what will make them stronger as a couple.

Problems may arise when the Sagittarius will be too harsh with words around the so-sensitive Pisces. The Pisces needs someone for whom he or she can sacrifice time and spiritual deepness. This is how Pisces sees love, as something they offer to a person they have been long waiting for.

If they want to last as a family, after the honeymoon is over, these two need to make some compromises. Water signs like the Pisces are moody but in the same time nurturing. They need to be sure of their love and to have comfort. On the other hand, Fire signs like the Sagittarius are very free and don’t mind not having that much comfort if they are having fun.

Sexual compatibility

Think of the Sagittarius and the Pisces in bed as two teenagers who laugh at everything. While it’s a relationship that will bring benefits to both of them, it can also last only a short time.

Both philosophical and deep, these two are thinkers. They wouldn’t care too much if they would have a casual thing or something more serious.

The Fish is more sensitive, so he or she can be more interested in something with feeling, but the Sagittarius really doesn’t care.

The biggest turn on for Pisces is when someone is dreaming with them. If that someone would also help them turn their dreams to reality, they would be completely in love.

The dates with the Pisces and the dates with Sagittarius should be at art galleries and museums. The Pisces can be taken to costume parties or the circus. Mystery and sensitivity is what makes them tick.

They view sex as something both physical and emotional. Role playing and seductive games are their favorite. They get to fulfill their fantasies in bed, and the Sagittarius likes that.

The downsides

Both mutable signs, Pisces and Sagittarius are versatile and changeable. Pisces live through their imagination and they sometimes slow the Archer down because they are emotional. The Archer could want to leave because of this.

Things will not always be perfect between them. Their negative traits will drive each other crazy. For example, the Sagittarius’ flirtatious ways can’t be on the liking of Pisces. And on top of this, Sagittarians will have too many friends for the close-minded Pisces, which is also possessive and jealous.

Both signs don’t know diplomacy. Pisces are more expressive, but they are the same as their Sag partner: tactless. Also, the emotional Pisces can be too much for the mysterious, chilled Sagittarius. Not to mention that the former doesn’t want to exhibit their emotions. It doesn’t mean they don’t care for they are thoughtful. They are just not people of outspoken feelings.

They will have their own way of expressing love. When the Pisces will throw tantrums, the Sagittarius will run as fast as possible. Childish Sags and emotional Pisces can have their ups and downs, but with a little bit of effort, they’ll make it as a couple.

What to remember about Sagittarius and Pisces

It’s not the most obvious match someone would crave for, but this doesn’t mean they won’t make it as a couple. It’s a fight between what’s dream land and what’s reality. Governed by Neptune, which is the planet of the illusory, dreams and mysticism, the Pisces won’t mind being around the Sagittarius who is governed by Jupiter, a planet of generosity and optimism.

These two signs are functioning on different levels, maybe in different worlds, this being the main problem that will make their compatibility challenging.

Sagittarians are intrigued by the dreamy side of the Pisces, while Pisces are attracted to the Archer’s adventurous and charismatic ways. It’s good the Fish can adapt to any kind of person and any type of situation, so no issues between them accepting one another here.

Pisces are known as the most selfless people in the zodiac so, naturally, they will do anything for their partner. Obsessed about commitment and wanting to feel cherished and nurtured, they won’t see a problem when the Archer will want some time for him or herself.

But the differences in their personalities will be noticed at some point, and they will have to work on what separates them if they want to make it as a couple. While Pisces are the most sensible people in the world, their ambitious partners are blunt and not at all emotional.

The way each of these two is fighting to reach their goals differs a lot, and the action-oriented Sagittarius will get annoyed when the dreamy Pisces will drift off to a different realm.

Pisces are exaggeratedly positive, Sagittarians see things as they actually are. The Archer is brutally honest and very harsh with words, thing that will make the Pisces run away hurt at some point.

The relationship between these two can be an interesting blend of two different worlds, but they will have to overcome many frustrations to reach a point in which they accept one another without struggling too much.

It won’t be easy for them to evolve as a couple because they are so different and they have opposite ways of dealing with problems. Sagittarius is straightforward, while Pisces are evasive and don’t want to deal with the harsh truth and on top of this, they may even be offended when their imagined reality is being challenged. Archer will of course be annoyed by the avoidant Pisces. Love requires the partners to give and take, but these two are not so open to this perspective.

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