Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon: An Inquisitive Personality

Temperamental, the Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon personality will surprise everyone with how involved they can be in something one moment and how they can detach, the next.

Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon

People with their Sun in Pisces and Moon in Scorpio are among the most sensitive people in the zodiac but this means they are also intuitive and highly perceptive. As a matter of fact, these are the main traits that characterize them.

Ambitious and fixed in their ideas, you can discover these natives are less determined than they seem. Because they are good observers and their senses are sharp, they would do great in careers that require some kind of investigation.

Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Spiritual, attentive and sensual;
  • Negatives: Criticizing, temperamental and sharp;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is just as good of an observer as them;
  • Advice: Be careful as sometimes your emotions will cloud your judgment.

Personality traits

Deep thinkers, Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon people enjoy studying any new subject and even everyday issues can take high proportions and have deeper implications for them. Their imagination will help them travel incredible places with their mind.

Energetic and curious, these guys will explore everything and still be humble about it. Because they are serious and experience emotions at a higher level, their problems will seem more difficult for them.

The Moon in Scorpio makes the Pisces more passionate and focused on their emotions. Fueled by a superior power and down-to-earth, these Fish will always analyze people and situations very thoroughly.

The more determined and persistent they are, the more stability they will add to their own life. When it comes to expressing their feelings, they will use drama and strong words. These are not the individuals to shy away from the eyes of the public either. Demanding, they will get what they want from life.

But they need to be careful not to allow their temperament influence their actions. As soon as they will set their mind to something, their entire energy will be focused on obtaining that thing or that person.

They usually rely more on their intuition rather than on logical assumptions and rationality. Private and reserved, Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon natives prefer to keep their plans secret.

When they are with someone, they become very possessive. Not to mention moody. Their emotions are often in their way of obtaining what they want. These guys’ main purpose in life is to reach a higher state of existence.

That’s why they are prone to consume drugs and alcohol and it’s not impossible they will become dependent on these substances.

It’s suggested they detach and have lower expectations. This way, they will also learn how to be less rigid and serious.

Interested in philosophy, they will never be satisfied not knowing the deeper meaning of things. These are among the few other people in the zodiac who can reach a higher stare of consciousness. But there’s a downside to all this because the real world can depress them.

They are anxious people with an imaginative mind and a deeply spiritual existence. Ambitious and focused to do things their way, they will have to adapt their environment to their ways.

They are true traditionalists who never change their mind. What they have initially thought of is also what they will work with. There are endless possibilities to what they could do.

But they need to invest their energy in something constructive. If they will focus too much on others, they will discover flaws and deceiving behaviors. And they will want their revenge for all this.

It’s necessary they pay attention not to make excesses or become addicted to their partner. Stubborn, these Pisces can have more prejudices than other people. Passionate and not too exigent with others, they have a hard time when they have the occasion to have fun. It’s just that they are too serious.

If they are to make their deep emotions work, they need self-discipline and to be organized. You can never know where their sensuality and creativity will take them. If only they would learn an artistic technique to put their creativity to work.

When criticized, they get very offended. Being more open to others’ opinions is important for them. Paying more attention to people could help them in a great way.

Craving for a deep connection

The Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon combination makes for a sensitive lover who is very empathic and will recognize a variety of emotions in those around.

If their lover would have a hard time, they would definitely be in the same situation from an emotional point of view. Their main purpose in life is to be in relation with the otherworld, that’s why they can be deeply religious or addicted to hallucinogens.

It doesn’t matter what they would be working on, they could lose their direction. Not to mention that in a relationship, they seem to always zone out. They want a partner who’s loyal and doesn’t like to play games.

It’s because they need to connect deeply with their lover. And they expect something long-term, if not for a lifetime. Their emotions need to be kept in line by their other half.

When crossed, they can remember what caused them to be hurt for a very long period of time. And it’s not impossible they will get their revenge in their passive-aggressive way.

Moon Scorpios crave intimacy and if they find the right person, they can open up completely. But they need someone as deep and intense as themselves. When feeling that their lover is not happy, they will want to know why and how.

Secrets are something they will always discover. In love, these natives devote themselves completely and expect the same thing from the partner.

The Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon man

This gentleman, if we can call him like this, may look dangerous and always ready to do something naughty. He has deep emotions and enough determination to get what he wants from life.

While confident, the Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon man will never seem arrogant and proud. As a matter of fact, he’s a mannered person who prefers being humorous instead of macho.

Magnetic and mysterious, he will attract any woman and once involved with her, he will be as supportive and reliable as possible. He’s not interested to be the most important person at a gathering. People will like him for being a prankster.

Both the Scorpio and the Pisces can make him curious about mysticism and he occult. Secretive and intense, this guy will always be interesting.

Passionate, deeply emotional and kind, he will share others’ pain. But he is himself a pain inflictor for he takes revenge every time someone crosses him.

Not to mention how jealous he can get. His words can cut deeply if angry and tempered with. His main traits are the active imagination and rooted feelings. That’s why he could be a great artist and express himself in the most creative ways, not to mention that the more he’ll explore his fantasy world, the more he’ll heal his life’s sorrows.

The Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon woman

The woman with this Sun Moon combination is alluring, mysterious and secretive. She may seem a little bit spaced out, but in fact she is highly observant and attentive.

A dreamer, this lady can have her head in the clouds and it can be difficult for her to make her dreams come true because of this. Her feelings are strong and she can be very determined when she sets her mind to accomplish something.

But only if she stops dreaming so much. An independent character, she thinks for herself and doesn’t change her mind once she has decided on something.

Her passion can confuse others. It’s possible she’ll become so blinded by her own ambitions that she’ll no longer care about whom she loves and their feelings. Not to mention she could not see complications that may arise along the way.

It’s possible she will be into the occult and history of art but the paranormal makes her the most curious and that’s why many will find her tastes unusual. The fact that she’s possessive can’t be changed. It wouldn’t matter if people or things, she will want to know they are all hers.

She’s loyal herself, so she expects the same thing from the man that she loves. When in love, she can become weak and forget about her own principles, but not all the time. Her curiosity will make her find out about other people’s darkest secrets.

The same, the Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon woman can get to the root of problems without stressing her mind too much. Her intuition will help her know when someone is lying or tries to deceive. That’s why it’s suggested not to cross her. She never forgives or forgets, and her revenge can be very painful. Basically, this lady can take memories of when she has been hurt to her grave.

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