Rat and Pig Love Compatibility: A Complex Relationship

These two can be very devoted and keep each other happy but they may also put their own selfish needs ahead sometimes.

Rat and Pig Compatibility

It wouldn’t matter what kind of relationship a Rat and a Pig are having; these two natives can get along very well. It seems they can be great friends, amazing lovers and successful business partners.

Usually, both these signs are interested in getting all the attention of others and love to be appreciated by their friends. In return, they’re the most loyal and generous with the ones they care about.

CriteriaRat and Pig Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Pigs in the Chinese zodiac can be very well-suited for the energetic Rats who put their family and friends before themselves because this is what Pigs do as well. More than this, people in this sign are known to only see the best in others and to not observe any negative traits that their loved ones have.

Each with their strengths

Whether best friends or in love, the Rat will always treat the Pig with all the good things in life. This relationship will develop according to how much Pigs are willing to change and agree with what Rats have to say.

But all in all, Rats and Pigs happen to make one of the greatest couple, no matter if they’re friends, business partners or lovers. Rats love being surrounded by people and really know how to treat those around them with a lot of generosity and warmth.

Pigs as well give a lot of importance to friends and family, which means they can be around Rats all the time. Furthermore, Pigs have high ideals and are very optimistic, so they only see what’s best in others or can easily think of Rats as someone special, no matter how much these would try to scheme others or how greedy they actually are.

Pigs will see them as people who have a great sense of humor, are fun and extremely lucky when it comes to money. Pigs really want to live in luxury, so they match Rats because these happen to have great taste.

Rats will always work hard to make their dreams come true and their favorite thing in the world is to be with their loved ones. Sensitive and knowing how to listen, Rats will always have great families that respect and admire them.

In return they’ll be very devoted and do everything in their power to keep their spouse and children very happy. There’s no one better with money than Rats as they can’t resist a good offer when seeing it.

Because their soul is sensitive, they hold on to things they consider to have sentimental value and hoard more than others can even imagine.

Pigs make good partners for Rats, even if they tend to overspend and to chase pleasure more than other signs. It seems their financial situation is always stable, and they’d never sacrifice what they’ve put aside for the family in order to get something for themselves as they’re simply not at all selfish.

Lucky with money too, Pigs seem to come across great financial opportunities wherever they may be going.

The positives

Rats and Pigs can work very well together because they’re able to see only what’s best in one another. More than this, they both enjoy life the same, even if Rats are known as very hard-working and committed to their families.

You’ll never see Rats being careless about what their loved ones have at home. Pigs will admire them for this and think it’s in their advantage to be with a Rat.

Always putting family first, Rats would never do something to upset people waiting for them at home. One thing Pigs love about them is the fact that they’re talkative.

Actually, this is what can bring them together in the first place. Pigs only want someone who can care for them and they’re family-oriented themselves. All this means they make a great couple with Rats and can be the best parents anyone has ever seen.

These two will probably live together for a long time before deciding to get married. The love between them can’t be denied because they’ll fall ever since their first date.

Because Pigs are creative, Rats will go crazy about them from the beginning, which will also help them as a couple, to have a very interesting sexual life.

Pigs can come up with great ideas when it comes to lovemaking, so Rats can be very satisfied next to them. More than this, the fact that Rats are eloquent and know their way with words can have them winning people’s trust and Pigs’ hearts.

Their talkative nature is also one of the reasons why they have so many friends. Rats will try to impress Pigs with all kind of gifts that reveal their great taste, so Pigs will be gifted with things they’ve never even seen before.

All these romantic gestures will have them trusting Rats even more, no matter if these last-mentioned ones have in fact many weaknesses. However, it seems the love between these two natives goes on exactly like this.

The relationship requires of them to only see what’s best in each other and to leave vulnerabilities aside. Just like any other couple, they need to sometimes compromise if they want for things to go on smoothly.

Pigs are very famous for making a priority out of their partners. Because Rats love being in the center of attention, they’ll be very happy knowing their partner doesn’t care about anyone else besides them.

The negatives

A Rat and a Pig in a relationship can sometimes have such a good time and not fight at all that they may think something is wrong. However, just like any other couple, they have their problems, especially since the Rat is very unemotional.

While these natives dedicate their entire time and efforts to make sure their family is happy, they seem to not exhibit any emotion when it comes to romance.

The Pig can be very annoyed by this because they only expect their partner to bring feelings to the table. As a matter of fact, the Pig only sees their couple life happy by having deep emotional connections with their other half.

Therefore, they may spend too much time worrying if their Rat has any emotion at all, which can become annoying for both partners and for break up to come about.

Furthermore, Rats can consider Pigs to be clingy and sometimes possessive. Rats don’t need this at all as they’re very independent and prefer to be in a relationship that doesn’t keep them tied down.

Pigs may be bothered by the fact that their partners want to be free and can become quite obsessive about this. It’s easy for Pigs to scare away any other sign, so Rats don’t make an exception.

It’s sometimes impossible for a Rat to put up with all the drama the Pig can create. It becomes essential for these two to get along well and to face challenges together because only this way, they can be in a long-term relationship. T

here are many other things in their personalities that could bother the other. For example, the Rat is pretty much success-oriented, so they won’t have all the time in the world to be at home for their partner. In this situation, the Pig may see them as selfish, and the Rat can end up feeling tied down.

Furthermore, Pigs are so compassionate and open to give everything they have to others that Rats may see them as very wasteful. These two natives can have different views of what’s right and wrong and thus, they can fight badly.

What to remember about the Rat & Pig relationship

If a Pig and a Rat want to succeed as a couple, they need to have a common ground and fight for the same purposes. It’s important for them to be interested in the same things and to want their relationship to go in the same direction.

Only if they understand one another, they’re able to endure time as lovers or friends. Rats love to work hard and don’t mind success, while Pigs want their financial freedom, but don’t really know how to work hard.

As soon as they’ll both notice what’s going on, they’ll become able to fix things and to make their life happen in a more enjoyable manner.

Pigs really have a tendency to put Rats first, which means the latter will not care that Pigs have some habits that can irritate them. Rats will make enough money for the Pigs to be comfortable, while these last-mentioned ones won’t even care their lovers may have some weaknesses.

If the man is a Pig and the woman a Rat, she will be very appreciative of the way in which he makes money and he will love her for being thrifty. Both of them will want many children and to enjoy the finest things in life.

When the man is a Rat and the woman a Pig, both may exaggerate with luxuries and overindulge in pleasures. As a matter of fact, this is a naive couple that can end up dreaming too much and be irresponsible.

He will not stray, but may find it difficult to do so considering she trusts him very much and wouldn’t even suspect he may do something to hurt her.

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