Pisces Sun Pisces Moon: A Sunny Personality

Emotional but strong-willed, the Pisces Sun Pisces Moon personality balances the dreamy nature of this sign with a hidden resilience and desire to succeed.

Pisces Sun Pisces Moon

People with both their Sun and their Moon in Pisces are good at feeling what others are going through from an emotional point of view. They can also grasp their surroundings very well.

Because they are emotional themselves, they could easily make a living from the arts. It’s amazing to watch them putting images, feeling and thoughts together in the most sensitive way.

Pisces Sun Pisces Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Intuitive, engaging and practical;
  • Negatives: Confusing, possessive and victimizing;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who can dedicate to them body and soul;
  • Advice: You need to overcome your tendency to read too much into certain situations.

Moon Pisces are considered the psychics of the zodiac. It’s difficult for them to determine which are their feelings and which ones are of others’, not to mention they can get the sense crowds can transmit and inspire.

These double Neptune-ruled natives need to be very careful whom they pick as their friends, companions and lovers.

When they don’t get along with someone, they become even more emotional and sensitive than they usually are. Not to mention that it is very hard to get them out of their thinking patterns when they get stuck to an idea.

Personality traits

The natives of the Sun and Moon in Pisces combination are intuitive and can understand what other people can’t. Their environment will have to be inspiring and very appealing.

Their mysterious air will make them even more attractive to others, it’s like they’re not from this world.

You will never see them mean, deceitful or not well-intended. On contrary, they have an innocence and a self-awareness that makes them vulnerable in front of those who are only looking to scam them.

Their intuition is the main way through which they defend themselves. If they wouldn’t have it, they would be victims of this cruel society. It’s like they have a guardian angel that tells them who to avoid and when to be more attentive.

It’s normal for them to be interested in the unseen rather than in what’s real. Very imaginative, Pisces Sun Pisces Moon can sometimes find it difficult to make a difference between what’s reality and what’s fantasy.

They are sympathetic and prefer to evaluate themselves a situation rather than let others to do it. Some may think of them as self-centered, but it won’t be true, perhaps they are only a bit insecure.

They struggle to have as many possessions as possible because they want comfort. Charming and fine artists, they will manage to convince others to put their ideas into practice. Especially since they aren’t the most focused and practical people. Because they are sensitive, they will prefer to fantasize when life will become too harsh.

It’s normal to surprise them drifting away in the middle of a conversation. It’s like they are going into a trance and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

The man in this astrological combination will want a steady income, the woman will probably look into marrying someone rich. But both of them will have to fight their urge of withdrawing and isolating themselves.

It’s true the world today is too harsh and focused on making money and they are sometimes too timid for it. However, they have their intuition to guide them.

Everything about creativity makes them tick. But when it comes to determination and consistency, they are not the best. They are more about visuals and immortalizing beauty.

Their sense of humor may not always be in tune with the trends in society. But they know the human behavior very well, so their jokes will probably stick. While they will laugh when others are being funny, they will most of the time seem spaced out.

Many will not understand them when they are like this. But these Pisces need to dream, or reality will simply overwhelm them. The fact that they grow dependent of others is unavoidable.

Moon Pisces individuals are smooth and lovable and they care about those around them very much. And when it comes to meeting new people, they immediately make them their friends. But if they won’t learn how to no longer absorb others’ feelings so easily, they will end up not knowing what’s in their own heart.

However, the fact that they can feel what they haven’t experienced can help them be amazing actors. If they are too shy for this job, they could try becoming writers or painters.

Pisces Sun Pisces Moon people feel more energized when they are thinking an ideal world is possible. When they feel a deep connection between people or people and other creatures, between concepts and things, they start experiencing the true force of our existence.

It’s in their nature to go beyond the normal and the mundane, beyond everything that’s material. If they want to be happy, Pisces Sun Pisces Moon individuals need to be spiritual and connected to different planes of reality.

But this means they will always be confused, deceived and not sure about their own identity or limits. They will not know where things begin and end when it comes to their own person. They will refuse reality and create one of their own in order to feel comfortable.

A love out of this world

Sun Pisces simply don’t know how to be of this world. But the fact that they are transcendental makes them more emotional, imaginative and even romantic. Their partner will be showered in gifts and all kind of attentions.

But for this to happen, things have to be easygoing and for them to not feel tied down. If their partner is too restrictive, Pisces Sun Pisces Moon natives prefer to leave.

They can either break up or be present in the relationship only with their body and not with their mind. And it’s strange to be with someone who isn’t involved all body and soul.

Moon Pisces are absolute dreamers. They need to bring magic in everything they are doing, from their relationship to everyday activities. It’s absolutely necessary their partner understands their need to withdraw in a world of fantasy when they are feeling too stressed and overwhelmed.

In people with this Moon, intuition and strong instincts are combined greatly, making them very sensitive to what their partner is going through emotionally. That’s why it’s important everything surrounding them is peaceful and serene.

It doesn’t matter what their lover’s Sun sign is, he or she needs to understand and accept that Moon Pisces are the most empathetic people of the entire zodiac and this comes with great benefits but also a great responsibility.

The Pisces Sun Pisces Moon man

The man with the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Pisces is dualistic and too complex for others to understand him easily. He thinks deeply and sometimes feels like the world is a place too weird for him.

That’s why he withdraws in his own fantasy and people can no longer reach him. But many will open easily to him because he’s kind and likes to listen. While he’s very well on his own due to his great intuition, he still wants to develop close relationships and to have a social life as active as possible.

Most of the time, the Pisces Sun Pisces Moon man is flexible, curious and someone whom others can trust completely. His Moon makes him open to any kind of suggestions and oddities.

Many would see this as a weakness because he never seems bothered by what others ask of him. But it’s more of an attitude and a philosophy based on being careless and as free as possible.

As long as no one is bothered or hurt, the Moon Pisces man will let things happen on their own. A lot of his friends will think this is something unusual, but for him it would only be normal.

Because he pays attention to others more than he pays to himself, he will have great friendships that will last a lifetime. When it comes to his job, he won’t mind working hard and paying attention to every little detail.

His mind is sharp, responsive and fast. The fact that he relies so much on what his gut is telling him makes this guy a mystic in the eyes of others. Filtering information through his emotions and being very creative, he can see deeper into things. He will always be motivated and a great thinker. He would do an amazing job as an artist of any kind.

The Pisces Sun Pisces Moon woman

When a lady has both her Sun and her Moon in Pisces, in her natal chart, she’s the same as her male counterpart: dualistic and difficult. She tends to also be analytical of her own emotions and ideas.

No one can stop her from contemplating all the time. She may be so lost in her own dreams that the world seems a strange and too colorful place.

This girl tends to isolate and not allow others to reach her anymore. On the other hand, she’s smooth and friendly, but only with those she considers friends.

Independent and self-reliant, the Pisces Sun Pisces Moon woman still craves the warmth of a relationship. Sociable, trustworthy and fun, she will have many friends with whom she will often go out.

The Moon in Pisces means she’s empathetic and can absorb what others are feeling just like a sponge absorbs water. This lady has a strongly developed intuition. Not to mention she can see beyond the materialistic existence. Many astrologers say that she has something like a sixth sense that helps her deal with problems and people she finds difficult.

But those who are insensitive and not polite can deeply hurt her. She has a chaotic behavior from time to time, yet she would never say something wrong to anyone. If she’s to be coupled with a cold partner who can’t keep his word, she will immediately leave because she’s looking for someone sensitive, like her.

As soon as she has found someone appropriate, you can trust she will commit and be loyal as her responsibilities and duties are very important to her.

Believing in herself and what her gut is telling her, the woman with both the Sun and the Moon in Pisces is intelligent and perceptive. As a matter of fact, these are two of her most important qualities. She’s a thinker who will always analyze things in depth.

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