Pisces Sun Aries Moon: An Intuitive Personality

With a penchant for novelty, the Pisces Sun Aries Moon personality will reinvent the world several times a day and will wish to go on crazy adventures.

Pisces Sun Aries Moon

People born with their Sun in Pisces and their Moon in Aries combine the intuition of former with the courage of the latter. This means they are romantic poets who can fight for what they believe in with no problem.

What they need to learn from life is to still be efficient at working for themselves while caring for what others are feeling.

Pisces Sun Aries Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Caring, knowledgeable and principled;
  • Negatives: Stubborn, victimizing and impulsive;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who will temper and take good care of them;
  • Advice: If you wish to get respect, you need to earn it through consistency in actions.

When they are loving and caring for themselves, they are capable of becoming the persons they have always wanted, but taking others into consideration is very important too. If careful enough, they will most likely have respect for themselves and at the same time for others.

Personality traits

Charming, astute and always interested in the arts, Pisces Sun Aries Moon people can convince anyone of anything. It seems like they have a sixth sense based on their intuition.

That’s why they will carefully choose with whom they are spending their time. Because they are intelligent and crafty, they would make great engineers.

When it comes to being understanding, kind and generous, they are like this especially with themselves. These guys will always look after their own interests and make sure they are fulfilling all of their own needs.

It’s not that they don’t give importance to others, they only think of themselves as the most important. What they want from life is security. And their intuition keeps telling them they will have it.

Ambitious and intense on the inside, the Pisces Sun Aries Moon people are timid and self-restrained on the outside. They have the sensitivity and emotionality of the Pisces and the hastiness of the Aries.

Usually modest-looking, they won’t impress through appearance but more with their honesty and capacity to take decisions very fast. Independent and capable of making it on their own, you’ll never see them helpless or in trouble.

When they want something, these people usually use their charm and obtain it. And they can convince people of anything because they are clever, perceptive and know how to negotiate.

Their way of feeling what others can’t, will help them choose their friends wisely. Just like all Moon Arieses, they are impulsive and take risks just to have some fun but this can also cause them trouble.

Learning some patience and how to keep things happening more slowly would help them a lot. Pisces are usually timid and not all decisive when it comes to taking action.

But these people know only how to follow their dreams and to engage in new projects. Because they don’t want to make people who are weak to feel bad, they have the guilt feeling whenever they are acting aggressively.

It’s not their way to be fulfilled by conquering in an easy manner. Others could learn a lot from this behavior of theirs. The fact that their Sun is in Pisces and their Moon in Aquarius makes them good leaders and really efficient at charitable or people-servicing jobs.

Therefore, they could be great managers of hospitals and even doctors. Not to mention they are smart enough for these careers. Because they carry the Aries’ strength of character and the Pisces’ vision and self-expression, they could be great artists too.

But they need to overcome their inhibitions before anything else. Only this way, they will manage to put their fast mind to work. However, they would need to first take care of their own needs.

They are capable of great sympathy, but they are too self-protective to ever go over themselves. There’s the risk they’ll become condescending and help people just to feed their own ego. Their mind is focused on fairness and is always on alert.

They’re intuitive and they only trust their own knowledge and principles. Pisces Sun Aries Moon natives prefer to keep things to themselves and so theirs will never know a thing about their private life.

When it comes to forming an opinion about people and situations, they hurry to judge. It’s impossible for them to grow dependent on someone or something. Each time their intervention is required, they get out of their little world and start helping. But they will do it from a distance and be very proud about it. What makes them tick is their self-respect coupled with their independence.

People usually trust them because they’re consistent and serious. It’s important they live a calm and quiet life and that they don’t allow their aggressiveness to surface.

They are authoritative but at the same time flexible. Many will be confused by this. Understanding and capable of supporting others when they are feeling down, these Pisces will always protect themselves first and foremost by hiding under a very strong exterior shell. They would be good as businesspeople because they are very aggressive when negotiating.

Not to mention they prefer to talk figures rather than abstract concepts and unrealistic ideas. Their ability to sort things out coupled with their managerial skills will always help them make a lot of money.

An agitated lover

When it comes to love, Pisces Sun Aries Moon people are very caring and eager to spend the rest of their life with someone. But their partner can easily offend them with only one misspoken word.

They have a temper and get angry very fast. Not understanding what’s going on can cause them frustration and anxiety. Depending on what sign their partner is, they are the ones always more likely to be hurt.

Sun Pisces are empathetic creatures so this means they are very sensitive as lovers. Also that they can satisfy their other half without trying too much. The downside of this is that they can lose themselves when acquiring their partner’s emotions.

Not to mention how dangerous it is for them to end up with people who are not so well-intentioned. When reality is too harsh, Sun Pisces simply escape in a world of fantasy and refuse to come out.

People with their Moon in Aries are passionate and want someone who’s the same. They like to fight, so it’s possible they will begin arguing at the first sign of boredom.

These people need to do something constructive if they are to consume their energy in the most productive ways. Their partner should understand they are impulsive and a little bit careless. Pisces make great couples with Water and Earth signs because they would have symbiotic relationships.

If they happen to have their Moon in Aries, they also need a partner capable to deal with their passion and emotionality. Craziness in love is something very present in them. When too comfortable with a person, they usually start feeling like they want to run away as far away as possible.

The Pisces Sun Aries Moon man

The Pisces Sun Aries Moon man is passionate and creative. He wants to have a purpose in life and his ideals are high. Because he thinks of the world in the way he wants to see it, he can sometimes forget all about reality.

This specific Pisces is more determined than others in the same sign but with the Moon in other signs. So he won’t have the same problems as other Fish. While still sensitive, he also knows how to impose himself and become the boss.

He appreciates people in power and those who can stand next to their principles. But he can hurt people without realizing, even when trying to do the exact opposite thing. So he will have some problems with others, sometimes. It’s very likely many will see him as this strong and peaceful character.

He dreams big and he knows how to put his ideas into practice. He can be thoughtful and calculated while at the same time impulsive and very courageous. He shouldn’t be played with or he’ll reveal a very nasty behavior.

It’s not impossible he will overreact and get his revenge in ways others don’t even imagine. Because he likes to observe the human behavior, he will know when to use people’s weaknesses in order to make them regret they have crossed him.

The Pisces Sun Aries Moon woman

The woman under the Pisces Sun Aries Moon combination is strong and at the same time feminine. She trusts herself and doesn’t depend on anyone. Don’t expect her to wait for a knight in shining armor. She’s more the practical type.

No one can control her and she will speak loudly about her hopes and dreams. People will admire her for being herself. This lady will never change her ways. While sensitive and empathetic, she will be kind to others.

Her imagination and determination will make her want fame. But she will doubt her talents very much, so she should be less insecure. When it comes to love, this lady is more direct and passionate than most Pisces.

Instinctive, she can get to the root of problems without struggling. Because she’s interested in philosophy and religion, she will probably do yoga and meditate in order to transcend.

She’s idealistic and has strong beliefs. While open to interact with others, the Pisces Sun Aries Moon woman will never be convinced to change her ways and how she thinks.

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