Pisces Horse: The Capricious Temperament Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality traits of Pisces born in Horse year

Pisces Horse
  • The dates of the Pisces zodiac sign are between February 19 and March 20.
  • The Horse years are: 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026.
  • These people are sensitive and imaginative.
  • You can’t stop the Pisces Horse woman from expressing her views.
  • Charming and flirtatious, the Pisces Horse man is very attentive with his partner.

Trustworthy and reliable, people in Pisces the year of the Horse will handle any responsibility without too much effort.

Their aspirations are simple just like those of the Horse Chinese animal. They just want to be healthy and live a life in which they are healthy enough to realize all their hopes and dreams.

The Playful Pisces Horse Personality

Optimistic and always cheerful, Pisces Horses people are never sad or negative. They approach everything with a light heart, making things seem easier. Because they are responsive to other people’s needs, they can easily make friends.

Great conversationalist, they have an unmatched sense of humor. Their approach to their career is insightful, being able to predict what is going to happen next.

Therefore, they can foresee if something difficult is going to follow, or if they can relax a little bit for the next tasks.

Adaptable, these people will manage to deal with every life situation and they will do well in their life. They could work in many fields, but they usually prefer to stay at only one job because they don’t want to change their habits very often.

This doesn’t apply to when they are parents, for when this happens, the Pisces Horses become very serious and adapt their personality to the children’s demands. They could be described as seductive, sensitive and romantic.

Top Characteristics: Loving, Generous, Eloquent and Friendly.

They don’t like being constrained and they usually achieve what they have planned for themselves. The Horse is proud, but the Pisces changes all that, and it also makes the people in these signs more responsible and stable.

Fun being their name, Pisces Horses enjoy traveling and outdoor activities, especially if they have some extra time on their hands.

They also love doing things with their own hands, so their homes will be filled with DIY furniture and perhaps plants they love to care for. They are usually quiet and not at all egoistic.

If they have helped someone, they never expect something in return. Intelligent and fast, they are good conversationalist who are appreciated by friends.

As soon as they’re in their twenties, these guys will have a career path for themselves, and a plan for their life to go on smoothly.

Because they want to be protected from sentimental and financial trouble, they decide to stay strong their entire lives.

So, they don’t waste their time around people and circumstances that make them vulnerable. They are true opportunists, staying focused on the matters that have only good things to offer them.

Sophisticated, Pisces Horses will choose the best wines and the tastiest foods. They love to make their friends happy, so when they’ll have them over, they’ll cook something good and give incredible parties.

They are incredible hosts indeed, but they expect the guests to be of help with cleaning, after the party.

Because they are so open and have good taste, friends will often ask them for their opinion on what to buy or how to dress.

They will have their own fan club among their own friends and they will always answer enquirers.

Perfect careers for Pisces Horse: Design, Publishing, Gardening, Psychology, Music and Visual Arts.

While they are usually down-to-earth and realistic, Pisces Horses have also a dreamy side, which makes them more attractive.

They are also elegant and mysterious. It is the Horse’s pragmatic side that takes over in people born in Pisces the year of the Horse.

If it were to be only the Pisces, these guys would be too sensitive and imaginative. When their dreamy side turns out to be more poignant, Pisces Horses start to become unpredictable and restless. And they turn irresponsible in these moments. Like Casanovas, they know where to knock for the doors to be open.

They are sincere, which makes them seem innocent to other people. Actually, this is what makes them so successful at getting what they want. When they have to face difficulties, Pisces Horses are strong and resourceful.

Love – Revealed

When they fall in love, Pisces Horses fall only for people who are able to keep them happy and optimistic. They are looking for a partner who is funny but grounded as well. They make faithful people you could come across.

They treat love with consideration and care, so their partners will be spoiled. But they need to feel the same way from their partner.

They can’t stand when someone else is trying to interfere with their love life and they want their lover to be devoted and loyal too.

Most compatible with: Cancer Tiger, Taurus Dog, Scorpio Dog, Taurus Ram, Capricorn Ram.

They take every relationship seriously and the person who they are with becomes the most important person on Earth for them. They seem to function better when they are with someone rather than when they are being single.

Indecisive in nature, this thing will change in them as soon as they have a partner. Pisces Horses have moments of shyness, so they won’t open completely to their partner at all times.

They will admire their other half all day long, making him or her feel very important. They need someone to help them remain focused.

Pisces Horse Woman Characteristics

Always in control, the Pisces Horse woman may sometimes reach to the wrong conclusions because she’s too emotional. And this may lead to misunderstandings.

She always tries to get the best out of a situation by compromising her morality or life principles. She is impulsive, introspective and self-criticizing.

Quite a unique combination. She will always express her points of view, but she will very fast abandon them if they’re not in her interest. Secretive, this lady doesn’t like to talk about herself or her family. In a conversation she’s only saying what’s on her mind.

doesn’t want to share. The Pisces Horse woman needs an emotionally stable partner. She can be somehow tyrannical when involved, so she won’t be very successful with her love affairs.

She should learn to respect other people’s opinions, and how to respect them more. She is able to make people run away from her with her talk and her actions.

Celebrities under the sign of Pisces Horse: Joanne Woodward, Lou Reed, Cindy Crawford, Billy Zane, Jennifer Grant, Alan Davies.

Pisces Horse Man Characteristics

Nice and open, the Pisces Horse man will get along with anyone. He can analyze a situation from more than one point of view, and he is adaptable.

Attentive with other people’s needs and sensitive, this guy wants to live the ideal life so he will often travel places to be able to. He needs work and friends like he needs his air. Without them, the becomes depressed.

Charming and flirtatious, he will pay great attention to women. Just like with everything else in life, he will search for the ideal lady.

Energetic and analytical, he is also lucky, so he will be able to achieve his goals in life. He will gain recognition because he is diligent and strong.

It is advisable that he abandons big projects he has started to feed his ego. He should also think about consequences when making a decision.

Analyzing his own mistakes will as well help, together with remembering to finish projects.

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