Rat and Monkey Love Compatibility: A Generous Relationship

These two make that type of couple that really enjoys time spent together and doesn’t succumb to small conflicts.

Rat and Monkey Compatibility

The Monkey in the Chinese zodiac always needs to be stimulated and is usually very busy because these people hate to just sit around. These natives are all the time out as they’re curious about what’s going on in the world and love to gossip.

The fact that Rat is the same as them when it comes to the social life makes natives of these two signs very compatible. Rat love their friends and family more than anything, and this can make Monkey shine in the relationship with them.

CriteriaRat and Monkey Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityBelow average❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

When the Rat and the Monkey become lovers, they get to share a passionate connection because they can feed on each other’s energy and usually set an example of love to those around them.

Similar in many ways

It doesn’t matter how much the Monkey would go out and have fun with his or her buddies, the Rat is unlikely to get jealous or possessive because they’re just the same.

As the Rat is always likely to follow their own agenda, they may be the only ones who can truly understand the Monkey and their pursuit of happiness.

The fact that the Monkey is a free spirit can never be a problem for the Rat. It can be said these two signs make a great couple because they both enjoy having fun and are very energetic.

When involved, they’ll be the type of couple that always goes to parties and enjoys being out and about. Both of them have a slightly big ego, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can lead them to fight and to become competitive with one another.

While the Rat enjoys talking about anything and being involved in debates, the Monkey is more dramatic and prefers to perform.

A Monkey and a Rat can find out they have both similarities and differences, which means their life together can be truly enjoyable.

A Monkey is a great partner for the Rat because they’re tricky and manipulative, just like the Rat happen to be from time to time. The former will very much respect their partner because they can’t fool them in any way.

Charming and having significant seductive powers, the Monkey can make anyone go crazy about them. When with the Rat, they can have the best time of their life because this relationship is passionate and really fun.

These two signs love being witty with one another. The Monkey is all the time optimistic, so the Rat can’t feel in any way pessimistic and worried in their presence.

Because of their attitude, the former would always attract good luck and be successful, so when together with the latter, they can always make these feel positive and happy.

Even if the Monkey is sometimes lightheaded, they all the time seem to manage things in an intelligent and interesting way. The Rat will be challenged by their personality, so the chances for unfaithfulness would be at a minimum.

The positives

One of the greatest things about a friendship or romantic relationship between a Rat and a Monkey is that both are very sociable.

The Rat and the Monkey often feel like they are able to help each other be stronger and that they eliminate one another’s weaknesses. While a Rat loves being in the spotlight, a Monkey doesn’t mind performing for the attention to be on both of them.

The energy these two have when together can help them stand out from the crowd as a couple. They’re happy in the presence of one another and they’re both seeking for new adventures in which they can engage.

Their friends and family always admire them and their relationship because they’re unique and very special as a couple. The Monkey will appreciate the Rat for being industrious and productive. Furthermore, they will like the fact that the Rat is very attached to their family and wants to make everything possible for his or her loved ones to be happy.

Anyone can trust a Rat to keep secrets, however when they feel like something can benefit them, they don’t mind telling in public what they know.

However, when with the Monkey, the Rat becomes very private and keeps their love life away from the eyes of the others.

When these two are talking about life and different philosophies, other people become very interested in their ideas and want to listen to what they may have to say. This usually happens because conversations between a Monkey and a Rat are always interesting.

More than this, they both have a good sense of humor and like to keep the channels of communication as open as possible.

The Rat will always be able to predict the dangers that are threatening their relationship. Their intuition will always be admired by the Monkey, which means they’ll get to enjoy together a love affair based on respect and appreciation.

It can be very effective to all the time be safe in terms of love when a Rat is making sure things are not going downhill. The sexual connection between the Rat and the Monkey will always be long-lasting and passionate.

The more Monkey will try to show their tricks to the Rat, the more loved and appreciated they’ll get to be as the latter is very turned on by a playful nature.

However, because the Rat is cautious, they can never get fooled by the Monkey. These last-mentioned ones would never be upset that they can’t trick them and event respect their intelligence.

All this means the relationship between the Rat and the Monkey is exciting and at the same time serious. These two natives can motivate each other because the Rat has great ambitions when it comes to their own dreams and the Monkey doesn’t mind giving them a hand.

The latter are very optimistic, so they’d make great partners for a Rat, who often sees things only in black. When the Rat would be running all over the place to take care of everyday issues, the Monkey would play the role of a cheerleader and motivate them to succeed.

The gap between them will always be filled with common interests and a wish to succeed that comes from both sides.

The negatives

The Monkey and the Rat in a couple can have troubles as soon as their big egos are starting to make them blind in front of what manages to keep their bond so strong. This is something that may happen very often to a Monkey, who always believes they’re right.

The Monkey often gets despised for having a big ego, especially when they’re trying to communicate with others.

Another problem the Rat and the Monkey couple may have when together is the fact that they can’t fully trust each other. This usually happens because the Rat is sometimes prone to cheating.

As they’re always looking to be excited and think there’s always someone better for them, the Rat may leave the impression that they only want to find greener pastures. Furthermore, the Rat being as talkative as they are can make the Monkey believe they’re looking to flirt with other people.

The sex life of this couple is usually centered around how much these two signs can understand one another and around their ability to sometimes cool down. If they want a serious relationship that can last forever, they need to learn how to be patient with each other.

Besides all the mentioned things, the Rat and the Monkey can also have problems when it comes to emotions as Rat is not in any way emotional and usually pay a lot of attention before falling in love.

They may as well be attracted to the type that’s only loyal to them and therefore, may find it difficult to come across someone who’s ready to commit to them in this way.

The Rat-Monkey marriage can only last if these two natives become able to understand each other’s vulnerabilities.

What to remember about the Rat & Monkey relationship

Both the Rat and the Monkey are very energetic creatures with a highly active social life. These two natives love adventure and are more on the extreme side, which means they may often want to compete with each other.

As a couple, they can argue a lot and bring in a lot of drama. However, they make great lovers when it comes to sex, even if the Rat should be less jealous and possessive.

Not that the Monkey isn’t prone to cheating, it’s just they don’t need to be reminded about this. When it comes to business, they can be great partners because they both want money and to be powerful.

The Rat may feel that the Monkey needs to control everything and allow them to do this. Furthermore, the Rat doesn’t mind to sometimes run things from the shadows.

If the relationship would be between a man in the Monkey sign and the woman in the Rat one, things between them would be incredibly peaceful. She would love him for himself, while he’d appreciate her for being intelligent, charming and spontaneous.

When the woman in the relationship is in the Monkey sign and the man in the Rat, things can be as beautiful as in the previous situation.

He would have to be careful for her not to stray and furthermore to not get jealous when she’s flirting with others. As best friends before being lovers, many of the other couples would come to them for advice on how to be the same.

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