Pisces Rooster: The Graceful Helper Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

What you need to know about Pisces born in Rooster year

Pisces Rooster
  • The Pisces dates are between February 19 and March 20.
  • The Rooster years are: 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029.
  • Traditional but also flexible, these people are going to surprise when least expected.
  • With an inquisitive nature, the Pisces Rooster woman loves to remain informed.
  • Funny and kind, the Pisces Rooster man will both help you with your troubles and with making fun of them.

In the Chinese zodiac, the Rooster represents people who are flashy, loud and always seeking attention. People born in this sign are always going be a little bit this way, no matter what the Western zodiac says.

In Pisces, the eccentricity of the Rooster is turned into artistic talent. People who are ruled by both these signs will always have a great taste and a keen eye for details.

The Elegant Pisces Rooster Personality

Adaptable, Pisces Roosters will know how to make it out of any situation because they can change and be how others or the environment require them to be. And they can do this very fast too.

Friendly and open, these guys will have many friends on whom they can rely. And they are helpful themselves too, if the situation asks them to be.

Their creative imagination and attention to details will help the Pisces Roosters deal with anyone and anything.

They have an optimistic air and they see the world in a more beautiful light than the rest of the people. They are able to see a purpose when things are hopeless, and beauty in the ugliest things.

Their adventure seeking spirit makes them more mysterious and charming. As far as their career goes, these people like to display their talents and show others how good they are at doing something.

Top Characteristics: Enthusiastic, Considerate, Tolerant and Mysterious.

Generally, they don’t walk out on any chance to let people know about their amazing ideas and incredible skills. Because they come up with creative concepts at work, bosses will always admire and respect them. They have great chances of becoming managers themselves.

The Rooster makes the Pisces more lively and open, while the Pisces helps the Rooster be more flexible. Traditional, interesting, honest and keeping to themselves, Pisces Roosters like to be spoiled and seen as someone special.

They are more available to talks than other Pisces and other Roosters altogether. They take others’ opinions into consideration and they appreciate when someone gives his or her opinion.

People in these signs will always want to make new friends and help others. They like to socialize, but only when they have the time.

Because they are so creative, they have many hobbies and interests, and they need time for themselves. Always dressed nicely and trying to make an impression, they will care about their appearance no matter where they may be going or what they may be doing.

They have sharp minds but they often find themselves dreaming with their eyes open, which can lower their concentration on mundane tasks. You will often see them gazing or staring into space, even when they are at the office.

They are sincere and they like to say everything as it actually is. But because they have this thing when they just dream, they can often forget about what they have promised.

Rooster Pisces can be quite enigmatic, not many people being able to understand what is going on with them.

They don’t allow for their inner world to be perceived by others and they are constantly wearing a mask through which no one can see who they actually are. Professionally, they are intelligent and a little bit selfish.

At work, it will always be about them. They will pursue only their own ideas, will try and make something only out of what they’ve thought of. Elegant and attractive, their opinions on style and beauty will always be appreciated.

Considering life to be a calm sea, Pisces Roosters can often lack will in doing things on the long run. Many of them are hoarders just because they can’t find the courage to throw away memories.

Perfect careers for Pisces Rooster: Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Music, Programming, Astronomy.

They like to surround themselves with familiar things that remind them each of something good. It is possible they will have a pet too as they are caring and loving. They will be rather eager to have children but they want to have gained more patience when they take this big step.

Perfectionists, Pisces Roosters will try hard to make things work. When something bad happens and it’s partly their fault, they never take the blame. They will defend themselves to the point at which they will burst into tears of anger.

When they are younger they can easily fall under the influence of not so positive characters. This weakness in their personality doesn’t last for too long, but it can get activated when they would need something else in their life.

The more they grow older, the more aware they become of the people who would only cause them to have a bad behavior. They also have the tendency to spend too much time with a plan.

And this can be really annoying. While Pisces Rooster are often absent and lost in a world no one knows anything about, they can surprise and appear active when they’re the most needed. This is because their conscience won’t leave them alone.

Love – Uncovered

Love life is not that important for the people born in Pisces the year of the Rooster. They may go through a few relationships, but nothing too consistent. They pay very much importance to the wooing stage.

As they are interested in all the details, they can often see only defects in the person they care about. It is a mistake that they can’t see one positive thing in someone who would be a great match for them.

Anyone must accept both the bad and the good in a person if they want to have a relationship and be happy.

Most compatible with: Cancer Ox, Scorpio Snake, Capricorn Ox, Taurus Dragon, Capricorn Dragon.

Only while the partnerships develop, things can be fixed and made to be more functional. Instead, Pisces Roosters are romantic characters. When they’re involved with someone, they idealize everything, wanting to make the relationship perfect.

They will bring home great gifts and they’ll surprise the partner with romantic dinners and amazing dates. This is effective, especially in a marriage that has lasted for years.

Sentimental and sensible, they can get easily upset. These guys don’t trust they can make someone happy and thus, they need someone to always reassure them.

Pisces Rooster Woman Characteristics

Being like a magnet for anything mystical and unusual, the Pisces Rooster woman likes to study anything that falls into her hands.

She can be occupied with her career and family, but she will still find time to gain some knowledge. Many would say she’s lost and unhappy because of this, but things aren’t like that at all.

This lady simply loves to think and be informed. Determined and complex, the Pisces Rooster woman is interested only when there is something for her to study. You can usually find her working in a lab as a scientist, or in a hospital as a doctor. She never shares her thoughts and she doesn’t like to make new friends.

The ones that she has have the same passions as her. It is advised to understand the bigger picture and not pay so much attention to details anymore.

More than this, she should let go of her life from time to time. If this girl learns diplomacy and how to respect others, she will develop more fruitful relations.

Celebrities under the sign of Pisces Rooster: Quincy Jones, Michael Caine, Nina Simone, Javier Bardem, Josh Groban.

Pisces Rooster Man Characteristics

Generous and creative, the Pisces Rooster man has many talents and he’s incredibly sociable. He will always be helpful without expecting anything in return. This guy likes to do only what he wants and he will always explore the new and the unusual.

Routine is something that bothers him and this can lead to difficulties in him attaining a little bit more stability. He will make enough money and he will have jobs that aren’t boring.

Funny and kind, the Pisces Rooster man can come up with some innovative solutions to problems. If he doesn’t put all his strength and talents into achieving his goals one by one, he will not succeed.

He has many interests and he will always give work enough importance. It is advised that he has someone to love him and that he uses his spirituality. More than this, he should analyze all the aspects of a problem before making a decision.

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