Pisces As a Friend: Why You Need One

The Pisces friend can be trusted but doesn’t trust easily and may offend their close ones with their suspicious behavior at times.

Pisces Friendship

Pisceans are quiet, tend to keep to themselves, and don’t like crowded places. Otherwise, they are very easy-going, natural, and enthusiastic. You won’t ever find such joyful and happy individuals elsewhere. They take great joy in the world, their vitality seems endless, and nothing really ruins the fun for them.

Whatever you might think or feel, the Pisceans have long since anticipated it, prepared a plan, and they’re now implementing it. The sheer intuitive powers and instincts that they are capable of, it’s mind-numbing. They care about their friends deeply, they want to save others, but they are liable to be hurt or disappointed.

Top 5 reasons why everyone needs a Pisces friend:

  1. They are loyal, devoted, and honest to a fault.
  2. They don’t expect anything at all in exchange for their kindness and care.
  3. Know that they will never deceive or lie to you.
  4. You can rely on them to be there when you need it, to offer solace during emotional times.
  5. Nothing is too much for them, not even personal sacrifices if their friends’ happiness is at stake.

Spontaneus friends

Once you get in the Pisces’ circle of close friends, you are literally going to experience paradise. They will love and take care of you like you were the most important person in the world. They are loyal, devoted, and honest to a fault. There is literally no one more emotional and sensitive that these natives.

They don’t expect anything at all in exchange for their kindness and care. However, they should learn to take attitude in the face of adversity, especially coming from strangers who mock or use them. They are great friends from any possible point of view.

There are a couple of things that attract people to them like bees to pretty flowers. They are very sensitive and thoughtful, never doing anything that would smear their reputation or good-natured personality. They would have to spend a lot of time with someone in order to get to know them fully though.

They love fun, entertainment, socializing, albeit in small groups of close friends. They can be both meditative, introverted individuals, but also social butterflies meandering from social event to social event.

Ideally, they should balance things out, temper themselves and switch between these two sides.

Of course, since we’re talking about the Pisces natives, we have to also mention their immense imaginative and creative prowess. They use it in their dealings with people, creating interesting and spontaneous mental exercises, fun activities that draw in everyone around.

Having one of them as a friend, let’s just say that it’s not for the faint of heart or for the narrow-minded.

Moreover, know that they will never deceive or lie to you. It’s not a matter of principle, but one of personality. They just can’t bring themselves to lie. They are that innocent and good-natured.

However, considering how good and friendly the Pisces natives are to you, they also expect something in return. The same amount of feelings, a helping hand in times of concern, some advice when things get problematic, you have to offer something in return as well.

They will remember everything you’ve said, so don’t even think about going back on your word.

Even more, they will never forget about what you did to them if there was ever something negative. You’d better expect them to become cold and distant if you’ve not apologized for the committed transgressions.

These people are very sensitive. They put a lot of emphasis on feelings, on how you feel and act based on your gut feelings. They take it upon themselves to heal and help others get over disappointments, to lift themselves off the ground and fly.

They might have high expectations from their friends, but considering how involved they are, don’t you think it’s normal? After all, they put a lot of effort, time, and emotional involvement in their bonds.

Such people are difficult to follow and even harder to have their feelings reciprocated at the same intensity. However, they are also fun and entertaining, other than serious.

Extremely devoted and loyal

You can rely on them to be there when you need it, to offer solace in times of emotional duress, after a break-up or if you’ve failed to achieve a particular goal. They are always there, waiting to comfort you.

Ideally, they will incentivize you to forget about the negative things, to get a hold of yourself, step on the brakes and stop for a second, take it all into perspective, and learn to relax, to forget about everything for a while. In other words, they will be extremely devoted and loyal, sticking up for their friends if and when possible.

They will give off subtle hints that you should also do something for a change, to foster this friendship, to show your appreciation. They did everything up to this very moment. They are still putting in lots of effort. You have to reciprocate this. They aren’t doing it for this reason alone, but it would be a lie to say they don’t expect you to be interested as well.

Intriguingly enough, they manage to unite people under the same banner, either through the force of emotional acquiescence, a form of placid empathy that delves into your heart and soul, or through simple charisma. They are organized, systematic in their thinking, and this bodes well for group projects.

Even though they might not be the ones to come with the revolutionary ideas, they are, however, very able at putting them in practice. They create an ideal environment for fostering these ideas, for the efficient development of branching paths and principles.

They aren’t egocentric or narrow-minded. Other ideas and opinions are more than welcomed because they can bring forth a new perspective, even multiple points of view that completely change the whole situation. They are selective and tolerant.

The thing with the Pisces natives is that they are incredibly empathetic, in the sense that they are literally hurt themselves when their friends are in a bind.

They can’t wait but help because it affects the innermost recesses of their being. The sheer affection and spiritual communion shatters any barriers and overcomes any distance for them.

Besides emotional support and sentimental values being transmitted, they also want to help their friends practically, with solutions or money, with anything really.

They are the perfect partner, the medic, the healer, the humanitarian altruist who wants to save everyone. Nothing is too much for them, not even personal sacrifices if their friends’ happiness is at stake.

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