Pisces Sun Virgo Moon: A Thorough Personality

What is kept hidden preoccupies the Pisces Sun Virgo Moon personality who will always try to uncover the truth behind the surface and contribute to the betterment of society.

Pisces Sun Virgo Moon

Those born with their Sun in Pisces and their Moon in Virgo possess a personality that combines the intuition and sensitivity of the former with the latter’s ability to analyze, be practical and discriminating in important matters.

These natives are the best at putting together a practical living, being honest and making decisions that involve a certain common sense.

Pisces Sun Virgo Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Keen, conscientious and resistant;
  • Negatives: Overreacting, too demonstrative and stubborn;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is confident but not pretentious;
  • Advice: Be honest when someone confronts you about your actions.

Personality traits

The fact that people with Pisces Sun Virgo Moon have their Sun in the sign of the Fish means they are good at working with what’s unseen and related to the spiritual world. They are more oriented towards their inner selves and to all that’s symbolic.

Everything relating to creativity and art makes them express themselves more easily. Music, films and imagery are what attracts them the most. The Moon in Virgo will reflect the Pisces Sun light in the most practical way.

People in these signs need to be precise, lawful and always fair. These are the only ways for them to spread their energies. The fact that they are discriminating helps them stabilize their emotions. It’s interesting to see how intuition and practicality work in them.

That’s why they can make almost all their dreams come true without struggling too much. These natives know the truth and can analyze facts more thoroughly than others. But they depend very much on their own methods and insight even if they seem adaptable and tolerant.

At least they can focus on what they want to do without too many problems. They are always well intentioned, and their goals are established. Yet they don’t take themselves seriously.

When it comes to their ideal job, the Pisces Sun Virgo Moon individuals should do something that doesn’t require them to be too authoritative. What they are best at is following directions and being precise. And they will most likely not make any mistake, no matter what they will do.

Original and having great taste, they will always be groomed and nicely dressed. Being rude is something that doesn’t characterize them. If they are to be happy, they need to have some balance between their mind and their emotions.

Alternating between affection and being to cool would not be helpful at all. They are usually doing what they’re supposed to, subtly and conscientiously. If different, they would feel very guilty. They are only using their intelligence in order to live a healthy and calm life.

Strong inside, determined and flexible, the Pisces Sun Virgo Moon natives can deal with any problem calmly. These are the most down-to-earth Pisces in the zodiac. But both the Fish and the Virgo make them shy. It’s like a curse for them being this way.

Very self-conscious, they think mistakes need to be dealt with. Because they are helpful in nature, they prefer to take on themselves other people’s problems and make them their own.

Their ethics can make them anxious and nervous all the time. Sacrificing their own needs for others to be happy shouldn’t be the way to go for them.

Just like all the other Moon Virgo natives, they are the most satisfied when they are successful at what they are doing for a living. As soon as someone close to them will feel down, they will start experiencing the same feeling.

It’s essential they relax more because they are not at all of any good when under stress. Introspection and meditation would help these people a lot. They could work with their desire to help others because they are among the biggest humanitarians. That’s why they usually are great doctors or social workers. Intuitive, these people know who’s their ideal partner.

When they fall for someone, expect them to be loyal and dutiful. But they need to be careful not to become workaholics. The more time they will spend outside, the happier they will be. Hard on themselves, they become depressed when things in their lives aren’t perfect.

A dutiful lover

When it comes to romance and relationships, Pisces Sun Virgo Moon people are the most compatible with those with their Sun in Cancer, Taurus, Capricorn or Scorpio and their Moon in the same signs.

These natives like confident people as long as these are not too pretentious. When they see pretentiousness, they become insecure and will most likely try to cut those who have it down.

They can be picky when it comes to choosing their partner. And you can be sure they will never go for someone who’s too controlling or manipulating. What they need is a person who’s down-to-earth and strong because they are emotional themselves.

The lover who will humiliate or betray them will never have a second chance of making things right. Sun Pisces are purposeful but sometimes confused about what they need to do in life.

They have connections with the unseen world and are visionaries who can work with their creativity. But they can easily lose their focus. As partners, they are romantic dreamers who share their lover’s feelings.

Their downsides are all about vagueness, irresponsibility and escapism. It doesn’t matter what they would do for a living, being positive will only help them succeed. When confronted, they will most likely withdraw. Moon Virgos need to be in control. They want practicality and to do things perfectly.

That’s why their partner may think they are never happy. And it may be true, for these Moon are fulfilled only when they’re contributing to improving things. Their home has to be kept as they want it, that’s why they need a lover who understands they are neat and precise. Not interfering with these natives’ routine is the best idea.

The Pisces Sun Virgo Moon man

The man with his Sun in Pisces and his Moon in Virgo is picky and has high ideals. He’s not the most macho and can seem detached or not even caring. He will always have his hair calmed and his clothes clean.

His style is elegant and subtle because he doesn’t want to attract too much attention on himself. More interested in his work and his own ideas, he won’t accept to be appreciated only for his looks. Not to mention how much he hates superficiality.

The Pisces Sun Virgo Moon man has an inferiority complex and he always thinks that he’s less than others. That’s why he will focus more on his failures and won’t be able to enjoy what he has succeeded at.

Intelligent and responsible, the man with this Sun Moon combination will always be self-criticizing and judgmental. He’s never happy with himself, so imagine how much he dislikes people who can’t manage themselves and want attention.

He will obsess over his work because he’s a perfectionist. He can be worried to the point of neurosis. He cares a lot about his own health, so talking about diets and fitness is his favorite subject of conversation. He needs to relax more by doing his workouts or even something else.

The Pisces Sun Virgo Moon woman

The Pisces Sun Virgo Moon woman can seem rude because she expresses herself openly when she doesn’t have perfection in her life. She is sometimes jealous and a little bit insecure. And she will project all this on others.

She needs to work not to be like this anymore. Feminine and very worried about the way she looks, this lady will always dress up. She will go to the gym and eat healthy because she worries about her own wellbeing.

Not to mention how afraid she is of getting old. She’s intelligent and doesn’t express her emotions too openly because she spends her time analyzing problems and being detached.

While very self-criticizing, she doesn’t like it when someone tells her that she has been mistaken. And she would probably be aware of what others are pointing out about her anyway. On the other hand, she criticizes others all the time. Because she’s a perfectionist, it’s very difficult for someone to satisfy her needs. But don’t think she doesn’t care about others. Supportive and helpful, she can’t be stopped from caring too much about others. This lady will always think how to make her loved ones’ life easier.

It’s possible she will act defensive because it’s in her nature. Soft and gentle, the Pisces Sun Virgo Moon combination will make a good wife. She likes spending her time at home and doesn’t mind making this place as comfortable as possible.

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