Pisces Ox: The Hidden Strength Bearer Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

What you need to know about Pisces born in Ox year

Pisces Ox
  • Pisces people celebrate their birthdays between February 19 and March 20.
  • The Ox years are: 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021.
  • You may not understand where their strength comes from but it’s there for everyone to see.
  • The Pisces Ox man will sweep you off your feet without you even realising it.
  • With multiple undiscovered talents and very spiritual, there is a lot to learn from the Pisces Ox woman.

The Pisces Ox appears to borrow the best features of the Ox and all the strengths and patience a Pisces is capable of. This individual is both shy and methodical, portraying a hard worker with great principles, especially when it comes to the big decisions in life.

Tolerant and sometimes less emotional, these people will be by your side when you most need it, even though they will not be ones to overwhelm you with their force.

The Timid Pisces Ox Personality

The Pisces born in the Ox year is sociable and open. People in Pisces the Ox year take some time to make friends, though. They also prefer not having too many friends. They are a little bit shy, but they when they’re determined to do something they can be very decisive and direct.

Rational, the Pisces Ox sees the world as it actually is. He or she will not interpret people and situations.

No room for misunderstandings for a person born in this sign. When they need to make a judgment, the Pisces Ox people rely on their instinct, which is highly developed.

They concern themselves with how mannered and well raised those around them are, and they are also equilibrated and practical. Those who are born in Pisces Ox year are also deep thinkers and organized.

Top Characteristics: Instinctual, Practical, Opportunistic and Equilibrated.

It is common to find a Pisces Ox person working as a carpenter or as a sculptor. These people are very good at handy and practical work.

They don’t run away from hard-work and they have a discipline not met in other signs of the zodiac.

A Pisces Ox colleague or family member will fix things around the workplace or the house. Not interested in getting rich, these people will make enough money to live a comfortable, relaxed life.

They like being at peace and they will surround themselves with people and possessions that will help them maintain a quiet environment.

They also pay great attention to their home. The Pisces feels the happiest when home, while the Ox feels the most protective in this place.

Being attracted by new challenges in life, the Pisces in Ox year people will not think too much about the success they have already attained.

Oftentimes, a Pisces Ox will continue living with his or her parents just because they’re not interested in moving on and because they hate loneliness.

Perfect careers for Pisces Ox: Management, Law, Education, Banking and Protection.

The only thing that makes these people vulnerable is their shyness. Those who are friends of them are not affected by this problem, but it makes it difficult for the Pisces Ox people to take advantage of opportunities.

They don’t like to throw themselves at what life is offering because they don’t want to be in the center of attention. They need to be encouraged more.

Love – Uncovered

People born in Pisces the year of the Ox are patient and honest with those who they like. When you first meet them, you may think they are a little bit arrogant because they don’t talk, but they are only shy.

They need a partner they can completely trust and feel comfortable with, and they take quite long to choose someone with whom to spend the rest of their life with. They are possessive and can get jealous very easily. Trust is absolutely essential to them in a relationship.

Most compatible with: Taurus Rat, Scorpio Rat, Cancer Snake, Capricorn Snake, Scorpio Rooster.

Sensitive and romantic, these people are also down-to-earth and responsible. And they expect their partner to be the same. The fact that they are rational and caring makes them very good parents.

The Pisces Ox people usually have relationships that can’t be distinguished from friendships. They love having a family, but they are sometimes ambiguous, thing that can make those around them hurt.

They will tire themselves in trying to please the other half. It is essential that their partner encourages and admires them all the time because they usually don’t have enough confidence in love.

A Pisces Ox person will see the best in you. They are never seeing the faults of a person. This is what makes them wonderful partners.

They’re compassionate and they have an affection that will make the other half show respect. Patient when he’s being challenged, the Pisces Ox person will be calm when someone hits on his or her partner.

Pisces Ox Woman Characteristics

A Pisces Ox woman will be successful even when she doesn’t want to. She knows how to overcome problems with strength of character and that’s why at maturity she will be a complete person with a good financial situation.

Because she’s so strong and wise, the Pisces Ox woman often attracts a lot of attention. In love, this lady is an amazing partner who always spoils her lover. She can keep a secret, this being the reason why she can build some strong relationships built out of trust.

She usually doesn’t have too many relationships throughout her life and she is looking to get married.

Spiritual, she values morals like discipline, honesty, and decency. It’s great having a conversation with a Pisces Ox woman. She is open and knowledgeable and that’s why she has many friends.

It’s advisable for her to always look for self-improvement. She needs to move forward as a stop would only bring disaster. She needs to calculate before making decisions.

This way, she will feel more satisfied. Career is almost vital for a Pisces Ox woman. She will advance fast and easily, but only through honesty.

She’s not looking for financial gains, more for the satisfaction. And she usually succeeds in getting that satisfaction because she is resourceful.

Celebrities under the sign of Pisces Ox: Keira Knightley, Larry Page, Jim Parsons, Hunter S Thompson.

Pisces Ox Man Characteristics

The Pisces Ox man is someone you can rely on. It’s difficult to make this guy change his mind. His main traits are sensitivity and vulnerability. People can sometimes misinterpret him.

When he’s in his circle of friends, he’s fun and talkative. All that matters in a relationship with a man in Pisces Ox is respect, being honest and decent.

It is recommended that these people don’t pay too much attention when they are being criticized as criticism doesn’t always led to positive results and they can make better decisions on their own.

More than this, the Pisces Ox man shouldn’t be afraid to take new classes or give up a job he no longer likes. He has many talents that he needs to explore. It’s in his nature to be creative and imaginative.

He will be able to get incredible results if he focuses on his passions. It’s important that he finds something he really likes and performs it as a job while leaving other callings as hobbies.

A natural born leader, the Pisces Ox man is ambitious, attentive, and sometimes lucky. He is courageous and he doesn’t mind being in the center of attention at events. He is most focused on his career.

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