Rat and Tiger Love Compatibility: A Confident Relationship

These two are known to complement each other in and outside the relationship and this helps them offer each other a harmonious life.

Rat and Tiger Compatibility

The Rat is charismatic, witty and aggressive, while the Tiger is honest, giving and powerful. When these two Chinese zodiac signs get together and form a relationship, they may both reach the conclusion they resemble one another to a great extent.

Just like the Rat, the Tiger loves being in the center of attention at any social gathering. Furthermore, the Tiger they seem too intense and passionate on the outside, but inside, they’re surely vulnerable and delicate.

CriteriaRat and Tiger Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Both the Tiger and the Rat have great energy, so they’ll appreciate seeing each other active. When out in the world, they may fight for the only place in the spotlight and become very competitive, especially the Tiger, who is very bossy, courageous and always wanting to win.

They sure can make it as a couple

The Rat and the Tiger may start an amazing romantic relationship because they’re attracted to one another and are both fun and easy-going. However, after a few months of relationship, they may begin to think they both have too much energy to resist as a couple.

For example, the Tiger may grow tired of hearing the Rat always bragging and talking about meaningless things, while the Rat may become exhausted with the Tiger having moods and thinking they’re the boss.

But all in all, both these Chinese signs have great hearts and can love their partner very much. If the Rat and the Tiger can find common grounds, they have all the chances to stay together in a long-lasting relationship.

They may not be an ideal couple as they’re too similar, but they surely can make it if they put some time and effort into their connection.

They both enjoy being in the spotlight, and their personalities are equally full of charm and magnetism. They also want attention, so their friends come to them all the time in order to have some fun.

Everyone loves them, and they’re great confidants for their comrades and relatives. However, when a person’s secret would benefit them, they wouldn’t hesitate to spit out everything they know, especially if this would bring their family joy or wealth.

The Tiger may be a little bit different from the Rat because they can’t always make friends that easily. They’re passionate and have great magnetism, so many admire them, but they usually not impress the people they actually want to amaze.

These natives are too focused to let feelings rule them, even if this may bother some influential personalities in their life.

When focusing on something, they never want to give up and can fight to the end, even when knowing they can lose everything they had.

It can be difficult to understand the Tiger because they’re very intense. The Rat is always looking to put family first and want stability, while the Tiger needs to be admired and to live among their friends.

The positives

The traits that make the Rat and the Tiger unique are also the ones that bring them together. The Rat loves to charm, the Tiger wants to be appreciated.

Both are attached to their family life, which means a marriage between them has all the chances to succeed. This can be considered an advantage of the Rat and Tiger relationship because neither of them minds settling down with the other.

The Tiger always believes in doing what’s right, which means the Rat can be very impressed by them. In the situation in which the woman is a Tiger, she will manage to impress him by being all the time optimistic.

Furthermore, in this relationship, she would be the more passionate one. The Tiger woman has no limits when it comes to love because she gives herself unconditionally and the Rat can be very appreciative of all this.

Having a very strong sexual compatibility, the Tiger and the Rat are sure to resist in a long-time relationship. However, the Rat should learn how to take advantage of all the great things that make them and the Tiger a great couple.

These two Chinese signs are also known to complement each other because the Rat is talkative and wants as much excitement as possible in bed, while the Tiger doesn’t want to talk too much and prefers to be taught when it comes to sex.

As a matter of fact, the Tiger is known as difficult to make friends with and usually very quiet. A relationship between these two signs would bring them both good.

They wouldn’t have to worry too much about what comes next because they’d be open to each other and very communicative.

The Tiger seems to have no fear, so may teach the Rat a few life lessons with great impact. For example, they could show the Rat how to keep their head up-high when dealing with problems.

The Rat has the weakness of abandoning the ship when it sinks, so the Tiger can teach them how to be more oriented towards finding solutions.

What’s best about this relationship is that the Rat is always feeling proud about their Tiger. This means the Rat would never doubt any decision the Tiger made. The trust between them would be something that makes their relationship resist in time.

This is a match between people who can see what problems are about to come, but who prefer to evade because the Rat is very good at doing this.

This is why the Tiger should be the one who takes initiative in solving problems, even before these have appeared. Such a partnership could be rescued from getting destroyed because this couple has the advantage of foreseeing issues.

The negatives

While the Rat and the Tiger may have a great time together when things are going well, they may want to break up as soon as trouble starts to appear in their relationship.

The Tiger in the Chinese zodiac has a domineering personality and loves to display their authority when coupled with the Rat.

If the man in this relationship happens to be a Tiger, he will want to control everything about the love affair. This may not work very well for the Rat woman because the Rat wants only freedom.

In this situation, the Rat may get to feel tied down and not at all able to live up to their lover’s expectations. In fact, they may not be ready to commit and to get involved with the Tiger at all, so the relationship can end as soon as it has started.

The Rat and the Tiger can also fight because they’re both nagging. For example, neither of them wants to give up his or her irritating ways. The Rat would mock the Tiger, and these ones would only have their emotions hurt while trying to deal with the arrogance the Rat is so well known for.

In the same way, the Rat may not have enough patience to deal with all the mood swings the Tiger usually has. If not open to compromise, The Rat and the Tiger may not have any success with their relationship.

Furthermore, the Tiger may need to give up being so jealous and possessive if they want the Rat to be next them all the time. As said before, the Chinese Rat is very free and doesn’t want to feel in any way constrained. If these two would learn about each other’s strong points and vulnerabilities, they may avoid any breakup and live together happily ever after.

What to remember about the Rat & Tiger relationship

It’s possible for the Chinese Rat and the Tiger to be very similar. They both compete for the spotlight to the point in which they no longer feel they’re actually a couple.

In love with life and adventures, the Tiger and the Rat have a lot of energy and enjoy traveling. It’s possible for them to either compete or to be the best companions. When feeling secure, they can work great as a couple and separately follow their dreams by spending a lot of time together as well.

When it comes to lovemaking, the Rat and the Tiger shouldn’t allow their personalities to get in the way. Being possible for them to get bored of each other, they need to come up with new exciting things for their bedroom all the time.

It would be better for the Tiger to hold the front line because they’re charismatic and honorable, and the Rat to work from the shadows as these natives are shrewd and intelligent.

In the situation in which the woman is a Rat and the man a Tiger, the relationship may be incredibly happy or at the opposite side, which means disastrous. While they may not sound very compatible, this doesn’t mean they can’t make it as a couple.

She has anxieties and is obsessed with a domestic life, he doesn’t care about the everyday issues and changes jobs according to his mood. If the signs would be the other way around, she wouldn’t care about security and he would only think about this.

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