Rooster and Rooster Love Compatibility: A Strong Relationship

These two are likely to lead a comfortable life, even if they may be more practical than focused on emotions.

Rooster and Rooster Compatibility

When together as a couple, two Roosters may do nothing else than criticize one another and never talk about sweet things. However, they’d both be very devoted to each other, loving and caring.

As a matter of fact, the more they’ll be together as a couple, the more they’ll start to understand what makes them tick and that their negative traits shouldn’t be taken into consideration.

CriteriaRooster and Rooster Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

If two Roosters live together in the same house, you can be sure their place is always be clean, neatly organized and furnished like in magazines.

When two very picky lovers meet

Because the sign of the Rooster is known as organized and domineering, two of its natives in a couple will always fight over power and try to impose themselves.

However, they’ll both be very dutiful and take their responsibilities seriously. It’s possible for them to work together in a great way so that their mutual goals are met and fulfilled, even if they may refuse to compromise and can fight all the time.

At least things between them would never be boring. It may seem that two Roosters together are just too similar for them to be compatible. Another problem they may have is the fact that they both want to rule.

The Rooster can never accept someone else to dominate him or her, so two of them together will only get along when having to clean the house or when needing to bring order to the chaos in their lives.

It’s possible they’ll fight until neither of them is no longer able to say a word or to retaliate. Known as perfectionists, these people are only focusing on details and want to improve everything.

Roosters are known for using their analytical mind in order to deal with issues and for nagging others so they become more perfect. Furthermore, these natives love to show-off and to be loud.

When entering a room, they want to be noticed for the clothes they’re wearing and usually manage to achieve this. It’s rare to see a Rooster not having self-confidence because these people know what they want, how to obtain it and where to go for their goals to be achieved.

They’re always planning and preparing themselves for the future, so their life is all the time arranged. It’s impossible to get a hold of them in a short time because they’re always busy and their schedule is usually full.

Everything can be done better when it comes to a Rooster’s opinion. Furthermore, these natives are not known as emotional or for accepting other people’s point of view because they always seem to be in control.

More than this, they’re known as intelligent and as very capable to deal with any kind of issue. They will always have money and not resist to also make their friends’ budget.

Because they’re perfectionists, they want their loved ones to be the same, even if they see perfection only as they want it to. People born in the year of the Rooster will never refrain from criticizing, so their words may hurt people that are more sensitive.

They need a partner who’s willing to listen to them and to do what they’re saying.

At the same time, this lover of theirs shouldn’t pay attention to their nasty comments because they don’t really want to offend, they just have no time to be tactful and prefer to tell the truth as it is.

Less romance and more practical spirit

When two Roosters are together in a romantic relationship, they’ll give their best to make things work. Because they’re both perfectionists, they get along very well and most likely have similar opinions about many things in life.

However, this would be an ideal situation because in reality, they’d still be fighting all the time, criticizing each other, thinking the other is not right and trying to control everything, from their budget to the way their house is decorated.

As a matter of fact, it can be very difficult for the love between them to flourish as they’re both too competitive and don’t mind bringing each other down. When their criticizing natures come into of discussion as well, they can start to fight even more.

However, because they’re both stubborn, they may do anything possible to solve their issues. They’ll not experience financial trouble because they’re both hard-working and want money for comfort and nice clothes.

Neither of them cares too much about sex, so their relationship may lack passion completely. They won’t look to be too pleasurable, but if they want this, they need to read about it and to explore one another’s bodies in order to attain fulfillment.

After all, they’d both deserve a good sex life, and things should come easy for them in the bedroom. Sometimes, the compatibility between them seems easy because they’re very much the same.

However, the Chinese Horoscope advises the Rooster and another Rooster to not get involved in a romantic relationship for too long because they’re too criticizing and they both want perfection, which means they’ll only see each other’s weaknesses and not their positive traits.

Furthermore, most of these people are too stubborn and can never agree on how to get things done. This means they’ll only fight for power and when feeling down, hurt each other.

The more they’ll learn to relax, the better their relationship will become. Instead of worrying about perfection, they should just enjoy one another for this way, they can end up being best friends and enjoying their life together as a couple.

Their personalities are strong, so it’s very likely for them to clash more often than not. Neither of them wants to give in when fighting and both enjoy a good argument.

When bothered about something, two Roosters together don’t hesitate to tell each other about the problem because neither of them has the time to beat around the bush.

They will fight more and more with every day that passes because there annoy each other and are very passionate when it comes to standing next to their own opinions.

Two Roosters in love should be ready to make some changes in their lives before becoming a couple as neither of them can accept being criticized.

They should appreciate the fact that they’re both honest and think about what changes they can make in order to be better people and to help each other be happy.

The more open they’ll act as a good couple, the more they’ll learn to trust one another and to be fulfilled when together. The Rooster is a sign that doesn’t mind speaking about beliefs and views on life.

However, they can be extreme and too idealistic when doing so. At least these natives are responsible, so when together, they’ll work hard to make their common dreams come true.

The fact that they’re so similar may not be beneficial for them, but it can help them if they’d have the same goals.

Two Roosters in a romantic relationship will argue after which they’ll make up and laugh about it. If they’ll be able to live together for a while, their relationship may truly work for a longer time. In order for this to happen, they need to reassure each other of their mutual love. With time, two Roosters together can learn how to keep their negative traits in control.

The challenges of this romance

Beside the fact that they’re very criticizing, two Roosters together may have to deal with the fact that they’re both workaholics.

People born in the year of the Rooster usually take on too many responsibilities and end up working very hard, almost to the point of anxiety and exhaustion.

This means they won’t have any time for themselves and to spend their days doing different social activities or having fun.

While they’re not the most sociable creatures in the Chinese zodiac and usually don’t want company that much, they may not even realize how the presence of family and friends keeps them together and very much in love.

They don’t mind going out and keeping in touch with the ones they love, which is a good thing because all these people surrounding them can help their relationship become more evolved, especially in the beginning.

Because they’re both perfectionists and too blunt, they may hurt each other and say very nasty words when fighting. The fact that they’re practical can have them living a very comfortable life as a couple, but they’d be too focused on the material and forget all about emotions and love.

Therefore, two Roosters together would always think there’s something missing in their relationship, which will always be the emotional involvement and a deeper connection between the partners.

The Rooster is known for not being able to talk about deep feelings and for taking other people’s desires into consideration. Those born in this sign are known for showing their love through practicality and not through words or romantic gestures.

This means that when together, two Roosters will only guess and assume what their feelings for each other are.

Therefore, a more efficient communication is absolutely necessary for them to be a successful couple. The fact that they’re both committed to love and their partner will always keep them together, which is a good thing to be mentioned. They can be sure of one another to always work hard at making their connection successful.

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