Pisces Tiger: The Kind-Hearted Optimist Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality characteristics of Pisces born in Tiger year

Pisces Tiger
  • The Pisces dates are between February 19 and March 20.
  • The Tiger years are: 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022.
  • Good communicators, these people don’t leave any room for confusion.
  • Financial prosperity early in life is an easy to attain goal for the Pisces Tiger woman.
  • The Pisces Tiger man can be very calculated and analytical.

The Tiger of the Chinese zodiac lends these people strength and eloquence whilst the Pisces offers creativity and a sense that everything is possible.

These people will flourish when involved in creative initiatives and present the best image of them the whole time.

The Awe Creating Pisces Tiger Personality

People born in Pisces the Chinese year of the Tiger are deep thinkers. They are sensitive and they inspire people with their unique way of thinking.

You can’t compete with a Pisces Tiger’s creativity. They always have great ideas and they invest a lot of their time in reflecting over situations.

However, this doesn’t mean they don’t have any weaknesses because they do. For example, the Pisces Tigers have a bad temper. It’s easy to annoy or irritate them.

Longing to be free and independent, these people like to always have new, thrilling experiences. They are motivating and they often stimulate people with their views on life.

Not the typical shy Pisces, they have the Tiger’s confidence, which is stronger and more noticeable. They simply overcome their usual timidity, but they still keep the sensitivity every Pisces has.

Their emotions are balanced and they are not known to ever throw tantrums. Generally, those born in Pisces the Tiger year are great at interacting with others and at keeping their relations warm for long periods of time.

It’s because they are kind-hearted, helpful, thoughtful and compassionate. They’re not the most talkative people in the world, they only enjoy meaningful, deep conversations.

Their partners and their friends should be happy to have so philosophical people as lovers or companions.

Top Characteristics: Reliable, Balanced, Intellectual and Optimistic.

If something bad happens to the people around them, the Pisces Tigers take the time to listen to everyone’s problems.

They have an efficient way of putting themselves in the situation through which someone else is going through. They simply nourish their imagination with different situations that are not theirs, and this way they maintain their emotional balance and intellectual gain.

They are active and reliable, so they will come up with good advice in any matter. They have an interesting approach to what life means, so people find their opinions valuable. You’ll never see a Pisces Tiger to get bored.

Always busy, these people like to take their time for a deeper analysis of things and situations. They don’t like to mix work with their personal life, so they completely forget about their job after a long day.

As they are balanced with their emotions, they are also balanced with whatever they may be doing for a living. There’s no room for confusion with them. They always speak their mind and they don’t use metaphors to express what they may be thinking.

Good communicators, the Pisces Tigers will clearly explain to you what bothers them. If you don’t know how to fix things in a matter that bothers you, just talk to them. They really know how to solve problems and to find different kind of solutions.

Perfect careers for Pisces Tiger: Music, Engineering, Hospitality and Sales.

The Pisces Tigers are known as very generous personalities. They are happy when they are giving. Very sensitive, they can be hurt when others misbehave.

They sometimes do shocking things and they are not that open to criticism. Supporting and caring, they are great psychologists.

Most of the time, these people are optimistic and fun. Out of all the Pisces in the Western zodiac, the Tigers are the ones most interested in traveling and seeing new places. It is the Tiger that inspires the spirit of adventure in them.

They would be happy in a work environment that would often send them abroad. When angered or unsatisfied with the surroundings, the Pisces Tigers can become very dangerous.

They can turn into someone unrecognizable, who will destroy everything in their path. There aren’t too many negative traits to characterize these people. However, they have their weaknesses like any other human being, they just don’t show them that often.

Laziness, indecisiveness and feeling the need to sometimes escape are known as negative characteristics of those born under the Tiger zodiac animal.

Exhibiting too much of these may damage the relationships they try to create, because, at an early stage, no one has real patience to observe that these negatives are greatly outweighed by the numerous positives of their personalities.

Love – Exposed

When with the people they love, the Pisces Tigers become passionate and tender. This means they are able to have harmonious relationships.

If their patience is tried for too long and they can no longer take it, they can become very rude. Manipulative, they may make use of white lies in order to obtain what they want.

And they wouldn’t think there’s something wrong with their lying.  They fear a new relationship if they got hurt in love once.

Most compatible with: Scorpio Dragon, Capricorn Dog, Cancer Horse and Capricorn Horse.

They become sceptical and it can be difficult for the person who’s in love with them to deal with their feelings. While they may be moody and sometimes tempered, the Pisces Tigers are great individuals to be around.

They are usually controlling with their emotions, leaving the anger and the crying for private. Because they are dreamy, it is difficult for them to make decisions.

Pisces Tiger Woman Characteristics

The Pisces Tiger woman is always after high quality. If she can’t succeed at what she has planned, she suffers. As she is very adaptable and she is always looking for new opportunities, this lady can often find herself in awkward situations.

She is an intelligent, talented and ambitious woman who will fight for her opinions. She is highly appreciated for she can perform tasks at incredible speeds. The Pisces Tiger woman will make mature decisions from a young age.

She believes in career and she will work hard to get a good position. Basing her entire professional evolution on her talents, she will get creative and will distinguish herself from her colleagues.

This is a lady who will be financially prosperous before maturity. It’s because she is mature and diligent enough to achieve great results in short periods of time. She will most likely run her own business and will make a good profit too.

It is advisable that the Pisces Tiger woman focuses more on her positive characteristics. Since she’s so active and curious, she needs to set goals for herself as well, at least from time to time.

If she forgets about her own dreams, she will attract only negativity. This girl is happy only when on the move. She must feel like she’s on the top of the world if she wants to be happier.

Celebrities under the sign of Pisces Tiger: Ruby Rose, Jenna Fischer, James Blunt, Jon Bon Jovi, Chuck Palahniuk, Julie Walters.

Pisces Tiger Man Characteristics

When you first see the Pisces Tiger man, you may think he’s someone simple. But things aren’t like that at all as this guy can be very surprising.

If you manage to understand him, you can build something serious by his side. Calm and reserved, his inside is in fact explosive.

He calculates his future with precision, and analyses his relationships with caution. He cares about what others think about him. The Pisces Tiger man will expect people to admire him. He is a realistic and methodical thinker who knows the outcomes of every situation.

This is something helpful in attaining any goal he may have in life. Helped by good luck and determination, this man will make a great future for himself.

His most negative trait is his exaggerated ambition, which can impede him from expressing what he actually feels. If he exploits his best characteristics, the Pisces Tiger man can excel at his job.

He knows how to make appreciations on what people have to say, but he needs to not trust people as much as he does.

He struggles to be financially stable and he succeeds at it. It is advisable that he follows his intuition more. Also, if he would think about his actions more often, he could become much more prosperous.

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