Pisces Goat: The Soul Searcher Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality traits of Pisces born in Goat year

Pisces Goat
  • Pisces people celebrate their birthdays between February 19 and March 20.
  • The Goat years are: 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027.
  • Appreciative of tranquility, these natives sometimes isolate themselves.
  • The Pisces Goat woman is very protective of her family.
  • The Pisces Goat man is very good with his and other’s money.

Combining the Western astrological sign of the Pisces with the Chinese sign Goat, you obtain a person who is romantic and sweet. Pisces born in the year of the Goat are sociable and always charming.

They can communicate easily and they appreciate peace and tranquility. Some would say they have the talents abilities of mystics because they have this inner world where they retreat to deal with their problems. More than this, they love reading about metaphysical integration and soul searching.

The Tolerant Pisces Goat Personality

Observant, Pisces Goats will gain knowledge from everything that surrounds them. They are easygoing and they prefer to live in the moment rather than planning for the future.

Family and home are two of the most important things to them, and they are good caretakers who will support their loved ones no matter what.

They don’t like to be on the go and when they’ll move from home, they’ll get a place as close as possible to their family.

Pisces Goats have an unbelievable photographic memory, which makes them aware of every little detail. They hate it when people judge or criticize them and they do what they want, whenever they want.

Top Characteristics: Charming, Emotive, Independent, Possessive.

Rules don’t exist for them, and the ones they are aware of are meant to be broken. These people can be elusive and they definitely are surprising.

Things that seem unimportant to others move them and make them tick. They are so sensitive, they would even cry at romantic comedies. Kindhearted, these guys cultivate being kind and caring.

Everything that they do is filtered through their emotions and not their mind. It’s not common for them to take a logical approach on people and situations.

Because they control the way they respond to outer stimuli and they don’t allow themselves to be very sensitive about different issues, Pisces Goats will be calm even when they are the most upset.

This will make them seem much more mature than they actually are. They usually start their adulthood early in their life, and they get to understand how to deal with different problems from a very young age. This means they are adaptable and fast learners.

Not big fans or traveling because they enjoy the comfort of their own home, Pisces Goats will still like to change the scenery from time to time.

They are passionate about gardening, and everything that involves working outside in nature makes them feel good and relaxed. They also have a keen eye for antiques. Many of the things in their house will be collector’s items.

Don’t be fooled by their serene exterior. Inside, Pisces Goats are agitated and always suffering an existential crisis. They lack self-confidence and aren’t the most disciplined people in the world.

As far as their social interactions go, they are in constant need of love and approval from others to get by. One of their main weaknesses is the fact that they tend to believe everyone is like them.

If you are nice, they will start to trust you from the moment you have first smiled and exchanged a few words with them.

Despite the warnings of people who love and care about them, they will trust complete strangers, and people who are not so good-intended will always take advantage of their kindness.

Perfect careers for Pisces Goat: Design, Beauty, Writing, Hospitality.

Great friends, Pisces Goats will appreciate the people they have in their life like no one else. You can rely on them to be the shoulder on which you can cry.

They are able to understand what others are going through and they are capable of offering sound advice. This is why they are good at jobs where they need to be understanding, discrete and non-judgmental, like in human resources.

They put a great price on their own privacy and that of others, and they respect it. You can trust them with any of your secrets. When they have personal problems, they tend to keep them to themselves and that’s bad.

When someone they care about goes through tough times, they will get in trouble themselves, just to help that friend out. While naive and undisciplined, Pisces Goats are also extremely lucky.

Their main weakness could be the fact that they are too gullible and sometimes too easy on people who have hurt them. They need to get tougher and to learn how they could be less hurried in making decisions.

Love – Revealed

Sweet and kind, Pisces Goats tend to overdo things when they are in love. Their emotional needs seem like they never end, and it takes them a long time to get rid of a relationship, even when things no longer work.

They don’t like to be intimate with others because they psychologically distance themselves from people. But they will get married in the end, as they want a family and a comfortable home.

Most compatible with: Taurus Pig, Scorpio Pig, Taurus Rabbit, Cancer Horse, Scorpio Goat.

When they are in love, these guys go blind. They are unable to see any defect in their partner. If they aren’t assured and reassured their other half cares about them very much, they can get very depressed.

It is important that they learn from their breakups and not make the same errors when they get involved with the next person.

Pisces Goats don’t like being lonely. They prefer to be in a family, surrounded by children and pets. This is why they will often have two or three children with their partner.

Responsive and romantic when in a relationship, you can’t accuse a Pisces Goat for being neglectful with the person they love and care about.

When they get involved, they prefer to let their other half be in control. Loyal, they would never cheat on their partner and they expect the same thing back.

Pisces Goat Woman Characteristics

Strong and with a magnetism that is envied by others, the Pisces Goat woman is eloquent and attractive. She has great potential and she likes to take care of others. This is why she would be great as a doctor or as a healer.

Sensitive, if she would develop spiritually more, this lady would be a great leader. The fact that she has elevated levels of empathy makes her a great friend.

She can feel what other people are feeling and she has an incredible ability to love. As a matter of fact, the Pisces Goat woman is so full of love that she can have more than one romantic relationship in the same time.

If you want her to fall in love with you, you must be deep and mannered. It is advised that she evaluates her actions and understands the consequences of what she does. Only like this she will be ensure she chooses right in life.

Besides, she needs to constantly keep in touch with the people in her life as a temporary rupture with her friends and family may lead to complete isolation on her side.

Celebrities under the sign of Pisces Goat: George Harrison, Steve Jobs, Bruce Willis, Kurt Cobain, Oscar Isaac, Adam Levine, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Joel Madden.

Pisces Goat Man Characteristics

Fascinating and charming, the Pisces Goat man will not find it too difficult to attract the woman of his dreams. He is intuitive and deep, understanding others better than they even understand themselves.

Adventurous, this guy is an incurable romantic who will make any lady feel in love with him from the very first hello.

He is determined and courageous, and his creativity can help him distinguish himself from other people. Because he wants to be independent, the Pisces Goat man will try and make it without the help of others.

He is good with money, to the point of which he could take care of his and others’ finances. He is hardworking and he doesn’t like to build his career taking advantage of others.

It is advised that he learns how to control his feelings as he can be too emotional sometimes. Also, he must distribute his power equally before he sets a goal so he won’t be disappointed by failure.

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