Pisces Pig: The Buoyant Artist Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

What you need to know about Pisces born in Pig year

Pisces Pig
  • If you are born between February 19 and March 20 then you are a Pisces.
  • The Pig years are: 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031.
  • These people are highly observant and intuitive.
  • The Pisces Pig woman is fit to be a leader.
  • The Pisces Pig man thrives no matter what hardships life throws at him.

While keeping in mind that the Western Pisces is considered to be a very affectionate and sensitive individual who can effectively see what the others are feeling and their desires, it’s pretty obvious what happens when the Eastern Pig joins the ride, with their precognitive abilities and kind nature.

The result? A native who has all the cards they need in establishing long-lasting relationships with most people and actually help them become better with them.

Yes, they do have that kind of effect on people. No one knows what exactly is happening, but the truth is that most people around them feel as if they are more prepared to face up their problems.

The Perky Pisces Pig Personality

The multiple abilities and talents of the Pisces Pig, offer everyone the certainty that this determinate and enduring individual won’t resign even in the face of the harshest enemies.

And they do all this with a calm and tranquil demeanour, appearing as though everything is as easily as a walk through the park.

In reality, it really is the easiest thing the world for them to advance as such, but that’s only thanks to their personality, character and sets of aptitudes that dot their character sheet.

Never willing to let others make sacrifices for them, or going out of their way to help them, they instead offer any help and support they can to those in need.

After all, it’s all they can do to nurture the world into a better place, idealistic or not. Moreover, they are, as we’ve said, very calm and carefree individuals, and will most likely prefer to live with their parents, or with their family, if they have one.

Top Characteristics: Devoted, Stylish, Carefree, Enduring, Comfortable, Sceptical.

That way, everything seems more secure and it is, after all, a protective space where you can relax and forget about all the worries of day-to-day struggles.

On the same line, they will try to bring themselves the most comfortable and quiet lifestyle that they can get, and for that, money is needed.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, that doesn’t matter as much as their security and comfort, so spending half of what they earn in a single day would probably not even make them flinch.

The Pisces Pig is a very communicative and understanding individual who will never stop believing in their close ones.

Loyal and devoted to a fault, they are also very loving and affectionate, which is why expressing their feelings by way of word is not hard at all. It’s even quite enjoyable.

Also, as we’ve said before, their perception and intuition are out of this world, given their Eastern and Western ascendance, and these traits play an almost critical role in their social relationships.

They are able to observe, analyse and deduce who exactly is deserving of their attention and who wants to deceive and trick them.

It’s a very handy skill, as you might have already noticed, and this is what brings them on top of their social and personal game, these deep analytical skills.

Professionally, these natives are certainly not supremely interested in making a financial situation for them, or gaining a social position, at least not to an obsessive degree.

Of course that’s what they work for, ultimately, but to them, the end does not justify the means, and money is in no way an ultimate goal that must be achieved at any cost.

Moreover, since they are so deeply connected to familiar environments and to the feeling of security and comfort, they very much prefer working from home, not having to drive all the way through traffic-ridden streets, only to reach an office where they have to stay cramped up in a cubicle for 8 hours straight. That’s not a healthy, nor desirable way of living and they know that.

As for their weaknesses … did you just ask for this native’s weakness? Well, prepare yourself, because you wouldn’t even think that such a thing could ever be a vulnerability and a defect. Thus, the Pisces Pig tends to be overly kind and generous with everyone they meet. You heard that right, generosity, a downside.

Perfect careers for Pisces Pig: Design, Visual Arts, Diplomacy, Sciences, Architecture.

Well, if you practice it like they do, with no criteria and give it to whoever needs it, then you have a problem on your hands, and that is because there may appear some people who could use this against them. Manipulation, that’s what the problem is.

We can all acknowledge that there are people in this world who are just waiting for a good target/fool to pounce on and suck them dry of everything they’re got, and not necessarily money.

They have to learn to be more careful and sceptical of these things, in order to avoid such situations in the future.

Other, lesser weaknesses that dull away with time, but have real repercussions on their development, are their lack of self-confidence and emotional instability.

They need to be reassured constantly that they are capable and someone endowed with enough strength to solve any problem and move on peacefully.

Obviously, this can become quite annoying and irritating, having to console and support them time and time again, like you would with a little baby.

But, that’s what it means having a Pisces Pig as your partner, and these little things are definitely worth it, that much is a given. Everyone who has met this native has the same opinion of them: kind, generous and a resourceful individual who deserves nothing but the best.

Love – Exposed

The Pisces Pig people are fiercely loyal and devoted to their partners and will do anything to keep the relationship afloat and the flame brightly shining.

They care for nothing else but their lover’s wellbeing and comfort. Not money, not personal satisfaction, not the critics of the world, nothing.

Basically, there’s the two of them against the world, and that’s a very romantic position to be in. Nonetheless, it is what it is, and they are a happy bunch.

Most compatible with: Taurus Rabbit, Cancer Rabbit, Scorpio Ram, Capricorn Rabbit, Cancer Tiger.

But, what they do need is the assurance and confidence that the other won’t just pack up their things and abandon the boat at the first sign of danger.

If they have to live with that kind of doubt in their mind, then they would rather not live at all, with that relationship, obviously.

If things are uncertain and liable to end bad, then the Pisces Pig will either not involve themselves at all, or break-up with that person. It’s as simple as that, and it’s nothing wrong with this. Precaution, after all, is what brought them this far.

Pisces Pig Woman Characteristics

The Pisces Pig women are destined to live a peculiar life, one marked by all manner of oddities and surreal happenings, which will ultimately prove to be not only beneficial, but extremely beneficial at that.

Why is that? Because of this native’s abnormal analytic skills that’s why. However, she has a pretty different goal than many Piscean Pigs, and that is fame.

She truly wants to be in the spotlight and attract everyone’s attention, and for that, she’ll go to great lengths.

With her God-given analytical abilities and observational skills, it would be an understatement to say that she is fit to be a leader.

The truth is, there is no other position more compatible with her character sheet, other than a leadership position.

She can effectively coordinate her colleagues into putting in all the effort necessary to achieve the goal at hand, and this is done through constant communication. Nothing more and nothing less.

Celebrities under the sign of Pisces Pig: Glenn Close, Aidan Quinn, Johnny Knoxville, Emily Blunt, Aziz Ansari.

Pisces Pig Man Characteristics

The Pisces Pig man is the literal materialization of what it means to be generous, kind and compassionate.

No one seems to be able to approach his level of heavenly goodness. Buddha himself would be proud of his disciple.

Social relationships are deeply supported and developed by his great perceptive abilities and psychological know-how, because knowing what someone wants, when he wants it and how he wants it, can count for a lot.

Moreover, he is in no way a weak link or a pretender when it comes to grabbing what’s his. Risky situations? Challenging fights? Let them all come, and wait for him to prove exactly what he’s made of, concentrated power of will to be more precise.

If there is someone that manages to thrive inside of a fire-spewing volcano, then this guy would be the most obvious choice.

His adaptive traits and flexibility allow him to survive even the most dangerous and perilous environments, and so there is really no worry that he will somehow meet his end at the hands of a worthy foe.

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