Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon: A Conservative Personality

Helpful and hardworking, the Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon personality will not disappoint, especially in difficult moments when these people come with amazing solutions.

Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon

Those born with their Sun in Pisces and their Moon in Capricorn are often described as nice, gentle and all the time sweet.

After all, they are the combination between the sensitive and intuitive Pisces and the conservative, ambitious Capricorn.

Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Ambitious, organized and generous;
  • Negatives: Obnoxious, slow and discriminating;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is logical and straightforward;
  • Advice: There are moments in life when work should come second.

Personality traits

Pisces are emotional and timid, Capricorns are reserved and true traditionalists. However, when these two signs combine their energies, their natives are confident, driven and purposeful without being superficial or too attached to the materialistic side of life.

While very down-to-earth, they are never rude or too insisting. Discretion is what characterizes them most of the time.

When it comes to their success, they will use their intuition and be as practical, honorable and responsible as possible.

Being organized is what characterizes them the most. These guys are truly aware of what they need to do and they would never avoid duties.

They will pay much importance to the financial aspect because their development depends on how they are handling their money. The richer, the more secure they will feel.

When they will be cautious and prudent, they will prove more self-restraint and less panicky behavior. What these natives want the most is to shine at work and to obtain a high position in society. It’s very possible they will be workaholics.

They can achieve pretty much everything they set their mind to because they can focus and know what hard work means. It’s easy for them to see the big picture because they don’t want to bother themselves with too many details.

That’s why they make good managers but they need stop underrating themselves. Also to not worry so much about things that are not so important. While very aware of their own limits, it’s important that they allow themselves to think they can do more.

Instead of appreciating themselves, they brood and think only about what makes them imperfect. And most of the time, they are only imagining things. It would be wise if they would allow their imagination to roam and to dream freely.

It’s true the course of their life is being pessimistic and cynical, but they need to overcome this. As creative people, Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon people can be successful artists if only they would stop being so gloomy and restrictive.

While very emotional from the Pisces’ influence, they can become depressed and miserable from the Goat’s side. Being negative and melancholic has never helped anyone. The famous imagination of the Pisces would only be entrapped by the traditionalist and cautious Capricorn.

While confident and self-reliant on the outside, people with this Sun Moon combination are in fact vulnerable and insecure on the inside. Their insecurities would emerge ever since their youth and even from early on during childhood.

That’s why they are so focused on their career as adults: they want to overcome their deepest fears and have a secure life. It’s possible they will end up running their own business because they are determined.

As Capricorns, they tend to be tyrannical but their Pisces’ side won’t allow them to. As a matter of fact, they are most of the time sympathetic and kind.

As far as their work goes, they need an organized environment and to do things the old-fashioned way. It wouldn’t matter how independent and self-reliant they are, these Pisces still need structure.

They are good with business because they’re intuitive and aware of people’s intentions. But it’s essential they become more free and in tune with their own feelings.

Opening up sometimes can be of great help. The more they will hold in frustration, anger and disappointment, the harder they will make life for themselves.

Love is a complex business

When it comes to love, they are not like others. The Capricorn in them brings a certain coldness that they want to defeat by being more romantic and dreamy. These natives need a partner who brings them security or they won’t get to know what real intimacy means.

Not to mention they have to love themselves before even getting to know true love. But when they will feel like they are involved in something serious, they can reveal a very romantic side of themselves.

Sun Pisces are highly empathetic, they are like sponges of feelings and this means they are capable of romance and understanding. However, their lover will feel neglected seeing them caring more about the homeless down the street than of their relationship.

These guys need to set some limits to how giving they can be. This will help them eliminate all the negative influences in their life. Not to mention they will be more focused on their goals and romance.

It’s normal for them to always have a deep connection with the unseen world. This is one of their main traits. Moon Capricorns are known for not being very emotional. They are cautious and very composed.

Ruled by Saturn, they are also very committed and dutiful, it’s normal for them to treat their partner with respect. But it’s possible they’ll become distant and defensive from time to time.

However, they can always be counted on for they never shy away from their responsibilities. They usually don’t need other people because they are good on their own. Their main fear is to show they are somehow vulnerable.

The Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon man

Throughout his life, this man will be very influenced by what happened in his childhood. He needs a secure background if he’s to be happy. Not that his wisdom won’t be present in him all the time, even as a child.

The older he gets, the more his emotions seem to get younger. While he will be ahead of many when it comes to understanding people, he will still be worried.

Even when successful, this guy thinks he’s not good enough. He will imagine the stocks he invested in will fall or that he’ll be bald in his thirties. It’s the Sun in Pisces that makes him think this way.

The subconscious of people in this sign is very active. If he wants to be happy, the Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon man needs to live near water and to allow himself some free time.

He should focus less on what makes him worry because he can obsess over things. When he falls in love, he usually goes for women who are not making as much money as him. If he will feel he doesn’t control his lady, he will panic.

Being the knight in shining armor is what makes him tick. Very attentive, the Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon man will make breakfast for his girl every morning.

When she will ask him to borrow her money, he won’t hesitate to do so, even if she’s probably using it to meet with another man. He can be a real mess if he falls for the wrong person.

He will wait for hours for his lover to return home and not ask her a thing about where she has been. It’s like he deserves all the deception that comes with a cheating partner.

What characterizes him the most is his kindness and an ability to make a lot of money, not to mention how perfect he is in the role of head of family.

The Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon woman

The woman with the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Capricorn is the worrier of the zodiac. She cares about everything, including the environment and animals in need. What she believes in can sometimes be contradicting.

As far as her planetary guidance goes, she has the helpful nature of her Sun and the distant but hardworking character of her Moon.

It’s possible she will work hard her entire life to have a good position in the society and then, in one moment, she will give everything she has managed to raise to charity. It will be how she will get revenge for all the years in which her Moon has made her work so hard.

And it goes the same way with love, she will be devoted and tolerant for years and in one second, no mistake of her partner will unforgiven. It’s very confusing to understand her and her inner conflicts.

As a young person, she probably has been the most ambitious and determined. But older, she won’t allow herself to be so pushy anymore.

At a mature age, she will most likely be distant and suspicious of everyone. It’s important a man catches her while she’s still young. But she needs to be treated with respect for she’s moody and pessimistic.

Whatever life will bring her, the Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon woman will always be the perfect employee and the most appreciated boss. As a mother, she will raise her children to be disciplined. But she will still be loving because Pisces Sun people know how to be affectionate and supportive on the long term.

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