Pisces Sun Aquarius Moon: A Cordial Personality

Appearing innocent, the Pisces Sun Aquarius Moon personality is way deeper than one can imagine and unravels slowly and only to those who are worth it.

Pisces Sun Aquarius Moon

People born with the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Aquarius are bold and real conquerors. It’s the emotional and highly sensitive Pisces combining with the independent, open and original Aquarius, so you can imagine what an attractive personality this produces.

Anyone would love to be in the company of these people because they are always positive and have a good word to say to literally everyone. Since they make friends very easily, it’s possible you’ll find them in large groups, playing the role of those who bring everyone together.

Pisces Sun Aquarius Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Observant, dependable and caring;
  • Negatives: Pessimistic, fixed and dismissive;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who stands by them and is not jealous;
  • Advice: Don’t let yourself overwhelmed by other people’s emotions.

Personality traits

Pisces Sun Aquarius Moon natives change moods very easily: they are cordial and humorous one minute, the next silent and completely spaced out.

People matter very much to them, so they don’t want to scare their friends away with their chaotic and unpredictable behavior. Not to mention they like everyone to be their friend for a lifetime.

Because they are innocent, alluring and display a transcendental aura, the opposite sex will want them in bed all the time. As they give a lot of importance to more than one person at once, it’s possible they will have more than one partner simultaneously.

The Sun and the Moon combine very well when one is Pisces and the other Aquarius. This mix makes for intuitive, attentive and sensitive people from the Pisces’ influence, and independent, friendly, imaginative ones from the Aquarius’.

You will never see them agitated, impolite or unfriendly. All these natives want is to make the world a better place. The Sun rules over energy levels and the way people see themselves. It usually makes from the house where it’s placed an epicenter.

Its energy is masculine and depicts a father figure. That’s why it shows how the relationships of a person is with men and who they consider a father figure.

The Sun has connections with how much people trust their own abilities and how egos, together with personalities are being expressed.

When in Pisces, its energies combine with the ones of Neptune. This means the influence of this planet over the Sun will be of a feminine but quite latent energy. Pisces makes any Sun smoother because people born in this sign are the most spiritual and shy in the zodiac.

They have no connection with reality because they are always dreaming or thinking of arts and their own fantasies. Sun in Pisces natives are the least egotistical and most self-sacrificing. They will always give up their hopes and dreams in order to make others happy.

Moon Aquariuses are the observants of the zodiac. They like to study the human behavior and to see what people would do when they are facing different tough situations.

They are usually easygoing and a little bit timid, especially when they are young. It’s not known what makes them so different. It could be their personality or the way they respond to different stimuli.

While enjoying the company of others, these guys are still loners. Their egos are strong and they are very protective of their own feelings. Their main purpose in life is to be different and to separate themselves from the crowd.

It’s often they are feeling lonely or that they don’t fit in. Their ideals are high and their minds progressive so that’s why so many people admire them very much.

What they hate the most are irrationality, possessiveness and jealousy. You will never see them having these traits or feeling sorry for themselves. And they run away from those who act erratically. They just close themselves and become very distant when facing them.

The more friends they will have, the more successful their business will be. Especially since they can influence anyone to do what they want. The fact that they are good-looking and kind will help the Pisces Sun Aquarius Moon people convince anyone of anything.

Active and independent, these guys militate for freedom but at the same time are very committed to the ones they care about. They believe in their own abilities and talents. Their self-confidence, coupled with determination, will help them achieve what they want in life. And they will work hard to make their dreams come true.

While moody, they still have strong beliefs and are capable of convincing others to help them fulfill their own goals. You will never see them wasting their time with something they are not interested in.

This Sun Moon combination is one of emotionality and intellectuality. When these traits get together, people who have them are wise and usually successful.

A logical lover

Sun Pisces see beyond what everyone perceives touches. They are very sensitive and aware of the fact there’s a greater purpose to life. That’s why they are very good at doing something creative and caring for others.

Their shadow is about escaping into a different plane of reality and avoiding reality. How they manifest their awareness makes them either very romantic or completely uninterested in their partner’s feelings and needs. Or they could be both.

Their lover should realize that while they seem to live in the present, they are in fact dreaming with their eyes open.

Pisces Sun Aquarius Moon natives are open to feel just like other people do. However, they are rather good observers and not first-hand experimenters. Their logical way of thinking makes others see them as cold and completely missing emotions.

They are capable to love and to stay next to a person for a lifetime, but they are not the most affectionate. As long as they are not feeling tied down, they will be calm and supportive.

As soon as their partner will want them to do the same things all over again, they will immediately start to show their rebellious side.

The Pisces Sun Aquarius Moon man

The man with his Sun in Pisces and Moon in Aquarius is serious and a little bit shy. Sincere and respectful himself, he expects the same from others.

When looking into his eyes, anyone can notice how wise and flexible he can be. A humanitarian, this guy’s main concern is to make the world a better place. He will always be present at protests and talk about politics, philosophy and religion with a passion that can’t be seen in other people.

Many famous revolutionaries are born in the Pisces Sun Aquarius Moon combination. But don’t think this is all that he is for he can be a great scientist or psychologist. It’s true his personality is a little bit confusing, but overall he’s got a great character.

After all, he combines the sensitivity and gentleness of the Pisces with the intellectuality, uniqueness and sociability of the Aquarius. Many will think he’s coming from the past because he’s a classic.

Because he has moods, he can confuse when he’s one moment happy and the other depressed. He needs to be left alone to think and experiment things on his own if he’s to be happy.

He will try many lines of work before he will find what suits him best. It’s possible he will be a spiritual guru or get involved with the occult because he believes in these things and feels like he has a special mission.

When someone wants attention and to be loved, the Pisces Sun Aquarius Moon man simply runs away. That’s why he will treat his lover like a companion. It’s essential his lady understands that he’s an intellectual with unconventional ways. But all in all, he will get along with anyone because he’s patient and doesn’t hold grudges.

The Pisces Sun Aquarius Moon woman

The Pisces Sun Aquarius Moon woman is a humanitarian who will always get involved in all kind of philanthropic activities. Because she makes friends easily, she will be successful in any business and at work.

Even complete strangers will become her acquaintances in a moment. In spite of her friendliness, she still needs to be independent and to act alone. She doesn’t like routine and is moody without any reason.

Her progressive way of thinking is one of her biggest qualities. When this lady believes in something, she becomes the most dedicated and committed person in the world.

When she’s convinced someone or something is worth fighting for, she will use all of her talents to make sure what she supports is made known to the entire world.

But if she doesn’t feel so passionate about a cause, a person or a product, it will be almost impossible for her to be effective at presenting it. Intellectuality and emotionality combine very well in this girl. She won’t exaggerate in neither of these directions. She will be not too cold and at the same time not too touchy.

Her Moon in Aquarius suggests determination from a very young age. The older she will get, the more she will be capable to make her dreams come true. But no matter if an adolescent, an adult or a senior, she will always be independent. Her Sun is rather quiet, her Moon wants to experiment a lot, especially when things become too comfortable.

It wouldn’t matter where or with whom, this lady will always be proud of her family. If they will be too conservative, she will most likely rebel against them.

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