Rat and Snake Love Compatibility: A Powerful Relationship

These two can fall in love very easily with one another and are quickly enchanted by their individual qualities.

Rat and Snake Compatibility

Rats and Snakes belonging to the Chinese zodiac can form a relationship that’s decent and very calm, even if these natives have a few differences. It’s possible for them to resist in a long-term union if they decide to work hard in order to be happy as a couple.

This may apply to any other relationship, but Rats and Snakes may have a few extra-bumps they’d need to deal when together.

CriteriaRat and Snake Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Snakes are very intelligent and ambitious people, so Rats can admire all this about them. Furthermore, Snakes will appreciate the fact that Rats can concentrate to achieve great things in life. However, Rats are more flexible and relaxed, while Snakes want too much that all the attention of others is on them.

Two intuitive lovers

In spite of their differences, Rats and Snakes can be a great couple because they have the hots for each other and easily respond to one another’s courting.

Both signs are objective and want to see their dreams come true, and Rats can be very grateful seeing Snakes are taking good care of them.

The other way around, Snakes appreciate Rats for being very dedicated. Because they complement each other very much, Rats and Snakes will love their time spent together and will want more from each other.

Intelligent and resourceful, Snakes will always attract the witty Rats, while the latter will attract with their appearance.

Snakes may be a little bit possessive and jealous, but if a Rat is in love with them, problems won’t appear as loyalty and faithfulness would rule over that relationship.

The more this couple will learn they have differences that should be left behind, the better they’ll get along. It’s possible for the Rats to grow tired of the fact that Snakes are slow and don’t have too many ambitions as Rats are very energetic and prefer an exciting life.

Snakes are philosophical and rather intuitive, so they may grow to be tired as well of the fact that Rats are all the time talking and don’t seem to think at a deeper level, like themselves.

All in all, Snakes make good partners for Rats because they’re fascinated by these last-mentioned ones’ looks and by the fact that they’re confident and analytical.

Snakes seem to have their own magic when it comes to money as they attract wealth and are really good at saving, all this while spending on high-quality things.

It’s rare to see a Snake not dressed well or not donning expensive accessories. They really want to make an impression in society, so they’re ambitious when it comes to the way they look.

Rats and Snakes are usually on the same page because they’re both passionate and have amazing chemistry.

Normally jealous, Snakes care only about family and would never cheat on their partner. Their faithfulness is famous in the Chinese zodiac.

The positives

One of the greatest things about the relationship between a Rat and a Snake is the fact that both these signs are family-oriented. For example, the Snake woman would always be happy and feeling secure when knowing her Rat man wants to come home and to make her happy.

Usually, the man in the Rat sign can’t be stopped when he’s trying to make his family happy and to offer his loved ones the most comfortable life they could ever get.

If there’s something for the Snake woman to look forward to, that is the security of a family environment, thing the Rat man can provide for her. As long as he’s in charge of the family life, things are very unlikely to go wrong at their home.

A Snake and a Rat couple may be based on many individual qualities that can make these two fall in love with each other. There’s something about them that makes the other very happy.

For example, the Rat would always fall for the fact that the Snake is a great intellectual who can bring a lot of knowledge to the relationship. In return, the Snake loves the fact that the Rat is materialistic and has great taste.

Both signs are truly unique and can admire each other very strongly. The more time they’re spending together, the more they’ll be able to take their romance to a next level.

While they may find it difficult to trust one another in the beginning, Snakes will always be impressed by the fact that Rats want a family life more than anything else.

As a matter of fact, this will make them trust each other after their very first few dates. Luckily, Snakes are very patient and can wait to see how Rats are becoming who they actually are or for these to adapt.

As soon as they’ll both open up from a sexual point of view, things between them in the bedroom will get to become very interesting and passionate.

Having a relationship that’s based a lot on intuition, Rats and Snakes will be admired as a couple by many of their friends. In fact, this is something that makes Snakes feel more comfortable with the love affair they have with a Rat.

Rats are more sociable, which means Snakes can get bored of their need to always go out. Luckily, Rats are intuitive and can discover what bothers the Snakes and therefore, they may decide to work on this.

They will want to offer each other pleasure in bed and they’re both always making sure none of them is ever hurt. It’s amazing to watch them talk about their finances because Snakes are truly masters when it comes to putting some money aside for the rainy days.

These natives would never buy something just because they happen to have money. More than this, they have a strong nose for high-quality things at great prices.

Rats will love this about them because they don’t like spending too much either. Snakes will always be happy to have someone who thinks the way they do next to them, so this couple may never have financial problems. This is a great thing for long-term relationships.

The negatives

Just like any other couple, the Rat and the Snake one may encounter some trouble too, especially when it comes to trust. Not willing to open to each other, Rats and Snakes are very careful to never reveal their vulnerabilities.

Only after a while and many dates, they will learn to appreciate that they’re both trustworthy and that matters of unfaithfulness shouldn’t even be mentioned in their relationship.

If not open to compromise and to be patient, the Snake and the Rat may never resist as a couple. Snakes are often considered lazy because they have slow-paced strategies when it comes to overcoming challenges.

Because Rats are very ambitious and want to take action all the time, they may be all the time in conflict with their Snake partner.

The Rat man, for example, will always be bothered by the pace at which his Snake woman is living her life because the latter can be very slow when working on certain projects and for the future.

This is a situation that requires compromise and a lot of understanding from the Rat’s part. It would be pointless to compare their energies because Rats are always on the front line making sure their ambitions are becoming a reality, while Snakes are more relaxed and uninterested in exciting things.

Rats are always fighting for their families, Snakes tend to take some time before setting up their priorities and deciding what objectives they should work on.

Different paces may become a problem for them in bed as well. As a matter of fact, if they’re not careful, they may break up over the fact that they don’t have the same sexual rhythm.

However, all this doesn’t mean a relationship between the Rat and the Snake is impossible because love can make everything possible. They should only understand there are differences between them and that they can work hard enough to make their life together harmonious.

Patience is very important in the relationship between the Rat and the Snake, so they may need to wait and to tolerate many things about each other before their affair starts to become something serious and with good chances of lasting a lifetime.

What to remember about the Rat & Snake relationship

The Rat and the Snake in the Chinese zodiac may not be forming the best couple. They’re very passionate and hot in the beginning, but they grow to be cold after only a few months of relationship.

Rats and Snakes tend to fight, and because they’re both smart, their arguments would always be difficult to handle. Snakes are philosophers, which makes Rats impatient and annoyed.

In return, Snakes can always feel frustrated by Rats because these are always fast-thinking. Snakes are also the jealous type, so the risk for them to break up over this issue greatly increases.

If Rats and Snakes are able to overcome their differences, they can make a very attractive couple.

If a relationship between a Rat woman and a Snake man has been born, he will try and all the time keep her away from his affairs. This man will go out with friends and talk about philosophy, while his woman will be at home taking care of the family.

If the couple happens to be between a Rat man and a Snake woman, they will both be focused on money because being poor would mean disaster for both of them. Finding something they both enjoy doing besides making money would be a great idea in this situation.

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