Pluto Retrograde: Explaining the Changes in Your Life

During Pluto Retrograde there is a risk for things to be taken away from us and bad karma activated, to help us understand what we should value most in life.

Pluto Retrograde

The planet Pluto can reveal a lot about a native, but it also requires change. Those wanting to remain the same and thinking they’ll never change will be very much opposed by this planet of demolition. It doesn’t necessarily have a negative influence because oftentimes, everything needs to end up destroyed in order for a new and cleaner beginning to take place.

Therefore, Pluto is the ruler of rebirth, destruction and metamorphosis. It can indicate what an individual doesn’t want to give up on and what needs to be left behind. The retrograde of this planet lasts about 6 to 7 months in a year.

Pluto retrograde in a nutshell:

  • This retrograde is perfect for thinking twice about what you should value and appreciate;
  • Be careful about reactions you might have that are too brutal and direct;
  • Learn that your own subconscious influences you more than you would think;
  • Natal Chart Pluto retrograde means a person stands up for themselves and is very independent.

What to expect during Pluto retrograde

When planets are being in retrograde or seeming to move backwards, everything they’re ruling over is starting to become strange and very mysterious.

However, when Pluto happens to be in retrograde, nothing negative is going to happen, the natives will only become more reflective and eager to analyze themselves with every chance they’re getting.

Also known for guiding people to reach their desires, it doesn’t matter if in retrograde or not, everyone should always move forward in life, let go of negative feelings and what doesn’t serve them anymore.

Being named after the Roman god that was ruling in the underworld, which means the world of the dead, Pluto seems to be the master of shadows, no matter if it’s about people’s personalities or mysterious situations.

When moving forward and being charged up, hidden secrets may come to the surface and acts of corruption may become more tempting. This is the reason why some politicians are taking bribes and many celebrities have a lot of affairs going on.

It goes the same with talks behind someone’s back and gossip. Pluto can be called a brutal planet because no other celestial body has its power to destroy structures when it comes for things to go through a transformation and to start a new.

Whereas Uranus comes to break and Neptune to dissolve, Pluto is the master of destruction, just like a bomb that cleans the mist generated by Neptune and quiets down the lightning bolts sent by Uranus.

It can be said that the things Pluto is covering are about pleasure and satisfaction because it’s a planet of control, death, existential crises and feelings having no purpose. Looking at its transits, including the retrograde, natives can learn about their own subconscious or about what makes them dark and deep.

All people have their shadows and dark mysteries, so Pluto comes to reveal these quiet thoughts and all the nasty secrets that were being kept hidden. When in retrograde, this planet gives individuals a chance to look into their own soul and to deal with matters of the subconscious or the paranormal.

Just like any other retrograde, it’s more driven towards the inner world and not what’s being externalized. A retrograde Pluto can reveal what a person is prepared for with regards to his or her future.

When this transit is happening, natives start to feel more pressured from the outside, even devastated and destroyed when having to deal with a problem in their everyday life.

Those not having a care in the world and who are acting without thinking of others should analyze their own actions more, or Pluto will make things right by bringing them bad karma.

The changes this planet is making are all about getting even and starting fresh with a clean plate. Change could mean anything, from being dumped by a lover to being fired or ignored by a good friend.

Things people are tightly holding onto can be taken away from them when Pluto is in retrograde, just to make them think twice about what they should value and appreciate.

This may seem brutal and too direct, but it’s the way this planet is operating and can teach anyone that good things can disappear in a second. Human beings are able to see their own faults in others, moment in which they’re starting to completely reject those making them look or feel bad.

Such a behavior should be analyzed in an objective manner, so taking mental notes about oneself becomes very important in this situation.

When Pluto is in retrograde, it’s a good idea for natives to start cleaning both their home and mind. This is a moment when they’re becoming aware of their darkness, unpleasant traits in their personality and flaws.

What Pluto influences the most in natives is lust and power. When in retrograde, people should be as honest with themselves as possible, especially when thinking what they need the most in order to get recognized, wealthy and important.

The same transit indicates what it has to be done for the dark side to be confronted. For example, those working too hard every day should think why they’re doing it in the first place.

Is it because they want to get the job done perfectly, or because they’re simply chasing a good position and want to be admired by their colleagues?

When being in retrograde for 5 months, Pluto can influence natives to look at their personal desires and to cleanse what isn’t necessary, for their life to become better. As soon as seeing the things they don’t like about themselves, it becomes easier for them to develop and to become better.

Pluto in retrograde is also a moment of analyzing past sufferings and obstacles because this is, after all, the planet of darkness and weird experiences. In other words, this retrograde is very helpful with transformation.

What to do about it

With Pluto in retrograde, people are suggested to just cleanse, from both a mental and physical point of view. Therefore, during this time, detoxification diets and visiting the countryside are pretty much indicated.

More than this, they shouldn’t forget that unforeseen situations may appear, so they need to be ready for anything. They need to analyze what’s no longer working for them because by doing this, they can make all the required changes.

It’s easy to find some guidance about what should be done for a positive transformation just by looking at the House in which Pluto resides in a birth chart.

When this planet is in retrograde, natives should be willing to let go of some traits in their personality and sometimes, even of people, in order for good opportunities to come to them.

Clinging to what they no longer need is not in any way a good idea when things need to take a new turn or when fulfillment is no longer obtained from old actions, behaviors and even friends.

Endings should never be fought against or feared because they can be the best thing happening to natives. It would be mad to simply refuse change as most of the time, this is inevitable, not to mention how much trouble it can cause when not accepted.

However, it’s important to remember the new also comes with complications, so a clear mind is the greatest weapon people can work with in difficult situations.

Pluto has been retrograding during the same periods of time in a year, over the past decades, creating moments of awakening and rebirth, even if sometimes rude.

When this is happening, it is a good idea to deal with weaknesses, every obstacle that has made the natives’ life more complicated and the problems that have been completely ignored.

Those not showing much integrity or honor will be forced by Pluto in retrograde to change all this about themselves, without coming up with an excuse as this would only cause trouble to appear into their lives.

Pluto retrograde in the Natal Chart

Those having Pluto in retrograde when they were born are independent but terrified that others may control, manipulate or betray them.

They’re like this even more than others, whose Pluto is direct. However, they’ll never talk about their fears or expose anything about all this because this would make them look vulnerable.

No one will ever know they desire power, not to mention it’s possible for them to not be aware of this side of theirs either.

Pluto in retrograde in a birth chart indicates oppression during past existences, oppression that can be either political or social. Therefore, they may have been ignored by authorities and their government, even abused or done an injustice.

It could also be that they weren’t capable to make a decent living and debt has consumed them.

Usually, those with Pluto retrograde in their chart can’t benefit from the strongest influence of this planet, which is all about transformation. Therefore, they’ll struggle to keep everything in control and to have stability, not to mention how bothered they’ll be seeing many of their life’s issues are beyond their comprehension.

When noticing this, most of them will be in denial, even if eventually understanding they need to change, especially when wanting to evolve.

A retrograde Pluto in a birth chart can make people trusting, but not at all stupid or easy to take advantage of. Natives with this placement should examine themselves and see what’s making them too controlling. Acknowledging this, they’ll be able to determine what should be done by them and what should be left for others to control.

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Written by Denise

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