Pluto in 8th House: Key Facts About Its Effect on Your Life and Personality

This placement of Pluto makes people very self-aware and conscious of their own limitations and flaws but also loving and devoted.

Pluto in 8th house

Those born with Pluto in the eighth house of their birth chart have a certain flair for seeing what others cannot see, for spotting the other side of the world, the hidden and the mysterious.

This applies not only to their surroundings, to be able to analyze and make deductions, but also intuitively perceive what other people think.

Pluto in 8th House summary:

  • Strengths: Sensual, attractive and understanding;
  • Challenges: Conflictual, judgmental and possessive;
  • Advice: They need to be careful about the things they develop obsession about;
  • Celebrities: Elvis Presley, Leonardo da Vinci, Brigitte Bardot, Oprah Winfrey.

They attract unusual events, weird and intriguing people, great opportunities to enlarge and broaden their perspectives. This proclivity can be used both for doing good things, helping and healing others, or destructively, manipulation and coercion.

Great resilience and attention

As we’ve said before, the Pluto in 8th house natives are marked by an endless curiosity and insatiable fascination with the occult and the mysterious. Psychology attracts them the most out of all the other domains that deal with the study of the world.

They want to understand how the man thinks, what motivates and shapes his character, the process of development and evolution.

In this regard, they will dedicate all their time on studying, observing people, engaging in as many such activities as possible.

Sexual intimacy comes harder for these people because they are too afraid to reveal themselves. In their search for a truly emotional and deep relationship, they forget to give it their all.

The Pluto in 8th house aspect gives to these people great resilience and resistance to stress, the ability to come face to face with their worst fears, the hardest and most dangerous challenges, and come out unscathed, albeit on the losing side.

They are, in other words, very capable at surviving even insurmountable odds stacked up against them.

They might change their perspective drastically or they might adopt other ideas that they would have otherwise shunned or discarded from the very start.

They are very self-aware and conscious of their own limitations and flaws. That’s not the problem. The problem is that they are yet incapable of making up for those flaws, in repairing or replacing them with great traits.

Of course, they want to do that, to become superior and develop personally. A lot of them are incredibly attracted toward the taboo, the unexpected and the unorthodox.

Sex is something they partake in with great pleasure, they find it curious, all-consuming, an opportunity to create a union, an equilibrium of forces.

They are in a constant search for their identity and personal subjectivity, the only thing that makes them unique and singular from all others.

They are looking to define themselves, and this sparks a conflict between the inner world, that of the self, and the outer world, that of society and its expectations.

There will many conflicts, arguments and bouts of self-deprecating contemplation, moments of sadness, thoughtfulness.

It makes quite a lot of sense for them to become psychologists or anything in this field, studying the human mind and its ontology, its metamorphosis and the processes that animate it.

They are getting better and better at reading people, at finding out why they’re doing some things, in predicting a certain behavior or reaction.

In matters of romantic courtship, relationships to speak plainly, the Pluto in 8th house natives want to be consumed as a whole through the burning love of their partner, but they also feel the need to escape, to manifest their own will and individuality.

It would take someone incredibly attractive, sensual, and emotionally understanding to find someone like this, and not only that, someone that notices them.

Naturally, these natives are very interested in the dark side of life, in all that is grievous, terrifying, fear-inducing and blood-curdling, what is unknown and filled with dread, the unconventional and the unexplained.

They find it fascinating, the underlying enigmatic character just waiting to be found, and even more, the aura of uncertainty and otherworldly atmosphere.

They can become obsessed with these things, just as they can become too embroiled in the carnal debauchery of sex, the pure joy of the dancing bodies, and the sensual feelings that come in-between.

A restoration of the world and the death of another, the cycle of rebirth followed by the final decay, these are constants in their lives.

The goods and the bads

The way those with the Pluto in 8th house aspect are going to get better and regain their confidence, change their negative ways, is by following their passions and interests.

No matter how dark, mysterious or otherwise absurd they may look like to others, it’s their dream and personal appreciation, nothing else.

It would not be surprising now that they’re always thinking about the big questions of life, and they give off the impression that life is like an open book to them.

They know everything that’s going to come to pass, they are aware and possibly even tapping into the powers of another plane of existence.

Romantically, all they want is someone who understands them, nothing else. The rest can be obtained on the way. Honesty and a straightforward attitude are key in forming long-standing relationships that are bound to last for the rest of time.

When there is trust between partners, one based on mutual thoughts and ideas, deep knowledge of each other, then there are no more serious problems worth worrying about.

Usually, those of the Pluto in 8th house natives are nothing if not impulsive, chatty, spontaneous and very stubborn.

They don’t take shit from anyone, but when the interlocutor is plain stupid, ignorant and superficial, they’re not even going to bother explaining or defending their viewpoint.

Either they’ll find someone they can control and manipulate emotionally, some who wants to be dominated or feels good in that position, or someone who exudes the same energy as them.

Someone who wants to go on adventures, who wants to talk about deep subjects.

However, given all this, they will still want to live life at the maximum, to have memorable memories, happy and joyful ones, they have a rich sexual life, and to have meaningful connections.

They dislike being childish and playful because that takes away their normally serious nature, the intensity, and passion. This is admirable and good, to want this, but it’s also annoying and irritating to some.

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