Sagittarius And Aquarius Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Sagittarius and Aquarius can be unforgettable as this is a combination of two kindred souls.

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The Sagittarius and the Aquarius make for a good couple that will experiment anything and take risks whenever they have the chance. They love to take on new challenges and they both are amongst the most spontaneous signs in the zodiac.

CriteriaSagittarius Aquarius Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionBelow average❤❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexBelow average❤❤

Because the Sag is governed by Jupiter and the Aquarius by Uranus, these two are creative and seekers of knowledge. On their first dates, the atmosphere will be friendly and light. It’s not impossible for them to put the foundation of a long-term relationship from the beginning.

Sagittarians are free, adventurous and independent whilst Aquarians are extroverted, they like to be taken by surprise. They will have many things to learn from one another. Not to mention that they’ll go in many adventures together as they both want to travel, like to eat the most exotic foods and want to discover other countries’ cultures.

They will have many things to discuss and debate because they are both visionary and people of ideas.

When Sagittarius and Aquarius fall in love …

While their connection is strong and they share many traits, the Sagittarius and the Aquarius may last as a couple only for a while.

Both inventive and driven by a greater purpose in life (Sagittarius by philosophy and the Aquarius by charity), they both value freedom above anything else. This is why they are so good as a couple.

Their time together will probably be spent touring the country, meeting new people and taking funny pictures for their social media. Because they have a good sense of humor, they’ll often laugh at each other’s jokes.

They won’t need too many words as they will get one another easily. Sagittarians are able to keep up with the Aquarians and the other way around as both signs are too independent to be easily handled. It’s like they have met their soulmate.

The Aquarius will love the enthusiasm of the Sagittarius when he or she is telling a story or is sharing an idea. Also, the Water Bearer appreciates a person who can see great things in him or her. And the Sag is very appreciative towards every little thing.

Sagittarians are progressive problem solvers, they like to come up with solutions and they are very logical. Not to mention they are also knowledgeable because they are always asking questions.

They will approach plans step by step, never starting something before finishing what they have been working on. The time they will have with the Aquarius will surely be remembered.

The combination of their elements, Fire and Air, means they are both interested in doing everything at least once. Their relationship usually begins with a beautiful friendship. It can happen that they will initially be good friends and only subsequently they’ll develop a romantic relationship too.

However, they may get bored as soon as the honeymoon is over as they don’t like to get used to things and people. Not the most sensual couple in the zodiac, they will be more the conversationalists, the comedians and the adventurers.

The Sagittarius and Aquarius relationship

Energetic, original and positive, they will always be also spontaneous and perhaps always crave to spend more time together. They will allow each other to be who they are. No need for change or improvement.

The Sagittarius is focused just like the Aquarius needs their partner to be, and the Aquarius wants a devoted person who will not make him or her give up freedom. Also someone who doesn’t judge.

The Sag will love to be a loyal support for the Aquarius but their initial flirt will be very inviting for the latter.

This relationship is meant to bring only good things to both of them. Many other people wouldn’t understand them as good as they get each other.

The couple between an Aquarius and a Sagittarius can be successful because the two are very alike. The Aquarius has ideas while the Sagittarius has determination.

The Sagittarius lover must understand that the Aquarius is a little bit insensitive. Every little thing the Aquarius does will be appreciated by the Sagittarius who is very supportive and helpful.

They must continue being fun and adventurous. If they’d give up the life they love so much, they would only be unhappy and ultimately, they would break up.

No one says they won’t fight, because they will. But their make-ups will be memorable. It’s good the Aquarius is insensitive as the Sagittarius is brutally honest and not at all tactful. People in this sign think diplomacy is a form of hypocrisy.

It’s best to let Aquarians calm down after they have been angered. The same goes with the Sagittarius. These two will push each other’s limits each time they will have the chance.

It’s good they will never get bored with one another because they are both signs that can’t tolerate routine and living in the same place for too long. A person watching them from outside will think is looking at the circus or something.

The Aquarius will love to discover the Sagittarius behind the mask that people in this sign usually put on when they’re out in the world. Sagittarians wear masks because they want to protect themselves from getting hurt but with the Aquarius, they know someone has their back.

Charismatic and friendly, they will both have large circles of friends. They will talk without saying too many words as they will understand each other easily. The Sagittarius will give the tone and keep the tempo, the Aquarius will dance and sing.

Sagittarius and Aquarius marriage compatibility

The Aquarius will always be keen about society, charity events and human rights. As a couple, the Sagittarius and the Aquarius will provoke and be interesting. They will be sincere and talk with everybody.

People will envy them because they get along so well. Sociable and fun people, they will throw parties at which everyone will mingle. Their groups of friends will get together and they will love it.

Because they both have a sense of justice and are compassionate, these two will often enroll to fight for causes. Everything in their home will be interesting and innovative. Not to mention they’ll have many memories and souvenirs from all the places that they have been to together.

There are so many things they agree upon, it’s incredible how they aren’t one person.

They both value people with an open mind, like those who are optimistic, intelligent and visionaries.

As a son of Neptune, the Aquarius appreciates honesty, while the Sagittarius is one of the most honest signs in the zodiac. On the long term, their family is fun and united.

Sexual compatibility

Attracted to one another sexually, the Sagittarius and the Aquarius will first stimulate each other intellectually. What will make them tick will be common ideas and the enthusiasm for causes and fighting for the less fortunate.

Worldly things happening at a large scale are in their interest, surpassing even lust and pleasures of the flesh.

When thinking about their sexual encounters, think more of pillow talks and a lot of experimentation. Neither of them is too passionate, so don’t expect fireworks in the bedroom.

The downsides of this union

Because they are stubborn, never ready to commit, not too emotional and impersonal, restless and only thinking of ideals, not what’s real, these two may have some issues in their relationship.

Nothing that has so many pro’s like their couple does, can exist without some significant con’s too. Very stubborn, the Sagittarius won’t accept other people’s opinions and will stick to his or her ideas to the end. Not even the biggest love on the planet can make the Sag change his or her mind about something. Not to mention they are known not to get emotionally involved.

While the Aquarians are the same about emotions, at least these ones want someone with whom they can feel secure and involved. Aquarians need to be pampered and they like it when someone is crazy in love with them.

Because they are so optimistic, Sagittarians can sometimes act in a rather irresponsible manner. They make plans and take too much time to make those plans come true, this way ending up with no results and no other solutions.

When their decision is required, they become a little bit compulsive. Never tactful, they are also restless and lazy. They run away from responsibility more than of anything else when they are not in the mood.

What to remember about Sagittarius and Aquarius

Their compatibility is interesting to watch. The Adventurer will meet the Visionary, which means this couple will have a progressive approach on life. So expect them to take part in new challenges and to be happy with the unknown.

When two such independent and smart people get together, fireworks will surely come out of the places where they are both present. The one who will take the first step will definitely be the Sagittarius as Aquarians are a little bit shy around people they like.

Everyone will notice how these two are similar and how something between them is possible. The elements in which they are born can tell a lot of things about their compatibility too.

Don’t expect the Aquarius and the Sagittarius to grow old together in their slippers. A Fire sign, the Sagittarius will be a passionate partner and an energetic person. Aquarians are Air signs, so they can be a little bit detached and not so passionate. And this leaves room for problems.

Not that Aquarians are not capable of loving someone, they are just a little bit more about a mental connection rather than a physical or emotional one.

Both intelligent people, one of them will want to be knowledgeable, while the other was born a genius. They will always have things to talk about, and their conversations will be light and interesting. Neither of them likes to be restricted, so they will get along very well from this point of view, offering each other enough room to do things separately.

The Sagittarius likes to be open with everyone. The Aquarius won’t even get jealous for it’s not his or her type to be like this.

While the Water Bearer may be a little bit introverted and will sometimes want to spend time alone, the Archer will go out and make many new friends. They both approach love in the same way: they believe you need to be free above anything else.

But they are good with one another, which means they will rarely fight or feel like they are in each other’s way. Neither of them is emotional. So no drama and tantrums in this relationship. Their intellectual approach to life gets them even closer together.

Having a restless mind can help understand the Sagittarius better, while with the Aquarius it’s all about having a worrisome soul. The Adventurer will always move on and look for justice and the absolute truth.

It’s normal for Aquarians to want to change the world and make it more like the idealistic one they have in mind. This may cause some trouble in their relationship, especially when they’ll go through tough times. In this situation, the Sagittarius will pack bags and move on, but the Aquarius will want to stay and analyze more, to find a solution that will greatly improve the situation. The way these two approach situations is different, so trouble may arise from this.

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