Pisces Kissing Style: The Guide to How They Kiss

Pisces kisses are sensual, lengthy and very romantic, most certainly an experience that is very hard to forget.

Pisces kissing

Artistic creatures, those born in the sign of the Pisces are also sensual kissers. They love joining lips and touching, so during their first dates, they’re not hesitating to try it all.

These natives are looking to establish a profound connection with their partner, as well one that has a direction. As a matter of fact, they’re using kissing especially for this purpose.

Pisces kissing in a nutshell:

  • They’re combining all of their affection with the intensity they’re feeling;
  • These natives’ kisses are unforgettable, the perfect foreplay;
  • When kissing, the Pisces man is detaching himself from what’s out of this reality and he’s working his intuition;
  • The Pisces woman is a romantic, and her kisses reflect this.

These natives have an old soul and are never selfish. When kissing, they like to pull their partner closer to them, with every second that passes. Their lover should pay attention because they’re biters and lickers, not to mention how much they love brushing lips.

Pisces kissing style

No one should be surprised that the sensitive Pisces are also passionate when it comes to kissing.

These natives are using their soul a lot when being physical, so they’re lingering with their mouth and keeping their breath smooth. In other words, they’re just like water when in waves.

They’re combining all of their affection with the intensity they’re feeling, making their partner feel like he or she is floating. These natives perfect for proving that profoundness is hidden behind calm waters.

They like to continue kissing for a long time, so their perfect partner can be a Libra. Besides, they’re very romantic and enjoy connections that are both touchy and physical.

Their romances can many be based solely on kissing because this is how they’re expressing their love.

They don’t need to approach others because they’re usually having these coming to them.

The eyes of these people are simply electrifying, not to mention they’re charming and can kiss in unforgettable ways. As said before, they’re starting slowly and after, they’re reaching a wild state of love.

They’re not too practical and need someone to guide them in life. Pisces natives can be difficult to set sail, but as soon as feeling comfortable, there’s nothing and no one to stop them from getting their lover.

When being with Pisces, people must be tolerant and motivated, as well hoping they’ll get their rewards from them.

These natives’ kisses are unforgettable and filled with feelings, the perfect foreplay. They care deeply when joining lips, including a feeling of tragedy as well.

After, they can become passionate and start kissing the neck. This is how they’re awakening in their most affectionate way, making their kisses hot and truly profound, when they’re at their best.

Pisces natives are the dreamers of the zodiac, those who are hoping about the future and spending many hours imagining things, so they’re living most of the time inside a bubble.

In order for them to feel good with themselves, they need to have a use and to get along well with their loved ones. Their perfect partner is nice, imaginative, submissive and emotional.

More than this, they like to discuss love. These people can be loved like no other person because they’re sensible and love nurturing, as well to be kissed in the smoothest ways.

How they play the seduction game

The sensitive Pisces have a mysterious air and can make others feel the same way they do.

Just seeing their eyes can lead many to fall in love with them. However, they don’t want to seduce and then to leave because they want to make their partner work hard for their love.

Their first kiss starts from the moment they’ve eyed a prospective lover because it’s normal for them to undress the people they like with their eyes.

Pisces shouldn’t be approached because others are always coming to them. Their sex appeal is truly impressive. When kissing, they’re slow in the beginning, passionate and hot after. It can be said the way they’re joining lips is telling a story.

These natives are pulling their lover closer to them and brushing their lips against him or her because this is the way they’re teasing until the other can’t resist anymore.

Just like Aquariuses when it comes to kisses, they want the thrill of the foreplay in order to have any of their intimate situations climaxing.

People born in Pisces are unselfish, filled with passion, funny and tolerant, so their partners can be called lucky to have them in their life.

When seducing, they’re discrete and only making a harsh move when the time is right. Before anything else, they want to know their lover wants them as much as they want him or her, perhaps more.

It’s their idea to merger with their partner from many points of view, this being the reason why they’re not selfish and the old souls who are interested in how much they’re being wanted.

Kissing a Pisces man

Belonging to the Water element, Pisces men are always in tune with their own feelings. For this reason, they can be both adults and small children.

They’re innocent and at the same time wise, not to mention imaginative and playful most of the time.

When it comes to kissing, the Pisces man is detaching himself from what’s out of this reality and he’s working his intuition. Therefore, his kisses can steal minds and at the same time can help him escape the harsh reality.

Inside soft and on the outside rough, he’s a harsh man when not with his partner. More than this, he likes a feminine lady who’s as well gentle and fascinated by him. Tough women are making him run away.

Charismatic and able to make the most profound or sensitive women feel appreciated, he can charm anyone with his romantic side.

When dreaming, Pisces are the happiest. In bed, the man in this sign can bring the most expensive foods and read poetry full of passion.

He wants to be happy with only one woman, but because he needs change so much, things may happen differently for him. More than this, his desires are often conflicting.

Easily falling in love, he can end up with the woman he’s not supposed to be with. His romantic life is most of the time a mess but at home, he’s attentive, caring and sensitive.

When it comes to lovemaking, the Pisces man is original and tolerant. The most romantic in the zodiac because he has a strong intuition and touchy, he can be affected by everything surrounding him.

This is indicating he’s sometimes feeling oppressed. When it comes to love, this gentleman has high ideals and believes in stories because he’s able to care for a woman in the sincerest way.

As a matter of fact, only a lady can give meaning to his life. He’s caring, passionate and profound, not to mention all the time interested in doing the impossible for his life companion. However, being swept away by his own emotions, he can too much allow only his heart to rule him.

Kiss a Pisces woman

The Pisces woman is a romantic who needs to be courted by a serious man. She wants the flowers and the expensive wine, but also to be listened to.

Hoping to have her man for a lifetime, she has earthly charms and a highly developed imagination. For this reason, males are fascinated by her and her gentle ways.

However, she needs someone strong to protect her. She possesses a strong intuition and is highly sensitive, not to mention she has her strange ways of uncovering secrets and seeing whom people really are.

She needs to care for her man and when in love, her world becomes a better place. Just like her male counterpart, she needs to lose herself in her partner, in a mystical connection.

More than this, she doesn’t mind changing herself for him. This woman is as well a committed daydreamer.

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