Pisces Monkey: The Brave Dreamer Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality traits of Pisces born in Monkey year

Pisces Monkey
  • If you are born between February 19 and March 20 then you are a Pisces.
  • The Monkey years are: 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028.
  • There people crave for a peaceful life, but just on the inside.
  • The Pisces Monkey woman can have a rather contradictory behaviour.
  • With great ingenuity and spontaneity, the Pisces Monkey man will always be a charmer.

The Piscean Monkey is an “early bird”, and yes, they do get the worm first. Wasting no time on extraneous activities and thoughts, they go right for the kill and directly approach their problems, something surprising but very true for the Monkey Chinese animal.

Whether it’s a personal issue, or something at work, or even a romantic conflict, they don’t stand on ceremony and hesitate, and proceed on fixing everything that needs to be fixed.

Dreaming big and having both the skills and aptitudes necessary to materialize those plans and ideas just like the Pisces, this native is one of a kind, someone who will transcend themselves with each passing day and reach totally unprecedented levels.

The Graceful Pisces Monkey Personality

Success, fame, fortune, happiness, everything is there for the taking, and all that they have to do is spread their arms and accept them.

With their natural charisma, no one will bar their path and obstruct them from achieving what they want, that’s for sure.

What they absolutely abhor is having to do the same things over and over again, daily, in other words routine. If they find any chance to escape from that awful predicament, they will take it, no matter what.

Top Characteristics: Charming, Relaxed, Skilled and Resilient.

Passing it over to someone else, not doing it, delaying it, there are plenty of acceptable solutions that they would rather use.

Living in a world of their own making, the Pisces Monkey is an individual who prefers the chimerical and fantastical realms of their dreams, rather than the harsh real world where they have plenty of responsibilities and commitments.

And they must do them in order to no create any problems for themselves and live a peaceful life. However, only they know how much they’d like to fly freely, away from everything and everyone.

For their young age, they show that they make pretty experienced individuals, having both the know-how and the appropriate skills needed to survive out there in the cold and savage world.

Probably because of their unusual grasp into people’s minds and hearts, this being the reason for their apparent carefree attitude and easy manner in which they roam about undisturbed.

Career-wise, the Pisces Monkey is someone who can turn water into wine with just a flick of their fingers.

They are seemingly a man of miracles who takes every problem, turns it into an opportunity and then emerges from it born anew, self-developed and more ready than ever to continue on with fresh energies.

But, the thing is, they have to focus all of that potential and talent into one direction, and one direction only. If they start diverting their concentration on multiple goals, their efficiency and success rate will drop significantly.

At the risk of sounding repetitive, it must be said that this native thrives in dangerous and threatening environments, being able to take on everything thrown at them and successfully win every time.

Due to their charming and attractive appearance, they don’t look like they could hurt a fly, while the truth is much more sinister than that.

The sheer ability of this native to break apart even the toughest walls and survive even the most catastrophic events grant them a place at the dinner table of the gods, no less.

They hide their character and approach pretty well behind the social mask of politeness and diplomacy, a persona which they strive to paint as realistically as possible for the outside world.

But deep down, they have a very manipulative and Machiavellian personality, so don’t be surprised when you find they’ve been pulling your nose from the start, only to fulfil their goals.

Perfect careers for Pisces Monkey: Politics, Sales, Music, Architecture.

What they sorely lack is a more open attitude, in that they don’t reveal their feelings and emotions as much as they should.

And for this reason, people either misunderstand or don’t understand them at all.

Some opportunities and chances to level up could also be missed because of this inhibited attitude of theirs.

And there are either inhibitions or a natural tendency to keep their private self… private. Also, the Pisces Monkey will quite likely gossip a lot about anyone who deserves it. Too inquisitive or curious, it’s all the same thing for them.

Love – Revealed

Almost all Piscean Monkeys like to think about how their marriage would be like, what sort of person would the partner be, the number of children, how they would raise their children, so on and so forth.

Why do they do that, you ask? Because they tend to idealize things, especially when it comes to love matters and relationships.

What is better than imagining meeting the perfect partner who will completely conquer and fascinate one with just one look? That’s right, nothing, for them at least.

Emotionally, there is literally no one else in the world, man or woman, who is so devoted and loyal in a relationship. And that says a lot.

Of course, this is also the reason why they have so many failures under their belts, because they were used and betrayed, nothing more and nothing less.

Fortunately, this native seems to be a descendant of the Phoenix, or in any case, they must have its revival powers.

Most compatible with: Taurus Dragon, Cancer Rat, Taurus Monkey, Virgo Tiger.

Because even against all odds, and when you would think they’d crumble from a break-up, they still manage to pick themselves up and continue on with a smile on their lips, eventually.

It usually takes a pretty long time until a Pisces Monkey feels comfortable enough with someone so that their hesitations and inhibitions disappear completely.

After all, trust must be earned, and this native doesn’t make any rushed move until they have completely decided that you are worth the risk and time.

Also, what they seek in a partner is the ability to see beyond the superficial aspect, someone who truly understands and intuitively perceives all their needs and desires.

Pisces Monkey Woman Characteristics

Professionally, the Pisces Monkey woman is a born leader, one who can efficiently coordinate and focus all the efforts of the team member onto one goal, whose completion will signify the acknowledgement of her skills, as well as a new level of self-development.

Furthermore, she does that in a rather straightforward and direct way, putting aside feelings and emotions, as she isn’t very able at expressing those anyway.

The reason for this inability of theirs is the innate contradictory character, which even they can’t really explain, nor come to consensus about.

What matters is that they must find a way to destroy the barriers holding them down and learn the proper way of expressing their feelings to others. Otherwise, misunderstandings will appear, as well as a drop in overall happiness.

Romantically, the Pisces Monkey women are not as interested in a relationship, or they don’t put as much time and effort as many others do.

At least not at a later age. In their youth, there have been a lot of experiences and intimate bonds with many, but there were also a lot of failures, which ultimately led to the creation of a disillusioned perspective on relationships in general.

It’s all fine though, they just have to meet the right person and everything will come naturally.

Celebrities under the sign of Pisces Monkey: Johnny Cash, Elizabeth Taylor, Paula Zah, Daniel Craig, Laura Prepon, Rebel Wilson, John Boyega.

Pisces Monkey Man Characteristics

The Pisces Monkey man can very easily make friends and keep these friendships fresh and strong.

Communications and socialization come as easily as breathing to this native, and put that together with his unusual ability to see into other people’s minds and hearts, and you get the social butterfly, the person who can make friends with the Devil himself.

They are people of great ingenuity and spontaneity, often confusing and putting people in desperate situations, trying to understand their behaviour and intentions.

Often, not many understand them, but this doesn’t annoy nor disturb their willpower and determination to follow their goals in spite of all the public opprobrium.

In relationships, this native is looking for someone extremely loyal and affectionate, a person who will put aside everything else and concentrate on building up the bond between them. In return, he reveals all the warmth, love and care that he is capable of, fulfilling and satisfying his partner’s every wish, and not forgetting about his own needs as well.

After all, if one becomes too obsessed, everything’s bound to be destroyed in the end, either due to the lack of feelings, or due to boredom and overly-exaggerated expectations.

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