Rooster and Dog Love Compatibility: A Tricky Relationship

These two may encounter difficulties but have the chance to put their emotional connection first and overcome anything.

Rooster and Dog Compatibility

When it comes to love, the Rooster and the Dog are interested in completely different things. The Rooster wants to keep appearances and to show friends only what’s good about him or her, this being the reason why people in this sign care so much about good looks, while the Dog doesn’t care at all about the image of a person and wants only to have fun.

However, both the Rooster and the Dog can be extremely loyal when it comes to love, and the Dog is also known for being very diplomatic.

CriteriaRooster and Dog Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityBelow average❤❤
Common valuesBelow average❤❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

These two will have a strong emotional connection, get along very well and manage to overcome any obstacle they may be facing together.

A few barriers to cross over

Both the Dog and the Rooster seem to be patient, confident, honorable and a little bit too composed. These two don’t mind speaking about their opinions and are known for being harsh with words from time to time.

When the Rooster will nag, the Dog won’t hesitate to bite and to bark. Therefore, these two may end up harming each other a lot.

They sometimes don’t want to pay attention to each other’s weaknesses, which means they won’t improve as a couple because being aware of what makes one another vulnerable can really help them have a more successful relationship.

All of these mentioned faults of their union can make them break up, so it’s essential for them to let go of their own opinions as much as possible, especially when fighting.

The Chinese Horoscope says that, even if they have many similarities, the Rooster and the Dog are not quite perfect as a couple. Neither of them is too interested in being hurtful, but they seem to be like this without even trying.

It sometimes looks like offending each other is all these two can do. Furthermore, they may criticize one another too much and become irritated when one of them makes a tiny mistake.

Because neither wants to back down from a fight, their conflicts will be very powerful. The ideal situation between them would be the one in which the Dog is very nice and the Rooster doesn’t get involved all the time in the Dog’s life.

The Rooster should try and not be so opinionated and struggle to become less rigid when it comes to his or her plans. The Dog tends to not accept the way the Rooster is and will probably try to change something about his or her personality.

But all in all, their relationship is meant to be happy because both of these signs seem to be the same when it comes to discipline, which means their life together will be filled with peace and love.

The fact that they’re both honest and that they tend to only speak the truth can have them hurting each other more often than someone could even imagine.

The Rooster will hurt the Dog without even trying because people in this sign are known for using very harsh words. Furthermore, the Dog won’t back down and have the same attitude, which will lead the two to never stop fighting, not to mention neither of them hurries to apologize.

In order for the Rooster and the Dog in the Chinese zodiac to work as a couple, they need to deal with their relationship’s difficulties. The latter is full of energy and doesn’t believe in perfection, whilst their partner does.

When the Rooster will struggle to save money and to put something aside, the Dog will spend everything they have on charity. This is a big problem, so they need to reach a compromise, especially if they want to live a happily together.

The Dog can always help the Rooster be more affectionate, and the Rooster can be the person on which the Dog always relies. It can’t be said their relationship is perfect, but at least they can have a great time together.

Two loyal partners

It’s essential for the Dog and the Rooster to make some compromises if there’s for their relationship to last for a long time and to be very strong.

People born in the year of the Rooster are known to show-off their clothes and to shop for the most expensive jewelry, those in the year of the Dog don’t even care about material things and believe giving money away to those who are less fortunate is the only way for them to be happy.

It’s important for the Dog to understand that the Rooster is very proud of the way he or she looks, so spending some of their money on clothes and accessories shouldn’t be a problem for the Dog.

The more the Rooster can understand love comes with flaws and that perfection doesn’t exist, the more he or she can be happy with a Dog. It can be said these two aren’t perfect as lovers because they’re both too worried and tend to stress too much about the future.

When together, the Dog and the Rooster can have a very pessimistic approach and think that the sky is going to fall on them. More than this, the Rooster is traditional and the Dog things only of progressive ideas.

Furthermore, the Dog may believe that the Rooster’s need for a good social status is just something superficial and useless.

Their relationship still has chances to work out because they’re both very loyal as partners, not to mention the Dog can be inspired to love unconditionally by the Rooster.

More than this, the Dog likes the fact that the Rooster is determined and doesn’t run away from difficulties or hard times. It’s essential for the Dog and the Rooster to respect one another’s opinions because only this way, they can be together for a lifetime.

They should be able to compromise and to accept that they’re different so their relationship can evolve from one day to another.

For example, the Dog should understand that the Rooster takes very much pride in clothing and fine jewelry. In return, the Rooster must understand the Dog is not as materialistic and prefers to spend money on something more useful.

After all, it’s not like the Rooster will spend all of their money on clothes. If the Rooster doesn’t pay attention and reminds the Dog that he or she has flaws, the relationship between them can end sooner than later.

It’s important for the Rooster to always keep in mind that love is also about appreciating the partner’s negative traits. These two can fight and their neighbors can hear them, and they can do this for days.

It’s important for them to try and avoid conflict as much as possible because in the end, they’re on the same page and usually agree with one another when it comes to practicality.

The more they’ll appreciate they have many things in common, the less they’ll fight. It’s true all relationships involve also a little bit of conflict, but they shouldn’t exaggerate with arguing.

If the man is a Dog and the woman a Rooster, they will get along in the beginning and start to fight after only a few months. She must learn that the world doesn’t revolve around her, which can indeed hurt her a little bit.

He’d expect her to take care of him and to help with his insecurities. However, she’s not the type he needs and is usually aggressive, think that will make him depressed.

If the man is a Rooster and the woman a Dog, they seem very incompatible because they’re only sharing negative traits, which means their problems are going to double. She will criticize him and he won’t accept it because he’s a perfectionist. They’re likely to fight all the time and he’ll even turn to be sadistic.

The challenges of this romance

When it comes to morals, these are never enough in order to keep two people together. A couple doesn’t only need to share values, it’s also important for the partners to laugh together and to have a lot of fun in the company of each other.

This is just what the Rooster and the Dog seem to not have in their relationship. When together, these two aren’t in any way spontaneous or happy because both of them take things too seriously and are always thinking of profound subjects.

It’s true people born in the year of the Dog can be happy and always feel lucky, but when life becomes hard for them, they become anxious and angry.

If there’s for Dogs to be less moody, they need to be loved unconditionally, and the Rooster is just too occupied or practical for this. In this situation, natives born in the year of the Dog could surely use a Goat or Pig because these people are more attentive with their lovers.

Furthermore, the Rooster can be too criticizing and usually makes things much worse for the Dog. As a matter of fact, when criticizing, the Rooster can push the Dog to feel even more depressed and to have negative thoughts.

When pessimistic, the latter can grow to also be very angry and ferocious. The Rooster and the Dog have very different lifestyle as well.

Roosters love to dress fine and to go out in town, the Dog doesn’t care too much about clothing and can’t understand why the Rooster needs to always show-off or to be in the center of attention.

However, the Dog can easily deal with the fact that the Rooster is just the way he or she is, it’s only the Rooster who needs to be more respectful with the Dog and his or her idealistic nature.

If the Rooster won’t spend too much money on useless things and pay a little bit more attention to their budget, things between these two natives can be a little more peaceful and enjoyable.

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