Pisces Dragon: The Supreme Daydreamer Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality traits of Pisces born in Dragon year

Pisces Dragon
  • The Pisces dates are between February 19 and March 20.
  • The Dragon years are: 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024.
  • These people are always in search of some sort of breakthrough.
  • The Pisces Dragon woman tends to hide the fact that she believes in love at first sight.
  • Rarely openly emotional, the Pisces Dragon man knows how to temper his feelings.

Pisces people born in the year of the Dragon love being surrounded by those they love and trust. New acquaintances make them feel unrested and strange.

Not very sociable and open, you couldn’t say Pisces Dragons don’t understand how important it is to make new friends, or to have a soulmate with whom to share your life with. But it just takes them more time to accommodate new people.

The Versatile Pisces Dragon Personality

Always busy, the Pisces Dragon natives have an active mind and they’re always thinking about what to do next.

They are creative, so their imagination needs to be put to use in order for them to be relaxed and happy. The supreme daydreamers, this is more of a trait from the Pisces that influences the Dragon.

At work, the Pisces Dragons need to do something that doesn’t involve monotony. Good friends, they are thoughtful of others’ needs and feelings. They would go to the end of the world to fight for a cause of a friend.

While they seem like they live on a completely different world, the Pisces Dragons are rational beings who have an amazing will to do things right.

When they smile and keep being nice, they’re in fact observing and analyzing their surroundings.

Top Characteristics: Enthusiastic, Hard-working, Easily Bored, Sociable, Judgmental.

As far as work goes, the Pisces Dragons are most suited for jobs that change every day – like changes of location.

These people get bored when they have to do the same thing over and over again, and that’s why many of the Pisces born in the Dragon year will have more than one job at a time. When working in teams, these guys are the ones who always come up with all sorts of ideas.

They will dominate a group with their humor and speech. Many people want to be their friends just because they are eloquent and interesting.

Because these Dragons are creative and also organized, they would be great at several jobs at the same time too. These traits in their personality are helpful in both their professional and personal lives.

Always looking to improve and evolve, Pisces Dragons become upset and nervous when they are not able to make a breakthrough in a situation. But in the end, they will manage to solve any problem as they are smart and resourceful. They can’t rest when they’re in their free time either.

Fans of anything that’s new and innovative, they’ll study anything that can help them think more. Reading, building or writing a novel, Pisces Dragons will always occupy their time with something constructive.

Perfect careers for Pisces Dragon: Visual Arts, Dancing, Film, Sales, Medicine.

Nice and devoted, Dragon Pisces will be able to have good relationships with the people they know.

They will identify who can help them with their projects, and they won’t hesitate to make them friends. While they seem fragile on the outside, they are very strong on the inside.

When they focus and they are thinking deeply about something, these Pisces start to imagine every possible situation and its outcomes. They usually accomplish what they have set their mind to, and if they get interrupted from their thinking they can show one of their ugly sides, which is snappiness.

They can easily hurt people when they are snappy and mean. Good at reading people and making plans, these Dragons always know how to protect their achievements. When they need to solve a problem, confrontation comes last for them.

If they don’t have a little bit of adventure and don’t feel that they are truly living in their professional lives, they are not satisfied.

Often, they say things they don’t mean, and their partners need to understand that. Pisces Dragons will bring originality to any project, and they have the ability to convince others to do what they want them to do.

Love – Exposed

Loving their family more than anything else in the world, the Pisces Dragons are the same when they fall in love.

They completely give themselves and they are faithful. The only thing they require is that their freedom of movement is not affected.

Because they are egoists, they can lose many partners. They are attractive and they will make many people fall for them.

You must be careful with them as they get easily upset. They become temperamental when they feel something is not right.

And this happens especially when they are with their partners. It is more likely the Pisces Dragons will show themselves to someone they love than to their friends.

In the couple, these people are affectionate and open. They rely on the other half to support them emotionally, and they make commitments without thinking too much. It’s easy for them to get married and build a family.

They think it’s something anyone should do. Sometimes, when they are in a serious relationship, they will also have another relationship that is only an affair. Or maybe two.

It will be difficult for these Pisces Dragons to choose whom they love most and they’ll end up alone.

They easily get over mistakes the partner makes because they know they can start all over again with someone else easily.

Most compatible with: Cancer Monkey, Taurus Tiger, Scorpio Snake, Libra Tiger, Capricorn Monkey.

Pisces Dragon Woman Characteristics

Passionate and emotional, the Pisces Dragon woman is used to make decisions based on what she feels, not on what she thinks.

This is why her life will often be contradictory and confusing. She rushes into action and she later regrets it.

This girl doesn’t learn from her own mistakes and she usually repeats herself. No matter the situation, the Pisces Dragon woman will always be confident and convinced she’s right. Stubborn, it’s difficult to fight her.

She’s always on the go, and she isn’t happy when she has to stay in one place. She has amazing mental qualities, but all for nothing. She only thinks with her heart and not her head.

This lady likes to keep her private life private. She won’t talk to her friends about what she does at home or about her lovers.

She believes in love and she will find someone to spend her life with only after she calms down and she’s no longer so enthusiastic about each man that she’s dating.

It’s impossible to change her, so if you really like her, you need to accept her negative sides too. Honest and faithful, she will stay next to you, and these qualities can’t be overlooked.

Celebrities under the sign of Pisces Dragon: Chuck Norris, Rob Lowe, Juliette Binoche, Rihanna, Ja Rule, Jan Koum.

Pisces Dragon Man Characteristics

The man born in both the Pisces and the Dragon is interesting and deep. Emotional and intuitive, he can feel what others feel.

At the same time, he is rational about what’s going on around him, and he always knows to behave in awkward situations. If he feels like something or someone doesn’t suit him or doesn’t satisfy his needs, he openly expresses it.

It’s the Dragon’s courage and the Pisces’ ways of being emotional and bright inside that makes him be this way. Talented and capable, this guy is also very lucky.

Everywhere he will go, he will be followed by success. Many people will be envious of this and will try to impede him from achieving what he wants.

But the Pisces Dragons don’t fear such things. He will learn how to deal with any situation and any type of people.

Don’t think he doesn’t have any weaknesses as he can be tempered, emotional and reckless. He’s not concerned about difficulties and you can rely on him for anything as he is also disciplined and hardworking. Soft and gentle, he likes to help but he also needs his alone time.

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