Pisces Man and Scorpio Woman Long-Term Compatibility

These two are very protective with each other but need to be careful to any possible bouts of jealousy.

Pisces Man Scorpio Woman

The Pisces man and the Scorpio woman can have a very strong relationship. They are both deep and give love a lot of consideration. Because they have many things in common, these two will respect each other very much.

CriteriaPisces Man Scorpio Woman Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

The Positives

The Pisces man-Scorpio woman compatibility is very good. In fact, it identifies it as one of the boldest in the zodiac.

The Scorpio woman can find it difficult to trust someone, the Pisces man is completely devoted, no matter what, from the start. She will discover in him everything she was looking for.

They will be protective and loyal with each other. Their connection is like magic. It’s rare to find two other partners so committed, not to mention how romantic and emotional they are.

She lives everything intensely, he’s one of the most sensitive signs in the zodiac. It’s possible they have dreamed of being together before they even met.

Because they are both imaginative, they will do only interesting and creative things together. The Scorpio woman will encourage the Pisces man to be himself, and he will show her how to be less controlling and more content with things the way they are.

In bed, the Pisces man and the Scorpio woman have an unworldly connection. It’s like they are hypnotized by each other, forgetting about the outside world when making love.

It’s possible he will have eccentric ideas about the way the love between them should be. If they aren’t honest about their feelings and affection, they will not last too long as a couple.

The Pisces man is tolerant, so the domineering Scorpio woman will feel in her element when with him. She will want control over the finances, and he will be happy with this situation because he’s not very practical anyway.

The fact that they respect each other is very helpful. The love they have for each other is what will make them overcome any challenge in life. As said before, these two have one of the strongest connections.

Both intuitive, they will guess each other’s feelings without too many words. She feels like it’s necessary to share her emotions. This is a relationship that has every chance to last, even if it’s long-distance.

Neither of them is prone to cheat, and they both want a partner for a lifetime, so long-term is what they will look for when it comes to love.

The Negatives

Both aware of what the other may be feeling, the Pisces man and Scorpio woman will know how to hurt each other very well. As they are Water signs, emotions are what they are ruling their lives after. It will be hard for them to be objective.

Hopefully, at some point they will cease from bringing each other despair and one of them will become more responsible. It’s possible these two will let each other down when they need support the most.

Unlike the Scorpio woman, the Pisces man is generous and doesn’t hold grudges. She can’t forget when someone has crossed her, and she’s very vengeful, not to mention she can be rude and hurt the sensitive Pisces very easily.

Because she’s cautious not to be played or cheated on, the Scorpio woman may miss on the beauty of her relationship. He can show her how to relax and go with the flow. The more they exercise this, the more in love they’ll be.

The level of intimacy between them is high, and their connection is secure and sincere. Even if they break up, they will still be good friends who care about each other.

Long-term Relationship and Marriage Prospects

As soon as the Scorpio woman and Pisces man fall in love, they will start something beautiful and interesting together. As said before, they are both deep and insightful people. She’s a true lady who really appreciates loyalty and devotion.

Surrounded by mystery and beauty, she will have him fall for her at the very first “hello.”

He will offer her everything she wants from a relationship. The Scorpio woman will give herself completely to the man who’ll be her loyal and devoted partner. The Pisces man will get all of her attention because he’s all this and also gentle.

It won’t matter what she wants to do, he will support her. She will feel like the most special woman in the world next to him. Each day they spend together will be beautiful and fulfilling.

This is a couple in which the partners will dream together, and dreaming won’t be enough. They will both work hard at making their dreams come true. Their beautiful marriage is sure to last for a lifetime.

Everything between them will take place naturally and smoothly. The fact that they can understand each other so well will be the foundation for their strong connection.

Whenever one of them has some trouble, the other will do anything in their power to help. They will simply melt into each other’s arms. A deep and intense look will be enough for them to want to make love. This is definitely a relationship that will stand the test of time.

Final Advice for the Pisces Man and the Scorpio Woman

Both the Pisces man and Scorpio woman are Water signs, only one is mutable and the other is fixed. This means they are intense and powerful people who will overcome any challenge in life.

Strongly attracted to each other, it just so happens these two are emotional creatures who will have a lot to bring to the relationship in which they are involved. It will be easy for them to recognize what the other is feeling without too many words.

However, the Scorpio woman can be too criticizing. She may forget all about the other’s feelings when she’s expressing her point of view. This lady can hurt people very badly with her harsh words, and she won’t stop at just words. She will also take action to make others feel her wrath if she is ever crossed.

It’s suggested the Pisces man is less emotional and sensitive if he wants to resist next to her. Being more practical is the only way he could deal with her vengeful nature. When she’s too aggressive, he could be more tactful and show her he’s the bigger person.

If he dreams too much like he always does, she will be able to toy with his emotions without restrictions, and this won’t do him any good.

What she needs to understand is that pressuring him won’t bring any good. The Pisces man has to be spoiled if he’s to give any positive results. Therefore, she should be less aggressive, him less emotional and vulnerable.

Only this way will both of them be able to reach the heights of their true love. The level of intimacy between them is very high, anyway.

The feeling of relief and peace he’ll experience next to her can’t be compared to anything else.

When these two make love it will be like two souls are merging. Romantic and poetic, their sexual connection will be at its peak when they are sincere about their fantasies and emotions.

Whenever they have an argument, he needs to remember she’s very dangerous and can do a lot of harm. She must remember he’s one of the most sensitive signs in the zodiac. If the Pisces man is getting hurt too often, he eventually makes the decision to leave and never come back.

Both him and the Scorpio woman have to think more of their similarities and less of their differences—only in this way will they enjoy their beautiful relationship.

Being independent and minding their own hobbies and interests will help a lot to broaden their views.

Both of them are generous with their feelings, so neither of them will ever feel like they are not being loved enough.

It will be like they don’t even need to communicate verbally because they are aware of each other’s feelings without talking.

If he ever makes a mistake, she will wait for her moment and get revenge. Scorpios are known as the most dangerous people in the zodiac.

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