Pisces Snake: The Gracious Friend Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality traits of Pisces born in Snake year

Pisces Snake
  • The dates of the Pisces zodiac sign are between February 19 and March 20.
  • The Snake years are: 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025.
  • They have the best organizational skills among everyone else.
  • The Pisces Snake woman is individualistic and ambitious.
  • Hidden and secretive, the Pisces Snake man is a great judge of character.

The Pisces Snake is a very perceptive person, these people have a powerful intuition and love to take care of others. If you meet a Piscean, you have to be sure that, somehow, they will mark your life due to their grace and friendly personality.

You will recognize a Pisces Snake after their ability to easily make friends, because they know how to maintain a friendship and how to win the respect of people around by saying the right words at the right moments.

The Shrewd Pisces Snake Personality

The Pisces Snake natives are one of the most sociable zodiac sign thanks to their capability to adapt their personality and behavior in every context and situation. Because of that, the Piscean can be also named “the Chameleon”.

Furthermore, the Piscean Snakes are really deep individuals, which means that they have a larger perspective on reality, and sometimes they even create their own reality, and because of that, they have the impression that others can’t possibly be able to understand them.

Because they are ambitious and creative, they will work hard to advance in professional life, but thanks to honesty and kindness, they will never trample on somebody’s toes to reach the top.

Moreover, the Pisces Snake is surrounded in mystery and cuteness, and he or she uses this as an advantage to escape from any critical situations. Furthermore, the way these people expresses themselves is very profound and enchanting, affecting the partner to the very core.

Top Characteristics: Intelligent, Hard-Working, Honest, Impressionable.

This native is intelligent and impetuous, and because of that, he seeks to enjoy every opportunity that will propel him to a luxurious and comfortable life.

If you want to truly love this zodiac sign, you should know that you have to support him or her unconditionally in every aspect of their life, and in return they will appreciate your efforts infinitely.

A Pisces Snake is very careful and you will see that in how they behave with their close ones, and being really sensible, it is possible that they don’t find their place in the real environment, which makes him liable to hide in the best version of his ideal universe.

If you want to live with this zodiac sign, you have to know that they have the best organizational skills among everyone else, and that is something that you should really appreciate if you want to have a happy relationship.

Because they like to spend a lot of time in his career, they don’t take care of their partners and their partner’s feelings.

These individuals are in love with travelling, finding new and beautiful things and places which can feed their soul and mind in a deep and meaningful manner.

Another characteristic of Pisces is laziness, but they manage to solve every problem in time using some well-thought out tricks.

Perfect careers for Pisces Snake: Education, Journalism, Design, Medicine.

You need to know that this sign can sometimes be really possessive and obsessive, and they won’t easily give up on what they deeply think about or loves. Also, they always keep promises, and they expect you to do the same, so prepare to confront their anger if you don’t do it.

Under no circumstances are you allowed to make a mistake in this regard, because if you do, and they will eventually find out, things are going to get very ugly, very fast, and you probably won’t be able to escape unscathed.

Being possessive with the partner will transform the Piscean in a jealous monster, which can be a source of problems in their relationship, and this can, in turn, cause a long chain of bad memories they have to struggle with, the entire life.

It’s a problem that seems to have no end in sight, and only by patience, calm meditation and the support of loved ones, could they manage to get a hold of this defect.

Love – Revealed

The Pisces Snake is loyal and faithful in relationships, even if sometimes he may look like he doesn’t spend enough time with the partner, or if he even cares about her.

You should consider yourself a lucky person if you are chosen by a Piscean Snake, because they animate your life and will make your personality flourish and bloom anew.

Of course, a Pisces Snake likes to offer appreciation and gratitude to his partner, and he even has the ability and strength to give up on his friends for his soulmate.

If he wants a long relationship with you, he has the power to put you on a pedestal and makes you feel like a royal person.

Even in spite of that, it is hard to convince a Piscean to get married without knowing you perfectly before, because he wants to be sure that you deserve all his attention.

But sometimes, too much attention can be a problem, so you should explain to him calmly and with great care that at some moments, everyone needs an independent life without restrictions.

Most compatible with: Taurus Rooster, Cancer Rooster, Cancer Ox and Capricorn Ox.

Pisces Snake Woman Characteristics

The Pisces Snake woman is very good in leading positions, and being very clever, she manages to be a successful business woman or someone who deals with organizational events.

She is very ambitious, so you may know that she always achieves her goals and has the ability to do that with hard-working abilities and not with tricky manners. You shouldn’t lie to a Piscean woman, because she will know and she can make you admit it, whether you want it or not.

To further explain how ambitious and industrious she is, think about the fact that she is a really stubborn and fixed individual, barely admitting that someone else could possibly be right. Could such a woman be lacking in willpower and confidence? Certainly not, and that is obvious from the get-go.

She is also able to create steady and enduring relationships, but only if she doesn’t mix up her feelings, emotional reflexes, into business matters, because otherwise her possessiveness will break up everything in the most disastrous of ways

Even more, because she enjoys socializing, she can easily make friends, but she should be careful nevertheless, because she can lose herself in all those social relationships pretty quickly.

Her communication skills help her in the professional and personal life, and her psychological ability to manage emotions helps her to face any depression-inducing situation and live a happy life without a care in the world.

Celebrities under the sign of Pisces Snake: Floyd Mayweather Jr., Chris Martin, Robin Thicke, Kristin Davis, Michael Bolton, Amanda Blake, Frank Gehry.

Pisces Snake Man Characteristics

The Pisces Snake man is calm and kind, but he can become dangerous when you will provoke him. In a relationship, he keeps his interest only if he thinks that her partner is compatible with him and his ideas, and if she has the ability to intrigue him at all.

He has the capability to read you easily, so he is the right person to be a friend with and make confessions, because he has the wisest pieces of advice that anyone could ever give you. And that’s promise, right here and now!

Furthermore, he is very intelligent and charming, and due to this he can have a lot of success in his career, when he can present himself in flesh and bones in front of the world, leaving nothing else uncovered or hidden.

If you want a relationship with this zodiacal sign, you have to know that he will observe and analyse you entirely, with nothing left out, and even after he agrees for you to have a couple with him, you may still not know if he trust you fully.

After all, when did the Pisces ever trust someone so readily and without spending some time to get to know them? In general, though, it would be a good idea for them to rely on their more than adequate instincts and gut feelings when choosing a partner.

It will most definitely not fail. Emotions and feelings are to be freely released and not inhibited, as this could create anxieties and fears, which are not good in the least.

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