Pisces Rabbit: The Spontaneous Socialite Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Essential guide to the personality of Pisces born in Rabbit year

Pisces Rabbit
  • Anyone born between February 19 and March 20 is a Pisces.
  • The Rabbit years are: 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023.
  • Procrastination is a favourite of these people but can lead them to disaster.
  • With a cheerful attitude, the Pisces Rabbit woman has specific goals in mind.
  • The Pisces Rabbit man is rather pragmatic when it comes to love matters.

These people borrow from the kindness and patience of the Rabbit Chinese animal and the steadiness of the Pisces.

They are delicate and dreamy but also surprise those around with how well they adapt to any difficulties them or those dear, encounter in life.

The Prodigious Pisces Rabbit Personality

The Rabbit Pisces is a very introverted and yet highly intelligent individual who has very, shall we say, weird interests, spiritual ones to be more precise.

Everything tied to mystery, enigmas and the occult, these are all areas in which he has a very keen interest in. Also, being as introspective as he is, prudency and patience are naturally something he is deeply attuned to.

The overall characteristics of these natives make it seem like it’s second nature to them, being tolerant and accepting of mostly everyone else that is.

As truly befits their personality, only those who are able to enjoy having a good time alone, in a solitary environment, can be their friends, true friends.

They aren’t very keen on going to overcrowded parties or social events, as it quickly drains away all batteries.

Top Characteristics: Introspective, Tolerant, Patient and Intuitive.

Very communicative, perceptive and quick-witted, as well as endowed with very strong imaginational skills, Pisces Rabbits are nonetheless prone to emotional instability if there’s no one to support and help them along the way.

If there is a chance for this native to reach success and attain true happiness, then it’s only through continuous intellectual effort and time well-spent.

This is precisely why, when planning for the future and having job prospects in mind, they will choose for something that fits their perks and proclivities.

Furthermore, if they are careful and organize the workspace in a systematic and user-friendly manner, stress and exhaustion are doomed to disappear and never make their appearance again.

In general, you will never hear a Pisces Rabbit say that he had no time doing something, or that he simply forgot about it. Under no circumstances will that happen, because he is deeply aware of his own timetable and the responsibilities that he has to bear.

Multitasking comes as easily as breathing to these adaptable geniuses in hiding, and while they may not particularly like having stuff to do, it’s still something that will be done, one way or another.

And one other thing is that, despite their limited social skills, the workplace and the people who work there are another thing altogether, and so they can easily play ball with everyone else.

Perfect careers for Pisces Rabbit: Music, Finance, Farming, Sports, Travel, Beauty.

Piscean Rabbits are the type of guys who will likely let everything around them crumble to dust and explode into a bloody mayhem, while being neutral and indifferent.

The thing is, while they are capable of having a back-and-forth confrontation, when it degenerates into the lower realms of vulgarity and violence, that’s the time to escape.

And escape they will, as fast as lightning and with an approach to die for. A politeness and kindness so utterly enervating and irritating that even the calmest and most peaceful of us will be annoyed as a result.

Doing things against their will, even if for future benefits, is not something they are very keen on, and this is something in line with their refusal to reach for harsh words when in a confrontation.

Even if the result would be a highly-sought one, it still goes against their code of conduct, and so it’s not an option.

Procrastination is one major flaw of these natives, one with the potential to bring about disaster upon disaster.

Idleness and constant inactivity are the true enemy of potential realization, doubly so for these solitary and meditative individuals. If they can’t get out of this state, things are bound to fall apart, in the most gruesome of ways.

Love – Uncovered

What these Piscean Rabbits are truly looking for in a partner is someone with a strong willpower and a steady mindset with whom to roam about the world with no worries.

Curiously, only when experiencing the strongest and most intense feeling of affection for someone, would the creative and idealistic aspect of these natives come to the surface.

Albeit highly solitary and introverted individuals, they don’t just settle with anyone that comes knocking on their door.

Solitude didn’t bring about despair or anything of the sort, so this selectivity and high-standards attitude doesn’t come as a surprise.

While they have high standards when choosing their partner, they also have the patience to keep exploring until they confirm their expectations.

In relationships, a Piscean Rabbit become very attached and sentimental with the partner, revealing every bit of their inner self to the peering eyes of the other.

Having full confidence and putting all their trust into someone should come as a result of observation and analysis. With this native, it comes as spontaneous and impulsive, and this leads to plenty of problems in time.

Most compatible with: Taurus Pig, Cancer Ram, Scorpio Ram, Capricorn Dog and Cancer Pig.

Pisces Rabbit Woman Characteristics

What a Piscean Rabbit woman is greatly known for is her ability to give her everything to achieve her dreams.

Goals are not supposed to be just optional objectives that you can put aside if you want. And she believes that, on the contrary, when having a purpose in mind, it means you have taken it upon yourself to attain it, with all sacrifices necessary.

Consequently, professional life can only go upwards, while money problems are no problems at all, since her financial status is also on the plus.

Sadly, because she is of a very sociable nature, aching to spread joy and happiness to the world, it can also pose a bit of a problem.

To be more specific, her opinions and thoughts about certain people may be influenced and indirectly altered by her social relationships. What she has to do is find a way to detach and look at things objectively, in order to have the best approach on things.

As we’ve said before, these natives are nothing if not springy and agile cats that just can’t stand on the spot even if you were to tie them up.

Always rushing to do everything in the most perfect manner and putting in great efforts, it can really become very stressful and exhausting.

But, with clear goals in mind and with a cheerful attitude, she can take upon the world, with enough support from loved ones and the acknowledgment of oneself.

Celebrities under the sign of Pisces Rabbit: Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Brooklyn Beckham, Kesha, Drew Barrymore, Eva Longoria, Kurt Russell.

Pisces Rabbit Man Characteristics

While some of you may call these natives the luckiest bunch on the planet, you may be right, seeing as though everything is basically fuel for their ascension to success.

The potential of every situation is revealed and taken advantage of fully, but only through effort and the sweat of their brow. Furthermore, in their social relationships, they are very understanding and have an intuitive know-how of the way others think and act.

Regarding emotions, Pisceans Rabbit men should learn to overcome their crippling anxieties and hesitant tendencies, because that’s a sure way to failure and disappointments.

Never truly being able to come to a resolute decision about anything, now that’s got to be a really harsh experience. And yet, that’s exactly the case here, more or less.

The only way to avoid this would be to find an opportunity to focus on, and strive to achieve it by any means necessary. That ought to do it.

In relationships, these natives begin a most surprising transformation, turning into sweet and affectionate lovers, devoted to the utmost limit to the partner, and allowing nothing and no one to cause her any harm.

Although this individual tends to pick his mate from a financial point of view, the way he behaves denotes that he ultimately has great feelings of love and compassion. And that’s what really matters.

To truly attain great heights and fructify their whole potential, some things are going to have to be worked on.

On one hand, those fears and irrational anxieties should be eliminated entirely, through whatever method they see fit. Usually, this stage of self-awareness and self-development comes later on, once enough experience has been accumulated.

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