Pisces Weaknesses: Know Them so You Can Defeat Them

These people prefer to live in a dream world of their own making so are rarely dependable if at all.

Pisces weakness

Pisces can easily prove themselves and others that they can be quite mean. It’s easy to influence them and they’re driven by illusions, so they can engage in all sort of drama.

Pretentious, they can make an art out of tricking others, not to mention many of them are delirious mythomaniacs. They need to complain and to whine all day long because it’s in their nature to be like this.

Pisces weaknesses in a nutshell:

  • They are not the most realistic people and their life can be quite chaotic;
  • When it comes to love, they are often indecisive and don’t take responsibility;
  • They love their families dearly, but they don’t always keep their promises;
  • With regards to work, they will throw as much of it at others as they possibly can.

Lack of discipline

These people don’t want to face reality and prefer to lie instead of telling the truth, not to mention they prefer taking the roads that are hidden instead of going straight.

The currents are the ones that are carrying them, and they don’t know anything because they’re indecisive, avoiding and never ready to take on any responsibility.

Pisceans are never realistic because chaos and depression are what they’re using the most in order to advance in life.

For these reasons, they need to be aware of the profoundness of deeper waters. They can have all sorts of effects on the emotional life of others.

In one direction, their passion and empathy are inspiring them to help others, in the other, they’re just like healers who are always putting themselves at risk when deciding to work with the sick.

In other words, they’re the first to take care of others and to be cautious when having to care for their own wellbeing. These natives want to preserve themselves and for this reason, they’re acting just like surgeons in operation: with scrubs and masks on.

Those of them who aren’t so evolved can completely lack manners and put off other people. These natives can rarely escape their dream and and say what they’re thinking of.

If they not spending enough time developing their communicative ways, they can be seen by others as sociopaths and be misunderstood.

If not disciplined, they can end up running in circles and losing their interest and therefore, they can start to move from one project to another, until their attention is being caught by something else.

This is usually causing them to be unreliable and for no one to count on them. In reality, Pisces are only looking to not get caught, not to mention they’re being forced to have a way of life that no one else has chosen.

Neptune, their governing planet, is also the ruler of escapist ways, from sleeping a lot to abusing alcohol and drugs. If people in Pisces can embrace what’s inside their heart and not abuse anything, they can succeed in life more often than others.

The 12th house is the one in which the fears and the most important wishes are being harbored, before life has even started. More than this, it’s the house where secrets are being “kept”.

The sign Pisces is filled with the profoundness of this house and all its characteristics, which can be seen in their personality.

Each decan’s weaknesses

1st decan Pisces have two faces when it comes to their relationships. They want love without being aware of what’s actually possible, without caring about how fantasy is falling into normality.

This type of confusion is making it easy for many to blame. These people are finding it difficult to make a difference between what’s real and what’s imaginary, so they’re pondering between what their intuition and reason is telling them.

But most of the time, it’s the dream realm that’s capturing them and they’re finding themselves annoyed with reality, but with their feelings intact.

2nd decan Pisces tend to make a drama out of anything and to suffer from unexplained fears. They’re pretentious, sensitive and agitated.

These people need someone strong to deal with their fears and philosophical matters. This decan is one of mysticism as people born during it love to sacrifice themselves and are strongly sensual.

When love seems for them demanding and they’re prompted to be defensive, their emotions can grow to be very intense.

3rd decan Pisces are too many times confused and not accurate when it comes to what their heart is telling them.

Their feelings can overwhelm them, not to mention they can make mistakes when looking for the supreme love, meaning they’re alternating between being tender and grumpy.

It’s easy to influence the Pisces born during this decan because they’re prey to their passions and can become anxious more often than usually.

More than this, they can have exaggerated reactions and be the victims of their own sensitivities.

Love & Friendships

Pisces are people of utopias and for this reason, most of the time confused. They have their romantic side, but first of all, submissive and looking to depend on others because they can’t take any initiative and are basing their existence on their other half, avoiding some issues they may be having.

When it comes to love, they’re indecisive and can take too much time for romanticism because they want to be approached. After, they’re starting to become more and more poetic.

They can whine and glue themselves to their partner, who can be frustrated by this osmosis with them because they think it’s all unrealistic and not in any way welcomed.

People born under Pisces believe everything and are not accepting any method of achieving success, even if negligent.

They’re the friends who can always be called, or who are appearing when someone needs a favor. However, they’re undisciplined and can infect others with their nonchalance.

When it comes to long-term friendships, they don’t seem to care that much and to always be out of money because they’re living in an imaginary world of their own making.

When faced with a problem, they’re immediately bursting into tears. These natives should always be supervised because they can be charmed by artificial surroundings that are showing them situations from a more beautiful perspective.

Therefore, they need to occupy their time, if they don’t want to get drunk every night and lose their head because they’re people of extremes when it comes to alcohol and drugs.

Family life

Pisces natives are pretending to be completely devoted because they’re in fact unstable, lazy and undisciplined.

They believe in ideals and are capable of the most dangerous sacrifices in order to save a situation. They can’t be relied upon, so it’s a good idea for them to look for advice from others, even when thinking their instincts can’t do them any wrong.

They’re merging with their partner until their personality no longer exists, not to mention they have demands that are repeating themselves, and that are getting them closer to the everyday reality of love.

These natives are dependent upon their other half. Parents in Pisces can have their children destabilized because they’re communicating through methods that are strange.

Because they’re looking after what hasn’t been said, their little ones require more logic and discipline into their education.

When it comes to the children in the same sign, these are very sensitive and creative, not to mention capable of lying in order to please others. These kids are lazy and prone to lying and hiding when they haven’t done things the right way.


People born under Pisces have no idea how to follow instructions because they believe everything and are illogical.

They’re submissive when it comes to hierarchy because they’re lazy. If not agreeing, they prefer to not just face things, but to creep and to take care of them from the shadows.

These natives are the best at fleeing the scenes in the most efficient ways. It’s like they’re capable of magic, being the last sign in the zodiac.

As colleagues, they can be recognized by how they’re throwing all of the chaos on the back of the others. Not at all ambitious, they like small talk and to do something else besides their job.

As bosses, they’re not caring that much and delegating their responsibilities to those who are devoted, not to mention they’re arranging everything in private, even if they’re not at all practical.

If independent, they can destroy themselves if not helped by accountants, even psychologists. It’s easy for others to trick them because they’re quite naive.

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