Pisces Sun Taurus Moon: An Artistic Personality

Surprisingly combative, the Pisces Sun Taurus Moon personality appears quiet and cool on the surface but can get really heated if upset or undermined.

Pisces Sun Taurus Moon

Those born with their Sun in Pisces and their Moon in Taurus are very sociable and tactful, not to mention that they are so empathic that they can feel other people’s worries and pains as if they are their own.

That’s why they’ll avoid hurting others their entire life, even if this means they need to compromise. They will grant the wishes of those around all the time.

Pisces Sun Taurus Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Empathic, collaborative and generous;
  • Negatives: Vengeful, easily offended and quick to deny things;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is practical and organized;
  • Advice: You need to find happiness through your own simple actions.

Easygoing and nice, these natives are usually very stubborn to stand by their own opinions when someone crosses them. They will never allow themselves to think differently than they usually do, or to be influenced by what others are saying.

Personality traits

Usually formal at social gatherings, the Pisces Sun Taurus Moon people never allow for imbalances, in how much they give and they take, to happen.

Because they’re creative and artistic, they could make a living painting or composing music. Not to mention they have a good sense for the business world. They don’t mind helping others either, so a career as a doctor or a social worker would be suitable for them too.

But whatever they will do, they will not allow others to use them. In an ideal world, the down-to-earth Taurus in them will help the Pisces make his or her dreams a reality.

People in these signs can get very creative with imagery, so being designers or even writers would help them make a lot of money. However, they need to be careful not to become too boring as the Taurus’ influence is very strong.

Only more life experiences can help them change this about themselves. Because they are peaceful and serene, many people will be drawn to them.

Usually, Pisces are dreamy and very empathetic, but when coupled with the Taurus, they become more determined and firm in their convictions. The common sense of the Bull will always emerge in them.

Just like other Pisces, they are flexible, aware of the unknown and supportive, but when they will have to say no, they will think of themselves and just do it. Their Taurus makes them more ambitious and committed.

When these guys promise something, you can be sure they will keep their word. But if they are to be successful in what they are doing for a living, they need to be challenged in their endeavors.

It’s very easy for them to procrastinate when their life is too comfortable. They will lead a healthy and stable life. It won’t matter where their imagination will carry them, they will manage to succeed at what they are dreaming of most of the time.

Because the Pisces Sun Taurus Moon natives are wise and trustworthy, others will often turn to them for advice. They are self-confident enough to be able to guide others.

But it’s their specific stubbornness that will impede them to have harmonious relationships all the time. While they may seem progressive and open to the new because of their imagination, their ways will still be conservative and old-fashioned.

It’s essential they leave their prejudices behind if they want to be appreciated more. Being tolerant and steadier in their emotions would help them a lot.

Not to mention how easily they would collaborate with their partner if they’d express their feelings more often. The more people with the Sun in Pisces Moon in Taurus combination relax and open, the happier they get to be.

The fact that they are sensitive can cause them to no longer be in control of their own emotions at times. And as soon as this will happen, they will not have a sound judgment anymore.

It’s in their nature to want to relax and enjoy the rewards of their hard work after they have finished a project. It’s good for them to think of what good things the past has brought, but they need to live more in the moment if they are to continue succeeding.

Looking for comfortable love

As far as love goes, Pisces Sun Taurus Moon individuals are devoted and loyal. However, what can trouble them is their emotionality. They like to be ruled by love, yet they don’t allow their partner to control them. It’s more about the feeling, not about the person.

Sun Pisces are open to any new experiences, they live in a magical world and thus, they are very romantic and playful. But the fact that they can get very emotional means their partner needs to always avoid stepping over their limits. And it can be difficult to establish where these limits are because Pisces Sun Taurus Moon people seem like they don’t actually have them.

The more practical their lover, the better for them as they are too imaginative anyway. Moon Tauruses are great providers and the rocks on which anyone can build.

They need security and they are usually getting what they want from life. As lovers, they are sensual, pragmatic and in search of a comfortable relationship.

They will most likely dedicate themselves to the domestic life and appreciate a spouse who would do the same. Supportive in any way, they will never leave their other half behind.

But they need to stick to a routine if they are to be happy. People with this Sun Moon combination are compatible with those with their Sun in Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio and Taurus, and their Moon in Virgo, Capricorn or Pisces.

The Pisces Sun Taurus Moon man

The man with the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Taurus can be considered lucky for he can find money making opportunities anywhere. And he’s good at investing and working hard.

He knows luck comes to him because of these reasons. He’s the type of guy who worries about inflation and retirement in his twenties. That’s why he will make investments for the future.

Not to mention he will realize very soon that he’s the only one who is able to build a secure financial future for himself. Being superficial is not something that characterizes him.

So his friends and closed ones can consider themselves lucky to be in his life because he will go over his own needs in order to make them happy.

With colleagues, he will cooperate even if he will be the manager. But he won’t allow people to disappoint him twice. He’s usually modest about his achievements so you will never see him bragging about what he has realized in life, and he will help others develop too.

His partner shouldn’t think he’s bored if he falls asleep during a movie. This is a sign he has let his guard down. Because he indulges himself in life’s pleasures, he will probably drink during the first date to get rid of some inhibitions.

Expect him to fall in love for a lifetime. He will probably imagine himself married to a person from the second date, not that he plans to, it’s just something that comes naturally to him.

And he’s usually good at knowing what’s about to happen. He’s not a talker, but more of a doer. Another Taurus, a Capricorn, Cancer or Virgo are his ideal partners. He will adapt easily to a person anyway. But the Leo will definitely drive him crazy for he’s too calm for this type of expansive people.

People will admire the Pisces Sun Taurus Moon man for being gentle. Spiritual and artistic, this guy lives in an imaginary world, unlike many other Taurus, and it’s the influence of the Pisces that makes him so poetic.

However, the wisdom of the Taurus will still be present in him. He will never want to hurt anyone. His life’s challenge is to less self-conscious and more in tune with his own needs and goals. Being all the time frustrated with himself will not get him anywhere.

The Pisces Sun Taurus Moon woman

As a child, the Pisces Sun Taurus Moon woman was most likely happy and open. But as an adult, she’s more reserved and composed. Behind all the quiet attitude, there’s a nice and well-intended person.

As a Pisces, she will always struggle to cope with reality. People will take advantage of her because of this. She has some inner contradictions because the Fish want a break from life but Bulls don’t.

While attached to her home and better off alone, she will feel great in the company of good friends. A hard worker, her colleagues will always appreciate her. She wants someone to help her shine.

Her perfect man needs to help her be less authoritative and open to all kind of fun activities. She likes a guy who has no fear. Hopefully, she will get together with many men who will make her laugh and bring her security.

She needs someone financially stable if she’s to fall in love. If she will find the person who can make a lot of money and at the same time take care of the domestic life, she will be the happiest.

The fact that her Sun is dual means she has more than one personality and can pick up the mood in her surroundings. Feelings of others don’t bounce off her soul: they stick.

That’s why she needs to be open and express herself as much as possible. After all, she has too much to offer. She can renew every time life brings her down and she has an amazing perseverance hidden within her.

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